Food is close to our hearts

I have found that it can be tricky discussing what we eat – I have found that the subject touches peoples values, beliefs, culture, family and personal choices – it can be a sensitive subject much like discussing politics or religion. But it needn’t be this way! We simply have to lighten up when it comes to food. I personally thrive when I eat a plentiful diet that makes me feel vibrant, healthful and alive!

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Going Raw

While transitioning towards a more plant based raw diet your own options will vary depending on your health, your goals and your current way of eating. I recommend that you do not get fixated on any rules in your early days of raw. Just start eating more plants and be happy. Moving towards my present eating habits took me more than 7 years of exploring what works for my body.

Latest events with me that might help you!

Eat plentifully

What I love about eating plant based high raw is that you don’t have to worry too much about calories. The secret is to eat plentifully so that your body feels alive, nourished and well. Taking care not to be eating too ‘gourmet’ with lots of heavy nut based dishes. I just go crazy healthy when I am exploring living raw plant based ingredients with organic herbs and medicinal foods.

Latest events with me that might help you!


I went raw for a year

I lost 120lbs with a juicy raw diet. And looking back it wasn’t difficult but firstly what I had to do was clean the system. I had to detox. I did regular juice fasts then decided to go raw for a year. It changed my health and my life. I’m not 100% raw anymore but do regular juice cleanses, juice daily and eat a high raw (mostly) vegan* diet. *I choose to consume bee products for their powerful benefits to my health.

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My daily diet

My aim: At least 1.5 litres of ph filtered water * At least a pint of green water (see blog for recipe) * At least one green juice (see blog for recipes) *At least one raw main meal using super-foods, some soaked nuts, seeds and sprouts as well as oodles of veggies and greens (see blog for recipes) *At least two pieces of fruit (on top of any juices) *At least one portion of sea vegetables (whether in powder or solid form in salads) * Medicinal mushroom lattes such as reishi & chaga (see blog for recipes).

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My eating choices

These eating choices work for me. In the evening I might also have some cooked potatoes or steamed vegetables aswell as other lightly cooked and unprocessed foods from time to time. My approach to eating is loaded with all the nutrition that my body needs including essential proteins, amino acids and B vitamins. I never beat myself up for what I eat. If I enjoy it then it’s GOOD FOR ME!

And on some days, I just have a bag of chips or schnaffle a pizza. I try to keep life simple & not worry too much about food anymore.


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