Here’s a sample of what a few of my clients have to say! Click the media image for a sample of my media reviews.

Media Coverage 2015 - Explore Raw Stephanie Jeffs

Stacey (London) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2018

Words cannot express how much this week has meant for me and how you have ALL helped me to transform beyond recognition (both internally, externally & spiritually). I have so much gratitude for each one of you.

Stephanie, what you have created and lovingly share changes lives. You’re my guiding angel which I requested only a few weeks ago. You’ve shown up in my life in divine timing. I love and appreciated you beyond measure. Thank you. Stacey.

Sara (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2018

This is my 7th visit! I really have had the most wonderful time! The food has been excellent, the walks to the beach and classes have been brilliant! Sara

Jo (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2018

Thank you for a wonderful, nurtuting week. It has been an incentive and a great re-boot in me getting back on track. Thank you for all the fabulous food and kick-ass smoothies! Jo

Jason(UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2018

Thank you for creating this wonderful retreat. You and your team have done an amazing job this week and have far exceeded any expectations I had at the start. I am a raw food & juice convert! Jason

Sabine (France) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2018

Thank you for a wonderful week in which I personally managed to reset myself back into healthy mode. Thanks to all your inspirational talks, the food (!!!!) juices, yoga, pilates, bootcamp, walks, classes etc etc! I am ready again to face my busy life! See you again! Love Sabine.

Natanja (EU) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2018

Wow! How great was that experience here! Thank you so much for it all! I especially enjoyed the love and support in the whole participant group. Even though I am not sporty I was able to participate in all activities and really had some fun. I will definitely integrate what I have learned here when I get home. See you soon and thanks for all! Natanja

Rachel (UK) Summer Retreat 2018

Finished Steph’s retreat for the first time this year! Wow!! A life changing experience, wonderfully delicious food – Steph herself is a never to be forgotten amazing person! Wonderful group of people, lots of laughs, brilliant yoga… I am coming back! Very sad to leave. Rachel.

Judith (UK) Summer Retreat 2018

I loved it! It all went beyond my high expectations. Love. Warmth, Laughter, Yoga, suberb soul food. I will be back. Judith

Madelyn (Canada) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2017

I didn’t think it was possible to feel this fresh. So grateful for everything, really feel like a new person. Thank you doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Love you ladies. Madelyn

Sandra (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2017

Thank you so much for all your loving and caring support over these last 2 weeks. You work so hard for everyone Steph it doesn’t go unnoticed. I lost inches all over except my boobs which grew a cm! Wahoo!

Julie (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2017

Amazing! Inspirational, wonderful food, great company and sunshine, beach, pool, exercise. Everything you could want from a holiday! You have shown me that I can push myself and have inspired me to try and eat more healthily! I will be back! Julie

GS (Spain) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2016

Having spent a really wonderful week at the Stephanie Jeffs Raw Juice Camp in Portugal, I have arrived home a good 5lbs lighter, with several inches whittled off my waistline, and I feel AMAZING!!

Admittedly, doing the exercise was challenging at times, but the encouragement from our bootcamp trainer, Suzanne, meant I’m enjoying a much higher level of fitness. I can also say with certainty that I now know where my ‘core’ is! The yoga and meditation sessions were awesome too, and provided some much-needed stretching and relaxation!

We started slow with amazing raw juices for two days to initiate a detox, which were followed by some of Stephanie’s delicious raw vegan signature dishes. Who can believe we ate Burger and Chips, Spaghetti Bolognese and Thai Curry?! All of which tasted incredibly good – and filled you up!

You can see from her workshops (which she runs throughout the week) that apart from being a funny and warm person (she’d make a first class stand-up comedian!) Steph is totally passionate about her recipes, and pours a lot of love and care into her food prep. It makes you feel truly privileged to eat her dishes, and wholly inspired to try them out at home!!

I was also fortunate indeed to be on this week’s raw journey with some truly beautiful souls! And that’s another great thing about Steph’s bootcamp; the small number of people meant we quickly became a happy, integrated group of friends, sharing stories and ideas, and supporting each other when the going got tough (which was quite often)!

So, would I recommend Steph’s bootcamp to you? Yes, wholeheartedly! I haven’t spent such an intensely rewarding week (on all levels) with such lovely people for many a long while! Roll on the next one!!

Jay (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2016

“There’s a big, wide world out there – lots of people to meet/places to see – so why return to the same place twice – right? Wrong! Enter Stephanie & her wonderful Raw Juice Camps! I’m fairly well travelled, love good food, enjoy new experiences & some luxury/home comforts – and of course want value for money too. Steph’s nailed the lot! I did loads of research before deciding to try Steph’s camp – & it paid off – big time!

Since my 1st Visit to Raw Juice Camp (April 2015) she’s now listed in the Sunday Times Top 10 Wellness Holiday Awards (2nd place) – and it’s easy to see why…

1. Location: pleasant surroundings, private & tranquil, with great walks to the lovely, big beach
2. Accommodation: 4* (nudging 5!) luxury villa with all mod cons & fab large pool
3. Food/Juices: Delicious, creative, well-presented, healthy & filling (did I say delicious?!)
4. Exercise: fun, varied, beginners to advanced, encouraging, challenging, supportive
5. The Team: passionate, skilled & caring – from Steph right through to her fitness trainers/yoga teachers & massage therapists – all charming people !
6. Fellow Guests: mixed, all ages/backgrounds/levels of fitness, international, like-minded, generally all-round good eggs!

1st visit was with my boyfriend – returning solo the following year – not something I did lightly, but was confident that Steph & her lovely team would take good care of me – which they did.
Conclusion: I’m still visiting far-flung, exotic places – and I also know a good thing when I see it! This a real find – a place to return to annually even – for a luxury, health & fitness reboot!
My only concern is that Steph keeps Raw Juice Camp going – so I can keep returning!
PS. Also comes fully boyfriend approved!”

John & family (London) – Private Cookery School (VIP day)

“Thank you so much for an inspiring afternoon I learned a lot. It now looks like I have to stock up on some very different foods! I had a really brilliant time and found it so fascinating! I know I will never look at a nut in the same way again, especially a cashew! I actually have gone out today and bought a load of nuts that I will be soaking when I get home.

The chocolate cake was amazing I keep attacking it today!

I will take you up on the phone offer call no doubt you might regret that! I am interested in some of your cooking courses please keep me up to date when you are running them.”

One happy VIP client who booked me for tuition at home.

Want to book me for a private chef session or for tuition at your home (or at my kitchen)? Contact me.

