Going Raw

While transitioning towards a high raw diet your own options will vary depending on your health, your goals and your current diet. I recommend that you do not get fixated on any ‘raw rules’ in your early days of raw.  Moving towards my present eating habits took me more than four years of exploring what works for my body and instinctively what I was enjoying.

Forget Calories

What I love about Raw is that you don’t have to worry too much about calories. They play no part in the raw food world. Which is great as I was never very good with maths. However it is still possible to overeat on raw and to not lose weight if you are eating too ‘gourmet’ with lots of heavy nut based dishes. I try to enjoy as many living raw plant based ingredients with organic herbs and medicinal foods. 


My daily diet

At least 1.5 litres of ph filtered water * At least a pint of green water (see blog for recipe) * At least one green juice (see blog for a recipes) *At least one raw main meal using super-foods, some soaked nuts, seeds and sprouts as well as oodles of veggies and greens (see blog for recipes) *At least two pieces of fruit (on top of any juices) *At least one portion of sea vegetables (whether in powder or solid form in salads) * Medicinal mushroom lattes such as reishi & chaga (see blog for recipes). Click here to see my blog recipes. 

My eating choices

These eating choices work for me. In the evening I might also have some cooked potatoes or steamed vegetables aswell as other lightly cooked and unprocessed foods from time to time, although this is not daily and usually when food choices are limited or I am eating out/with others. My approach to eating is loaded with all the nutrition that my body needs including the essential proteins, amino acids and B vitamins.

And on some days, I just have a bag of chips. It’s that simple.


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