The ProSpiralizer™

Upgrade your blades! *limited stock!

I’ve brought you a brand new chef-standard spiralizer for the home kitchen: it’s called The ProSpiralizer™ 

What is it? 

It’s a chef standard spiralizer: it makes noodles and pasta from fruit and vegetables. It’s a professional 4-blade ProSpiralizer™  for the home kitchen, made with food grade BPA FREE plastic. As Seen on TV on my appearance on Channel 4’s What Britain Bought with retail guru Mary Portas. Used at my Explore Raw Cookery School. It’s easy and safe to use and can make professional raw food, low carb, gluten free, fruit and vegetable spaghetti pasta and noodles at home. It has suction feet, a safety stopper, FREE recipes and a FREE CLEANING BRUSH worth £5.99

Ready to own yours? 

If you have a UK delivery address and you are ready to buy your ProSpiralizer™ then click here to get it from Amazon UK. Non-UK resident but still want one? Sure you do! The ProSpiralizer™ is launching firstly in the UK but you can get yours earlier by emailing my kitchen team by clicking here and we will get one to you right away!

Upgrade your blades!

Already have a spiralizer? Making big fat chunky veg that looks nothing like fine Japanese style noodles? Cheap plastic? BPA (non-food grade) machine? Grabbed a bargain but it’s feeling useless? Cut your fingers on those sharp blades? Only got 3 blades to choose from? It’s time to Upgrade Your Blades to a ProSpiralizer™

Amazon Reviews

“5 stars… I found the professional ProSpiralizer easy to use and with the interchangeable extra blades for making various size noodles this product is brilliant. The Spiralizer is a great product which I used in conjunction with the book written by Stephanie Jeffs, Spiralize. I would highly recommend this professional Spiralizer and the book.” Kevin Heath

“5 stars… I have used the ProSpiralizer for just over a month and I love it. So easy to clean and unlike my old Spiralizer it makes fab noodles with the different blades available. A better texture for stir fry and salads. Used this Spiralizer for a Cookery Masterclass I was running and everyone loved it with great feedback from all my customers. You can’t cut yourself on the blades as you change them and the base has a stopper so the grip and turn handle doesn’t fall out of the machine when you lift it up. I didn’t use the sucker’s that came with the product as I found the two feet at the base of the unit allowed me to push the Spiralizer up against my worktop to stop it sliding around and this made it much more stable and easy to use. Love it. Michaela

“5 stars…Wowser!!! After my previous Lurch spiralizer’s handle broke whilst spirializing butternut squash, I was determined to ensure that my next one was going to be ‘ballsy’!
Unlike my old spiralizer, my courgette noodles came out with such a different texture. They held moisture, were better tasting in my dishes….my first meal was a quorn bolognese with zoodles (courgette noodles)
Overall it was easier to use and clean, I love the little brush they provide!!! The size is easier to store as its slightly more compact, it felt smoother and used very little effort. The main thing for me was the texture of the produce and how it appeared to compliment the rest of my food much better.
My advice… will not be disappointed:))) #theporscheofspiralzers Dawn

5 stars…At last, I got my hands on this special spiralizer. Because it is indeed special. Lorena

5 stars…I’ve been using this for a few weeks now (I got it to replace a cheaper spiralizer which had broken) and I’m impressed. I liked that there was no unnecessary plastic packaging. The spiralizer seems pretty robust, it’s easy to use, it makes great noodles, and is easy to clean. And I’m sure my veg intake has increased because of wanting to use it, which can only be a good thing! Zoe

Click here to read more reviews. 

What do I get?

The box contains:
1 x ProSpiralizer™
4 x Stainless Steel Blades (1 fitted)
2 x Suction Feet
1 x Information booklet with step by step instructions
3 x Recipes
1 x FREE Cleaning Brush

Plus access to my online videos and recipes coming soon.

What is Spiralizing?

It’s an exciting way to bring more vegetables and fruit to the diet and will help you create tasty recipes. Noodles made from the ProSpiralizer™ provide a delicious alternative to traditional noodles and pasta with a fraction of the calories and with the added benefit of them being completely raw, vegan and gluten free.

Why Choose a ProSpiralizer™?

Are you fed up with your current spiralizer making chunky noodles that don’t resemble pasta? That look like strips of vegetables? Too hard work to clean? Too many finger cuts? Or are you looking for your first Spiralizer?

The ProSpiralizer™ is a professional standard, quality and compact noodle making machine. Easily storable and safe to use. With a retail price of £79.99 we’re bring you this limited edition at an irresistible price. 

It’s the perfect upgrade to your raw noodle making. With Japanese style, small precision blades that are easily removed and cleaned and not kept underneath the machine so there is less chance to harbour bacteria in places that are harder to clean.

  • UPGRADE YOUR BLADES with this high quality, professional spiralizer made from food grade ABS plastic and 304 Stainless steel blades. Enabling you to make delicious, healthy recipes at home using a range of fruit and vegetables.
  • MADE WITH BPA FREE PLASTIC – not only chef standard, food grade plastic its completely BPA free too!
  • AS SEEN ON TV on What Britain Brought with retail guru Mary Portas. Produced by Raw Food Chef Stephanie Jeffs, Author of Spiralize! used at her cookery school, workshops and retreats. Follow her video tutorials to get the most out of your ProSpiralizer™.
  • EASY TO USE, CLEAN and STORE It’s light-weight at just 540gms. Measuring just 27 x 17 x 12cm that makes it more compact than other spiral cutting machines. Includes 2 suction feet and 2 non-slip feet to provide the best attachment to a work surface. Can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.
  • SAFER TO USE than other spiralizers. The ProSpiralizer™ is more hygienic than other models and has a safety stopper that stops the handle falling off the unit reducing risk of accidents. This spiral cutting machine offers multiple options for positioning the unit.
  • CONTAINS 4 STAINLESS STEEL BLADES to make finer noodle options than your standard spiralizer. Sharper and safer: 1 permanent blade for wide ribbon pasta and 3 detachable blades for linguine, spaghetti and angel hair noodles. A FREE cleaning brush, 2 x suction feet to attach the device to your work surface, a step by step instruction guide, 3 delicious recipes and access to many more from Stephanie Jeffs online.


We should all try to include more vegetables in our diet, but with so many delicious alternatives on offer it’s too easy to give in to the food that we crave rather than what’s best for our bodies and in particular our waistlines! Making small changes to our diet and incorporating more of the food that truly nourishes our bodies is something that can be easily achieved with the help of the The ProSpiralizer

You can Spiralize your way to a healthier life!