Kate & Liz (Wales, UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2016

The most fabulous retreat – beautiful villa – so comfortable and well kitted out. Steph is a fantastic hostess with amazing knowledge and expertise of raw food. The food was always beautifully presented and tasted delicious – a wonderfully inspiring week – a great transition to going 100% raw! Thank you Steph for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable week!

Milly (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2016

Thank you!!! Girls, it’s been so nice to be a guest instead of staff this week! It’s helped me get my head and my ass back in the game. I loved it. I am going home feeling more like the old me. Thank you! All my love. PS food was totally rawesome!

Angelique (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2016

To the amazing, inspiring Steph… THANK YOU of the most wonderful week… I have enjoyed your amazing food and I know that this Raw Juice Camp will change my life. But it’s not just the food – the holistic approach that you’ve adopted for this week has been a revelation to me. I barely scratched the surface to what’s ‘out there’ for me – but this past week has been a real eye opener, And I’ve LOVED IT!

And Suze – you’ve kicked my ass big time this week and I love you for it!! Honest!! I leave here feeling refreshed, revitalised and with a real passion to carry on being the best I can be. Love you lots!

Liz (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2016

This was my first introduction to raw food & juicing, and getting back in to exercise after a long break! I came to bootcamp without any real expectations, after a stressful couple of months at work and with my health I had to get away! I thought of Steph’s bootcamp and that was that, I was going! I thought the juicing would kill me! But I was fine! A little hungry at times, but I was good and managed to avoid my fruit bowl. Then the food started and it was… AMAZING!! It really opened my eyes to what you can do, so simple, so delicious and unbelievably good for you.

And last but definitely not least, the people. I never imagined we’d all bond like we have, everyone was amazing and brought something different to the group. We all encouraged and supported one another through our journeys here, whatever they were. Suze was fab, an amazing trainer, and really helped me push my body to its max limits and I can really feel the benefits and result at the end of this week. It’s all on me to keep it up now!

And then there’s the lovely Steph! What can I say it must be in the genes! But seriously, I’ve learned more than I could have imagined, tasted amazing food, spent a week with some amazing inspirational people and I’ll carry that with me forever. I’m going home a refreshed, revitalised, happier, healthier version of me! Thanks for everything!

Ruth (Ireland) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2016

Arrived feeling exhausted, zonked out and on the verge of burnt out. Leaving feeling in connection with self again and lighter in mind and body 🙂  The group was brill, supportive and I know we will keep in touch – thanks folks 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Steph the food was – oh WOW! Firstly, I love and respect presentation and it was inspiring to hear you speak of food preparation with such passion and love. The taste – unbelievable – which was my favourite??? They were ALL amazing!

Exercise (hate exercise – not so much now!) Many many thanks for helping me step out of my comfort zone. Suze you were ace and so knowledgeable thus my confidence was boosted. I will take home some of those tips… and test I will use them. Sol you are in here too – loved the yoga

Fantastic retreat – many thanks again to Steph & her team for helping me to get my life back on track.

Razan (London) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2016

Food was awesome and filling, curry was the best night ever. Better than a takeaway 🙂 All the food where is made with such love and passion. Going full vegan would be hard for me because I love fish way too much but it’s nice to know you can have ‘meat free’ meatballs and burgers. Best part: curry night!

Michelle (UK) Cookery School 2016

‘I attended your Spiralizer Class. I just wanted to thank you for an insightful and fun evening. You were very clear and easy to follow. The recipes were delicious especially the mint and pea salad dressing, the pudding was yummy also!! I bought the book so intend on making this a lifestyle change!

It is funny whilst waiting in the dentist surgery I came across a magazine, an article with Davina McCall advertising her latest gadgets one of which was the Davina Spiralizer. Usually I would of done a bit of research or indeed rushed to go and buy it.

Having tried and may I say used your spiralizer on a daily basis since the class, (usually gadgets are left on the shelf collecting dust). I know I have the best product, easy to use and clean my meal’s look amazing and it is prepared in half the time.

I have recently introduced my mum to your spirazler, I am thinking of buying her one for Mothers day.

I should of bought an additional spiralizer whilst I was in the class.

Once again thank for a wonderful evening, looking forward to attend more classes in the future.’

Ann (UK) Cookery School 2015

‘Loved the spiralize master class and look forward to joining you for more Explore Raw classes.
I use my magic machine daily and look forward to getting your book and becoming more adventurous’

Wendy (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Since my reboot I have now lost a whole stone in weight and am digging the jeans out of the charity bag which I put in before I went away as I can now get into them again. Thanks for everything mind, body and spirit and your cheerful reminders in my inbox to keep going with what I am doing. It was a seriously powerful detox – aren’t our bodies amazing. People are really missing out on a good thing if they don’t go.

Martina (Italy) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Awesome! I absolutely loved the bootcamp and the raw food and juicing experience! Will definitely come back!

The Garrad Family (UK) VIP day

imageThank you so much for the most amazing day. One week on and I have made the chocolate and strawberries for friends. I’ve served my family meatless meatballs 3 times plus made a new batch to take me through this week. I’ve had raw virgins round for dinner and prepared cauliflower rice and chocolate cake and I’m spending my evenings sourcing Maca powder! I love the idea that raw food is real food and without all the salt, fat and sugar, I genuinely feel full after eating it! We are all on a raw high!

Elin (Wales) Summer Retreat 2015

Thank you Steph, Steve and Milly for sharing your knowledge, wisdo, and great humour. I’ve laughed and cried and laughed until I’ve cried! The location is stunning and the sunsets truly breathtaking. The food tastes as good as it looks (one talented lady indeed) and you were right Steph, Filipe does have magic hands! I feel truly blessed to have spent the week in the company of genuine and warm hearted people and I’m leaving with a renewed zest for life! Diolch yn fawr (Thank you in Welsh!) Elin xxxxx

Dorothy (UK) Summer Retreat 2015 Dorothy - Explore Raw Summer Retreat

Darling Steph, Steve & Milly! Thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous week. The food has been amazing as always… loved loved loved the yoga – I wish I could take you home with me Steve… and thank you for making me do the fun fitness Milly – always feel amazing afterwards, Wonderful villa and brilliant group of people – I have loved it! I really don’t want to go home…. Until the next time Dorothy xxxx

