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The ProSpiralizer™

User Guide

Congratulations on your purchase! I am so excited for you that you now own a ProSpiralizer™ A chef-standard noodle cutting machine for the home chef. Haven’t got yours yet? Click here to grab yours now and put that right!

How to make chef-standard noodles with your ProSpiralizer™

Your ProSpiralizer™ is ready to use straight from the box! For best results fully read the instruction leaflet in your box which shows you how to use your spiralizer. You can also read the instructions for your ProSpiralizer™ by clicking through the image gallery on this page.

Upgrade your blades!

Already have a spiralizer? Making big fat chunky veg that looks nothing like fine Japanese style noodles? Cheap plastic? BPA (non-food grade) machine? Your courgetti looking more like big veggie worms? Zucchini noodles a chunky disaster? Grabbed a bargain but it’s feeling useless? Cut your fingers on those sharp blades? Only got 3 blades to choose from? It’s time to Upgrade Your Blades to a ProSpiralizer™

PDF booklet and guide

To download a pdf version of the ProSpiralizer™ brochure which includes 3 free recipes and your instruction guide please click here.

Spiralize Recipes!

You are now ready to make amazing recipes and food creations from your own kitchen with chef-standard noodles that no other machine can duplicate! Go, go, go! For recipe inspiration please see my blog by clicking here. To order my book Spiralize! click here.


Videos helping you to make incredible recipe with your ProSpiralizer™ will be coming VERY soon!


Please use this machine carefully and store the blades safety and away from young children. The ProSpiralizer™ is one of the safest spiralizers on the market but you should still treat sharp objects carefully and consciously.

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Non-UK resident and want a ProSpiralizer™?

Of course you do! We will be launching globally very soon but you can still order! Email me by clicking here and let’s arrange that for you. UK residents can click here to buy their ProSpiralizer™ straight from Amazon UK.

Enjoy bringing your food to life!

Signature Stephanie