Caroline (UK) Summer Retreat 2015

A little note to say a BIG thank you to all of you for such an amazing week. This was my first experience of any kind of retreat! Of gourmet raw food and of juicing. Stephanie’s passion, talent and warmth comes across in everything she provides here. The atmosphere is relaxed. The food is fabulous. The attention to detail, everything from beautiful table decorations to parabens free shower gel all adds up to making you feel so well cared for. The villa is clean and comfortable with plenty of space to be sociable or to take some time out. During the week I really appreciated being able to choose how much or how little to join in the walks, yoga, fitness and raw workshops as we went along. Milly is wonderful too. Her enthusiasm motivated me through far more workouts than I had any intention of doing when I arrived! She has a depth of knowledge that lets her vary the sessions to match different fitness and energy levels while keeping things fun. The yoga was new for me and it’s clear that Steve not only has vast knowledge and experience but also an ability to teach even the most unco-ordinated novice! He is also generous and patient in sharing his wisdom (the fact that he is also distractingly gorgeous isn’t relevant so I wont mention it here!). In short I feel restored and inspired and I’d rather not go home! I’m buying a juicer and will book again! Caroline xxx

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Dawn (UK) Summer Retreat 2015

Dear Steph, Milly Moo & Steve aka The Queen of Raw, The Princess of Fitness and the King of Yoga! Thank you all so much for making my week here so fabulous. I’m a raw food virgin so was a little bit scared of the unknown, but the food was delish! I don’t think I’ll ever be a raw foodies however I plan on juicing at home and maybe once a month have a raw food weekend. I will keep you posted. I am going to make my son a raw food birthday cake and not tell him it’s raw, if it’s anything like your delicious cheesecake or chocolate he won’t know the difference! This week, for me, was about learning to relax and to mix. I’ve certainly been able to do that. I’ve made it worth getting up for at the crack of Dawn. Milly Moo’s energetic and fun fitness sessions were fab, loved her improvisations of using a melon as a kettle bell and medicine ball! Last but not least a massive thank you to my 9 fellow guests, we’ve come from all over the UK and from all walks of life and you’ve all been a great bunch to spend my week with. I will be tryining your bootcamp next year Steph! I’ll be going home a happier woman than when I came thanks to all of the above. It’s not goodbye, it’s ’til we meet again…’ lots of love Dawn xxxxx PS Filipe aka magic hands is amazing!

Julia & Terry (UK) Summer Retreat 2015

Steph, as professional and enthusiastic as ever! I have built on the knowledge gained at the retreat in April and I believe along with your Spiralizer book, the tools to develop a life time way of eating which will help me solve my issues. It was great to see Milly again and her abundance of enthusiasm. Also Steve who has definitely a different view of the world! A fantastic, restful and informative week. Lots of love Julia & Terry. PS Terry learnt a lot too!!

Lesley (UK) Summer Retreat 2015

Dear Steph, Steve & Milly. I would describe my week as a holiday ‘with benefits! These benefits being – great company, lovely and interesting food, fabulous opportunities to improve yoga and (for me) a bit of keep fit with the enthusiastic Milly! I am not pre-occupied with food so don’t feel the need to make massive changes but will definitely be more experimental with raw ingredients. Looking forward to receiving my Spiralizer a bit later in the year. I’m returning to my every day life with a relaxed mind and body (hopefully a little trimmer!) and with the memories of laughter and fun ringing in my ears! Good luck Steph with the future business, I hope your ‘dreams’ come true. Steve – Milly just keep being as lovely as you are! Lots of love Lesley x

Ally (UK) Summer Retreat 2015

Ally - Explore Raw TestimonialHow does one summarise a beautiful week such as this? What a group! Firstly, a big hats off to the lovely Steph for keeping us all on track and for nourishing us with delicious and creative food. From one raw foodie chefette to another “Bravo!”  Stevo – once again we meet and yet again your voice is in my head. Thank you for sharing your talents in yoga, worldly wisdom and the ‘carobbing’. Love you man. Mills – I’ve loved your enthusiasm and verve. You’ve been the perfect gal for the job and next time I’ll pick up more with you, so watch out. Love and light. To our lovely gang. We have laughed and cried and laughed again. What an amazing coming together of super individuals. My greatest pleasure has been meeting you all and seeing the transformed guests go on their way. Keep raw, keep happy, ‘Viva Explore Raw!’ xx

Egg (UK) Summer Retreat 2015

To the explore raw team! Steph – thanks for putting on an amazing experience! Love the villa. Thanks for incredible food and juices that were all yummy and most of all being a fab host with a catalogue of dirty jokes that all made us giggle! Steve – thanks for the yoga. I am now a convert! I have written my spells and will endeavour to fix and reverse my neck and back. My whole team will have to start too! Also thank you for your wise words! Milly – thanks for being here to motivate the team and kick us in to action. I love your energy and your attitude for life! I am looking forward to brushing horses and feeding pygmie goats at your future retreat by the sea. The whole experience has been quite different to what I expected and I am taking more home than a broader knowledge of raw food and that’s down to you guys, thank you. We were lucky to have a great group of people that all got on and were very supportive to each other and laughed loads. (Also, Carla, thanks for the massages!!) Wish all of you the best and loads of love with your adventures. Love Egg (aka Gemma) xxx

Heather (Ireland) Summer Retreat 2015

To all the people @Explore Raw Retreat Thank you for a wonderful experience! I have learned some and more!!! To Steph – you have opened my eyes to raw food something I had little experience of. I shall endeavour to bring some of it to my home and children. To Milly – a most wonderful thoughtful bundle of energy and I loved you before and I have loved you again. To Steve – you truly have been an inspiration I know I have learned from  you – thank you. In fact thank you all again most sincerely Heather xxxxxxx

Tal (Ireland) Summer Retreat 2015

SMS you are beautiful beings. I wish I could stay for longer. You have been workign so hard to create the most wonderful space and vibration for us. I love you. Tal. Until we meet again. Thank you x

Wendy (UK) Summer Retreat 2015

thank you from my heart, body and soul! This was a totally new experience for me and because of you all one that I most certainly have to experience again. I refuse to believe that I will not or never be in your company again as you have all made me feel welcome and secure. Love to Milly. Love to Steve. Love to Steph. Love to Carla. Love to Filipe. Wendy xx

Dawnie (UK) Summer Retreat 2015

Dear Stephanie, Milly and Steve. Thank you so very much for a truly wonderful week. I am, and will always be, extremely grateful for the knowledge, inspiration, love and laughter showered upon me during this blissful week with you. I know how hard you have all worked and I have love it all! Love and hugs Dawnie x

Karina (UK) Summer Retreat 2015

Awesome guys! Learned heaps and will be actioning the wisdom of yoga poses taught by you Steve – u have such a way with words and actions!! Steph for the inspiration and creative raw foodie ideas and recipes and gentle wise words. And last but not least Milly, your persuasive/encouraging exercise tasks! I love your ‘nature’ – a real sweetie. Love you all. Thanks for giving me the time and space to reflect on my life and all else. Karina x

Dominique (Colombia) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Dear Steph, Suze, Jay, Sol and the girls – Thank you so much for this beautiful retreat and boot camp…. I so enjoyed it 100%. I learned so many things, especially that I can push myself a little harder every day. It was challenging and I loved it. I loved the walks to the beach and the exercises. All of them and the food was fantastic. Thank you for all. God bless you all.

Sarah (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Lovely Steph, Suz & Jay. What can I say, what a totally amazing week. Thank you Jay for the most amazing food, you are as tasty as everything you have made. Suz you have been so inspiring, you have managed to get me to attend 100% of your classes and even got me running. I promise to keep this up in England (photos to prove it in a few months) And Steph, I am so pleased that you talked me into coming, I have truly had the best time and will go home with a new lease of life! Big love…

Pammie (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Thank you for a ‘more’ than ordinary week of my life… I came for a nutritionally vibrant diet – full of healing foods, the sun shine and fitness and that is what I got. Suzanne you are an amazing instructor – you know what we are capable of… who would have thought I would RUN this week… but you had great motivational skills to push us out of our comfort levels.. Jay…what can I say… please move to Brighton.. x Stef, thank you for your vision of creating this ‘bootcamp’ – the group dynamics were amazing and we will be fitter and healthier for the rest of our lives because of this one week. Feel the love. Pammie x

Emese & Brendan (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Thank you all so much for helping us on our journey towards a healthier lifestyle. It was great to experience that yes it is possible to live only on raw food and to learn about how to soak seeds and dried fruit. The demo on juicing: oxidisation and separation was very powerful for us. Thank you for letting me in the kitchen to see how you prepare raw food, having the chance to learn about new ingredients, and new ways of mixing ingredients. Before I arrived I thought that I won’t to be able to participate in the exercise classes, but you showed us how to do the easier versions so I could participate in most of exercise classes and I was getting stronger every day. Thank you for all the support, learning and inspiration that we got from you. x

Annie (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Sincere thanks for making this such a great week – so lovely to find somewhere to step out of life for a little while – be looked after so well and learn how to look after ourselves better too. Thanks for your special talents and for always going the extra mile to make us at home, happy and challenged!. With love. Annie x

Dan facebook testimonial Dan (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

A wonderful combination of foods & juices: punishing (in a good way!) exercise: impeccable hospitality and beautiful surroundings. Steph and the team ensure the group are treated as pampered guests, receiving plenty of 1:1 time as required. The food workshops have shown me the art of the possible and inspired me to go and explore raw and the bootcamp has reinvigorated my inner ‘gym bunny’! Thanks to Steph and team for a wonderful week. Dan xx

Andrea (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

I had an amazing week leaving fitter, healthier, and rebooted. Every raw meal was exquisitely prepared and absolutely delicious. Thanks to Suzanne for helping me to swim, Jay for making the most amazing meals and Steph for an absolutely great week.

Alison (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

As always a great combination of fitness, location and wonderful raw food & juices which have  revived me no end! Looking forward to coming back for a 4th time maybe for 10 days! Thanks to the team: Suze – for being so knowledgeable and flexible according to people’s condition or wonky hip! Steph – the hostess with the mostest! THANKYOU!! for pulling it all together – see you soon xx

Ali F (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

So sad to be leaving! Had an amazing time. Thank you Steph you have made this a holiday to remember! Fantastic combo of food, fun, punishing but rewarding exercise made to feel not so bad by the beautiful surroundings and a great bunch of people.

Steph thank you for opening my eyes as to just how easy it can be to include raw in your daily life: you are the font of all knowledge that is raw! Suze you have given me the inspiration to push myself. I can now see a way to be the best me I can be! Hope to see you again soon. Love Ali F x

F (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

I didn’t really know what to expect and was a little sceptical towards all the juicing & raw food. But after the week I have been CONVERTED! The food was delicious and it was a real eye opener learning about how important the right foods are. The fitness and yoga were also always varied and interesting so I was never bored. Thank you Steph for a brilliant week x

Debs (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Absolutely amazing in every way! What more can I say? Thank you guys. Love Debs x

Ceire (Ireland) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Fantastic week of exercise and yummy food in a lovely villa. Excellent! Thank you Steph and all the team. x

Sue testimonial explore rawSue (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Had the most wonderful holiday ever. Learnt so much and enjoyed everything. A great group of people and the team were amazing. Hope to see you all again next year. Sue.

Di & Dee (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Thank you so much for making this week memorable in lots of ways! The walks were challenging but enjoyable despite dragging behind most of the time! We leave feeling so much fitter and ready to continue on our next adventure! Thank you team for all your hard work and inspiration which shone through all week. The location was beyond expectation and the room speaks for itself. Hope our paths cross again (maybe we will be fitter an lighter as we hope to continue with the foundations of what you have instilled in us).

Danyelle (Netherlands) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Second year around! and yet another great week! The exercise was tough, especially the ‘fat blast’ but everybody took it to their own limit… nice morning walks to the lovely beach, great workshops. I loved the ‘chocolate’ one AND the group was yet again amazing! Thanks for a wonderful week Steph & team. Danyelle xx

Laetitia - testimonial picLaetitia (France) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Great combo of hard work, fun and great healthy food. Never thought I would get to ‘love’ exercising! Loved my holiday! Fantastic group. Great 1st experience of bootcamp. Thanks for everything Steph & team. It was an amazing week. See you next year!

Ginny (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Thanks so much Steph and team – a great week of exercise, raw food, juice and sunshine! Thanks for looking after us so well. Ginny x

Veronica & Eric (Sweden/Finland) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Thanks for the hardest week we have ever experienced! No joke! It was blood, sweat and tears with some bruises and blisters added! A great group. We learned a lot and we will be adapting some of the knowledge to our daily life from now on. Looking forward to returning for another week of torture in 2016 xxx


Sandra (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Thank you so much Steph for all your loving and caring support these last two weeks. You work so hard for everyone – it doesn’t go unnoticed. And the team – what lovely people you surround us with. I’ve lost inches (or cm) and lost some weight too! With much love and the very best wishes for your future successes which clearly are queuing up to meet you! Much love Sandra xx

S (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

What on earth have I experienced this week? An absolutely stunning holiday; stunning location stunning villa, stunning food, stunning people, stunning fitness… all of it! I had a great week – learning about raw foods, eating the most amazing suppers, drinking gorgeous juices and still managing to do all the workouts! I am amazed! It’s fantastic to be able to go home feeling so good (when I usually need to go on a diet after I come back from holidays!) No more diets! No more eating rubbish. I am going to make changes as of now. THANKS to you…

Wendy (UK) Raw7

Do you remember I asked if I could gift Raw7 to my friend? Well, she was due a subtotal hysterectomy and at the pre op assessment she was told her blood pressure was too high and if it didn’t come down to safe levels she couldn’t have the op. She had 10 days. I told her to do Raw7 to the letter, no cheating. To my amazement. She stuck with it. She lost 7lbs in week 1 and a further 2 lbs in the last couple of days. She has her op today. She said that me giving her that book was ‘the best gift anyone has given me’.

I wanted you to know.

Oh, and my raw chocolate making is improving.  I can’t stop making it.  This is seriously dangerously good stuff.

W (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Dear Steph, Tracy, Will, Graeme & Sol. Thank you all so much for the time, effort, care, attention and patience you have put into creating the environment I needed so much this week. You all got the balance right and it worked each session on so many levels. Stunning food, stimulating juices and the exercise opportunity I have been craving and needing for ages. Lots learned, lots remembered and many positive things to stop, start and keep doing to ensure I keep on working on loving me!

Ali (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Day one I knew this was going to exceed my expectations and it did. Stephanie and her team are amazing, professional and know what they are doing. Attention was paid to every detail. Stephanie’s warmth and passion is in everything. One of the best decisions I have made was to book this and I will take away fabulous new knowledge to introduce some raw food and juices to my diet. Thank you all for a fabulous week Stephanie, Tracy, Will, Graeme you are amazing.

Rory (France) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

URBAN TRAIL RFSWith a bit of luck I’ll get kicked out again at the end of the summer and have to retreat back to Portugal with you. And which Clever Boy did the Edinburgh Half Marathon last weekend? FIRST ONE EVER IN HIS LIFE BABY!! And it all began back in Portugal when he realised he was pretty fit for his age, and should do something about it. After Portugal I signed up for the gym every week, started swimming lessons, started going cycling, and joined the village running club. SEE PICTURE FOR PROOF – this is the Montpellier 16km Night Trail, up and down every hill and set of steps in the town, a KILLER. Best thing is my daughter has caught the bug, and I beat her in Edinburgh – but she is now hassling me to do the next one. Our diet is way off your raw ideal but me and the boys have just had goat’s cheese salad and beetroot (lettuce from the garden), local melon, local strawberries and blackberries (from the garden), and local cherries SO We’re Doin’ The Best That We Can.

Minna (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

It’s been a wonderful action packed, educational, exhausting but FUN week! I’m still digesting the experience but I will be recommending it to lots of people and will probably be back myself. To book this has been the best decision of the year – I achieved a lot more than I thought I had in me and will be taking back some great memories, new ideas how to incorporate more raw food into my diet and I might even start working with a PT. This was my first bootcamp of any kind and I was feeling a bit uncertain but the super-professional team couldn’t have been more helpful and encouraging. Thank you Stephanie. Thank you our yogi/raw chef extraordinaire Tracy, Herr Komandant ‘Pain is weakness leaving the body’ Wilhelm and Colonel ‘Voice like a foghorn’ Graeme.

Zoe (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2015

Thank you so much Stephanie, Tracy, Will & Graeme. I’ve had a fabulous week. The exercise was seriously tough but all the hard work was worth it for your gorgeous food which was so beautifully presented that every meal felt like a special occasion. I’ll go home and sleep a lot to recover! But I’ll definitely keep a few of the good habits going…

Lucy (UK) Raw Amour ebook

“OMG I just made chocolate mousse from your Raw Amour ebook! I improvised on a couple of ingredients. WOW its delicious!  SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS and sooooo easy……going to be making it a lot from now on whenever I feel the need for something naughty but nice. Takes a minute and doesn’t go straight to your hips!”

Helen (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

What a wonderful week. Mixed with emotion and healing. Steph you were brilliant, probably one of the most intuitive women I have ever met. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. Great group of ladies, fab accommodation, could not have wished for more. My skin is softer, my mind is clearer and I feel more focussed. I am sure the wonderful food and juices are to thank for this! Even though I didn’t take part in the boot camp style exercises I met some very inspiring women and I feel I have gained so much. I will be back.

Jonathan (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

“Thank you all for a fantastic week! I have loved every single minute. The food has been brilliant, the training the perfect mix of challenging and fun, and the camaraderie outstanding. I don’t want to go home! I AM COMING BACK! Thanks so much again!! Big love. J”

Read Susan’s inspiring thoughts on being introduced to ‘raw’!

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for seriously introducing me to raw food, as previous to meeting you last April I had heard of it, but didn’t really get it, thought it was way out of my realm, Dehydrators, what the heck?!  However from speaking to you and then getting your e-book Raw7 (that contained the ultimate raw curry!) it opened up a whole new world for me that for someone who didn’t eat veg, but wanted to, hence the reason for juicing, that I could actually do it! I’m now also dairy free which is great. I can’t, and don’t, want to label myself as a ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’ or ‘raw foodist’, but I am starting to discover that I like more and veg, but not all yet, but it’s definitely been a massive life change for me!

Just a MAHOOSIVE thanks for that raw curry, I know I keep going on about it, but it really was life changing, mentally and physically! Wish I’d met you 20 years ago, ha ha!! (Susan, UK)

Andy Morris from ‘Super Juice Me The Movie’ (UK) Summer Retreat Portugal

Here I am at Stephanie Jeffs Retreat which is a Raw food retreat and it started off a bit conspicuous for me the first juice was a watery affair made from Watermelon and Cucumber and the next was just as thin now I being of a Juicing background was thinking I was not going to last like this then on the day I was ready to run for the hills I explained to Steph that I was going to go for a hotel then she explained to me that was the Detox part of the retreat now comes the good stuff and the good stuff really did come starting with Carrot cake yep that’s what I said Carrot cake now I watched it being made Raw but wondered why they called it Carrot cake and it wasn’t until I tasted it I realised it was awesome Carrot Cake I was not surprised though when Steph told me we were having Thai Curry for Dinner so me trying to throw a spanner in the works said I cannot deal with Spices so she asked me if I could tolerate Korma curry I said yep that is the only thing I can tolerate so imagine my face when she says she has a version of A Thai Type Korma sauce and it was to die for well I am not going to bore you anymore with my HERO worship but we have had Spaghetti Bolognese Cheeseburger and onions well put it this. Way I am a Juicer but What Steph has turned raw cooking or Raw Chef into a fine Art Stephanie Damon another Airborne Warrior from 9 Sqdn RE and Alberto are a brilliant team and if anyone is at all curious about Raw Food go to Stephs website and on top of that if you want to either go on a explore Raw week or a Boot Camp week she does run both in the Algarve and they are very relaxed affairs with underlying professionalism Briliant week Briliant place SUPERB FOOD.

Amanda (UK) Raw7

Thank you so very much… What a fabulous read and so much value for the money … Thank you very much x

Razan (London) Summer Retreat Portugal

OMG I have had the best holiday ever! It really has been a holiday of a lifetime for me and I got the chance to explore some raw foods and do some juicing! More than that I was doing all of the exercises and really worked hard. I loved the boxing and I am going home with amazing results. Happy. Happy!

Dorcas (UK) Raw7

Hi lovely Stephanie, I finished my detox (seven days) last night. I kept to it by the letter. I found the first two days the worst and by the end of day 2, I could easily have given up. I was determined however to do it. After my 7 o’clock meal last night I rested for an hour then I weighed myself. I have LOST 5lbs!! I knew I had, because I had definitely changed shape. I am absolutely thrilled. My skin looks and feels better and I have much more energy. I must say that I have been very ill, with a water retention problem, and before you say anything, I did discuss taking a detox with my GP. To my great surprise I enjoyed my fruit teas, as I have to admit to being a tea drinker. It was nice to use face masks and pamper myself for a change. I have always been caring about others, not that I am complaining at all. One of my favourite ingredients is ginger and it is so versatile. I loved the salads and was amazed to find I enjoyed the cold, raw Thai curry and rice. I prefer savoury things to sweet, but fortunately I have always loved fruit and vegetables, particularly nuts and seeds. As yet I haven’t tried any of the bonus recipes so I look forward to testing out the lemon cheesecake and double chocolate-chip thick shake. I have some salads left and I shall continue to eat differently, although I have always eaten healthy. Probably too big portions and as ‘comfort ‘food’ due to some traumatic experiences. I have just got to get back on track. I have so much to do with my life, so as the song says, ‘pick yourself up, brush yourself down and start all over again’!

Thanks so much Stephanie, you have introduced me to new ingredients, I had heard about them but never used them. You gave some interesting combinations of ingredients.  I thought your recipes and notes were very clear and easy to follow. After day 2, I got into the routine it is obviously easier being at home, although I am working on a degree course. If you had to go out to work I think it would be extra challenging to do. As it is you have to be prepared and well organised, as you say in your notes. Thank you again Stephanie, soon there will be a ‘new’ me.

Shane (Juicing Radio) Raw7 

I purchased your raw 7. A really good read, got to be honest worth a lot more than 7 bucks!

MJ (USA) Raw24

Hi Stephanie. Thanks! I made the raw stir fry (my son said we should call it stir-raw) with the raw rice. Plus fruit with the cocoa nut balls, and kale salad which I have made before….I forgot to get broccolli so I used spiralized zuchini noodles. Everyone loved it, even the house carnivores. I will be ordering your books soon!

Miriam (London) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

‘Dearest Steph. Thank you for the most amazing week! I’ve had a wonderful time from start to finish! A pleasure to work with you and your team. I leave feeling on top of the world thanks to your creation!’

Bridgette (UK) Raw7

“Your eBook (raw7) I bought has been truly inspirational and the best I have purchased to date. Huge thank you.”

Karen (UK ) Coaching client

“Stephanie has an exceptional way of coaching and encouraging you towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.  She ‘gets’ you from the first instance, partly because she ‘knows’ and partly because she is passionate and an expert about her subject.  She has the knack of hitting the nail on the head about problematic eating beliefs and habits, and confidently supporting you away from these old patterns that no longer serve you. Her 1-day and 7-day programmes are magic. Easy and delicious – it’s convenience food at it’s best! The best advice Stephanie gave me was to prepare for making changes – prepare your kitchen, your cupboards, and your mindset. The benefits of exploring raw and working with Stephanie are priceless.

How do I feel? Rejuvenated is an understatement.  I have more energy and feel sharper. Brain fog is no more! My constant arthritic pain has diminished. I do not feel exhausted all the time. My weight has dropped, my skin is glowing. I am not taking any meds at all after being on pain killers, anti-acids and high blood pressure tablets for years. People around me notice the difference and comment positively. As a result, I have attracted more clients into my own business due to my altered perception of self and the world. No brainer! Win-win. I am most definitely a cheerleader and waving the flag for Stephanie.  Stephanie is THE ‘Go-To Girl for Raw’, my advice is ‘Go-Get-Her-Now!’ “

Rose (Czech Republic) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

“Great week! Thank you all! I enjoyed every single day with you guys! The food and juices were delicious and I will keep the beautiful taste for good! The training was hard and fun, I just loved it! With love…R”

Ann (UK) VIP day

“I met Steph when I went to Turkey as a juicing virgin and she was part way through her first year of Raw. She was passionate about juicing and raw and how it had changed her life .  I continued to juice in the morning and often for lunch but felt I wanted to progress to the ” next stage”. I am not vegetarian but have very little meat but some fish and wanted something other than salads, soup or roast vegetables!  The training helped to demystify Raw “cooking” with the help of a car full of equipment including a dehydrator and several juicers. Being able to try before you buy was invaluable as otherwise they could end up at the back of a cupboard along with the pasta and ice cream maker. The day was informative and fun and totally hands on. My husband is the house cook and very much a carnivore but he threw himself into the day; along with a friend of mine and my daughter in Penang joined us by Skype. I would definitely recommend a VIP day with Steph to help you on your journey to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It has certainly succeeded in increasing the Raw percentage of our diet but my husband still likes cooking!!”

Zita (London) VIP day

“I’ve been juicing on and off for over the last two years but wanted to really immerse myself and go that step further.  I couldn’t have made a better decision. Having a one-to-one day set aside to have all my questions answered and look at juicing and combining according to my family’s taste was great. Plus really getting to grips with dehydrating to make crisp breads, nut bars and even cake was fabulous – and I used the oven too which was a bonus!

Stephanie took me through everything from prepping, nutrition and storing and guided me through the pluses and minuses of different types of juicing and juicers. A brilliant VIP Day with Stephanie which was tailored to my lifestyle, my tastes, and my requirements and was loads of fun. I’m now living ‘raw energy’!”

Sarah (Wales) Raw7

“Steph you are an inspiration I took the plunge and bought a juicer… Omg it is life changing I am now a pro at juicing and 2 weeks in and I have lost 1 stone!  My skin feels healthier and have more energy and even happy to take the dogs for a walk and not feel it is a chore”

Rachel (UK) Raw24

I’m so inspired by you! Will be getting home soon and stopping at my local health food shop to buy the ingredients for the 24 hour detox. Absolutely cannot wait x

Ingrid (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

“I had a great experience this week! Bootcamp made me realise how much I can actually do and I’m looking forward to continuing this in my daily life. The food was absolutely amazing and I really enjoyed the cooking workshop. Also, we had an awesome team, good vibe in the villa. Overall a great experience. Many thanks to Steph, Damien and Emily.”

Danyelle (Netherlands) Raw Juice Camp Portugal Danyelle

So, I’ve had a couple of days to think about my RAW experience…The longer I think of it, the better it gets … Going to this beautiful villa in Portugal en not really knowing what I was in for….But I got the picture quickly :-). A very warm welcome by you Steph, and although we’re about the same age, it felt a bit like you were everybodies mum for the rest of the week…If anyone needed a cuddle, you were there!! The juices and raw food were excellent, sometimes even too much for me (?)..The training was really hard, I cursed Damien some mornings when I could hardly walk..But this resulted in such a wonderfull team spirit I never could have imagined ..It truely felt like we were one big family at the end of the week..I was incredibly happy with the results, but the thing I will remember the most are the wonderful people I met during this week. So thanks Steph, for this amazing experience. I will never forget it! Hope to be back one day, to see you walking around with you avocado mask 🙂

Becky (UK) Summer Retreat Portugal

I was delighted with my weight loss and can honestly say I didn’t feel hungry once. Thanks again – I feel much better even though I have yet to purchase a spiraliser!

Jo (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

‘I had never done any kind of bootcamp, retreat, raw food type of holiday before! All my holidays previously have been what I would call – a lie in the sun and eat lots of food – type of holiday! Often coming home feeling ‘yuk’. At the end of the week I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I feel like I’ve had a holiday. I feel well, refreshed and ready to go back to day to day life. All of this has been made possible by the Raw Juice Camp – the amazing villa with its comfort and little luxuries, the incredibly tasty juices, the smoothies and raw food and the training and exercise that ultimately makes you feel well. I am a complete novice and I promise you a Raw Juice Camp is not just for those that are fit but suitable for anyone wanting a healthier, more holistic holiday and looking for inspiration for a better and cleaner way of living’.

Nicola Semple (London) – Raw7 client

“I did the 4 days of juicing in the Raw7 plan and loved it! I lost 8lbs and I am planning on doing it again next week. I still can’t believe I am not starving! Wearing a pair of jeans that I have not had on since pre-baby no2. Got to be a good sign! Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.”

Anthony (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

“Where do I begin? Hows’s about losing a stone in a week! But what a week!! Great company. Great surroundings. Great exercise and the best – grrrreeeat FOOD! Thank you.” Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

Chris (UK) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

“Following a difficult year health wise and with lots of stress with work and life in general I knew I needed a break. I had lost my way a bit with juicing and really wanted to get back into the juicy groove. I had to get back on top of my game too. I was getting out of shape and really needed to reboot. A week at Raw Juice Camp gave me an amazing kick start into getting my healthy back. I worked hard (the training was tough!) and I loved getting back into juicing and enjoying Steph’s amazing raw food. The spaghetti bolognese was fabulous and the curry night was just a god send after a hard day out in the sun. My skin cleared. I was sleeping better and I lost over 15lbs in just one week! Now THAT’s the kind of results I was looking for. It gave me the incentive to make changes back at the ranch. I am totally coming back!”

Cath (UK) VIP Day

‘Stephs depth of knowledge, her passion for the subject and her wonderful care and attention made it a very special day’

Lyra Culverhouse (UK) – VIP client Raw7 PREMIER

‘As a busy mum of three with a new baby the support I received from Stephanie was just perfect! Thank you Stephanie for enlightening us (and ‘lightening’ us!) with your menu.  Thank you for being our raw chef for the raw days of the week. I was amazed at how gorgeous that menu was! The personal service was just what we needed.  I am looking forward to our next visit from you already!’

For VIP client services please contact me here.

Annette (Baden – Wurttemberg, Germany) Raw7 client

“I loved the juicing days so I will start all over again! My daughter and I had fun eating the cucumber spaghetti. The almond milk and banana smoothies are GREAT! Filled me up for the day.  This was a very good experience and I will prolonge another week, starting tomorrow. My goal is to stay raw and/or vegan (Some cooked vegetables or a Miso please) until Easter.  Maybe I will reach the 75 kilos target? I lost 2.5 kilos this week. Thank you very much for your very inspiring juicing and raw experience. All very professionally laid out and brought across. I explored RAW and I liked it!  Steph, you did a great job infecting me with the RAW virus!”


Lucy (London) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

‘Dearest Stephanie. What an absolutely fabulous week! (or should I say flabuless!!) from beginning to end you have been ‘totes amazeballs’ – your enthusiasm is catching! I’ve learned so, so, so much from you – you are the google of the raw food world! And I can’t wait to get home and put it all into practice! 1 week x 8 people = more than 5 stone weight loss – all thanks to you and your Raw7 programme! Can’t say better than that! Villa 10/10. Juices 10/10. Raw food 10/10. Group size 10/10. Exercise bootcamp style 10/10. I am not saying it was easy. Far from it BUT looking back on it now it’s quite overwhelming what we have hall done and how far we have come. Life changing – in a good way and your ‘raw explorers’ will live on!’

Chris Howe – Change Maker International – Corporate Client

‘At the heart of everything that she does is a deep understanding of the needs of the individuals that she is seeking to develop and the business benefits that can flow from her work. Work with her once and you will wish that you had known her for years; if you are really lucky, you will.’

Dan (UK) – VIP Coaching client

‘I remember telling Steph that I could never give up meat! I am now a vegetarian with a healthy focus on juicing and experimenting with raw foods. I have juiced before and needed to get my focus back on track. The support I get from Steph keeps me on track, keeps me focussed on my goals and certainly gains results! I lost 13lbs in one week on the Raw7 plan and I was totally amazed. I really wasn’t expecting that. It was so much easier than I thought. The curry on day 5 was just fantastic. She is definitely my Go To Girl for Raw!’

Get the same results! Access your copy of Raw7 – The Juicing & Raw for Weight Loss 7 Day Detox

To discuss personal raw detox services please contact me

Katie Greenlees (UK) – Bootcamp client

‘It is unbelievable that Stephanie can make a cabbage smoothie taste like a chocolate milk shake! It is GORGEOUS! I walked 10k for that chocolate smoothie and I would have had no idea there was cabbage (kale) in it. It was totally worth the walk! It was my prize and making that walk was a real milestone for me. The cheesecake Stephanie made for us at the end of the week was so so amazing. I loved it all!’

Corporate Client (London) – Team Building Event

‘Our team had an excellent day with Stephanie. It was like being on Masterchef but the raw version! We had a great time learning new skills and facing our food tasks and challenges but most of all it was time well spent bonding with each other. I would highly recommend this experience’

Miriam Staley – Managing Director Make Waves Speaker Bureau – Corporate Client

‘Her creativity and funky thinking bring a new edge to the work she does, which is always tailored to deliver exactly the right solution for the people she is working with. She is a true professional who will add significant value to your organisation, and the people within it. What is more, doing business with her is a total pleasure – she is authentic, personable and has real integrity which shines through in everything she does.’

For corporate enquiries contact me directly here.

Juicer (UK) – Raw7 client

‘ I loved all the smoothies! They were really good. I also really liked the raw meals but in particular the Thai Curry was amazing! Loved the juicing even though some of the juices just weren’t to my taste (I don’t like cucumber!) the results kept me going’

Caroline Owusu (London) – Coaching client

‘You really are an inspiration Steph! Love your recipes! My energy is up and down and having snacks like this really keeps me going. Funny how I am craving raw foods and juices now. Thank you. I am on such a mission!’

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Di (London) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

‘Really great week. Lovely group size and gorgeous villa. A week away from everything has given me the ‘re-set’ I needed and the results are a bonus. Who’d have thought I’d complete jogging of any kind let alone 5k! I last longer in metafit than the six minutes I worked out at the gym! Just shows what a good/encouraging trainer can help you achieve. I’m looking forward to next year already and will spread the word! Congrats to you on a GREAT camp!’

Karen (UK) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

‘Not really knowing what the week would bring the food was beautiful and the training really tough but made better by the amazing people on the camp. Great to meet such inspirational people. Learnt loads. Laughed more. All in a lovely villa. Thanks Steph, Will and Ellen’

Alison (London) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

‘Upon arriving I was greeted with a warm welcome, shown the villa and my room. A welcome pack of water, fruit and healthy treats awated plus a beautiful flower display on my bed as well as a bag with my name! Clearly a lot of thought had gone into my stay. The villa was plush and extremely comfortbale with lots of break out areas to lose yourself in the spare time between training. The training was tough, playful and ultimately enjoyable. A great group size facilitated the weeks camaraderie and team spirit. Staff are very attentive and ultimately keen that you get the most from the week – and that’s what I did! I’ve been on several retreats and this one has really stood out – a real balance of yin and yang in every way – thank you so much. Allie’

Marion (Dublin) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

‘I had a wonderful time on this introduction to raw. The food, venue and training was great! I was very impressed by the holistic approach that was taken. I can honestly say that this is the best bootcamp I have attended because of the above and because it actually felt like a holiday too because of the additional activities – the trip on the boat, the evening by the bonfire in the forest. It really highlighted the care and detail Stephanie went to to ensure everyone had a good time. The group were also a lovely bunch of people to work with! I will be back! Thank you!

Luce (UK) Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

“Steph – thank you for the most wonderful week! I feel truly rested, have learned so much and am going back stronger in mind and body ready to face the world! xxx”

Tony (UK) – Raw juice Camp Portugal 2014

“To the best team in the (Steph, Damien and Emily!) Thank you for all your hard work, motivation and enthusiasm!”

Dorothy – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

‘Thank you for a truly wonderful week! The villa, your hospitality and care have been amazing and thank you for all the lovely surprises throughout the week! You knew just when we needed them Steph! I’ve loved the juices and raw food – I knew it would be good but you totally exceeded all my expectations – delicious and beautifully presented. I honestly haven’t felt hungry once! The exercise was tough – deliberately so and thank you for tailoring it to suit our individual fitness levels! I loved the walks and will be keeping up those squats! I have also booked a couple of sessions at the gym next week which I previously avoided. We’ve all had a fabulous holiday – everyone is glowing and we’re all delighted with our weights and measures! Great group of lovely people who I’m looking forward to staying connected to. See you next year!!’

Katie (Kent) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

‘Such a great couple of days with delicious juices, lovely sunshine, new friends and hundreds of squats! I came totally open minded and have really loved every minute – didn’t feel hungry once! I’m sad to leave mid-week but feel great! Thank you Stephanie – you are very special.’

Gemma (UK) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

Having never been to a retreat or bootcamp before I was unsure of what exactly to expect, but I was not disappointed – it was lovely! Upon arriving, villa is awesome and Steph and other group members provided a lovely warm welcome. The food, juices and smoothies were all delicious. Training was hard, but varied, and very inclusive and with our group very, very funny – exercising while laughing is tough! Thankfully Steph also arranged a nice bit of sunshine for us too so there was plenty of opportunity to rest/recover by the pool or in the hot tub. I feel fitter, more toned and most importantly relaxed and refreshed. Thanks Steph. Will and Ellen for providing a lovely week. “You can never to too many squats!”

Kathrine – Cookery School 2014

My once much-loved Champion juicer of old had been put away to make proper room for my Vitamix, as I had turned into a green smoothie girl. However, after attending your fab raw Christmas session, Steph…(I’ve) put the Champion back where he belongs on the counter top! And here I am, having completed a (7day detox) then going straight into half a SuperJuice Me! Two more days and the cleanse is over for me and I am ready for a big green, kale salad. But the Champion will be staying put as I’ve rediscovered my love of juicing — and learnt to combine it with the blender. So, big thanks again for the inspiration! Juicy Raw love, Kathrine x

Anon – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

“Great time! Lovely people! Feeling groovy! Real connection to self and universe. Thankyou!’

Lucy (UK) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2014

“I’ve had the most amazing week! Don’t want to go home! I feel re energised, light, clean, healthy and generally pretty fabulous! Great training from Damien – I’ve lost inches all over!! Tremendous juices and raw food from Steph – learned so much from workshop that I’ll take home to my own kitchen and so much more. A holiday to remember on so many different levels. Happy, happy days.”

You (home) – Raw Juice Camp Portugal

What will you have to say about Raw Juice Camp, Cookery School or any of the Explore Raw recipes from my ebooks? I would love to hear from you! Your voice matters and it can help someone else take the first steps towards a healthier, juicier life! Please email me your testimonials to