30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge by Sergei Boutenko


I only plug stuff I love from people who produce exceptional things. My buddy Sergei Boutenko is The Champion of the Green Smoothie and he is MY go-to guy for all things blended. I highly recommend this ebook!

30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge is a detailed 41-page ebook which outlines Sergei Boutenko’s healthy challenge: drinking a quart (that’s US talk for two whole pints!) of freshly made green smoothie every day for a month.

This ebook contains:  

• All the smoothie basics you’ll need to become a green smoothie pro

• Helpful tips for how to make delicious / nutritious smoothies every time

• Insight on how to stay motivated and reach your goal

• An explanation of which blenders to purchase and why

• Ingredient shopping lists

• 30-days worth of smoothie recipes

• Bonus recipes (in the event you decide to keep going)

• Exclusive links to valuable smoothie-related resources

• And lots more!

What is the 30-day green smoothie challenge? 

The main purpose of a 30-day green smoothie challenge is to motivate you to take charge of your health in a manageable fashion. I believe that anyone who completes this challenge will feel happier and healthier after a month of regular smoothie consumption. The challenge is simple, and straightforward, and requires minimal effort. All you have to do is drink one quart (or liter if you’re in Europe) of freshly made green smoothie everyday for one month in addition to your pre-existing diet. It’s as easy as that! You don’t even need to plan a far-off start date, you can begin any day you please.

What Results You Can Expect From This Program?

Amazing things happen to people who add green smoothies into their daily routines. The 30-day smoothie challenge described in this ebook helped me achieve a superior level of health and a rock-solid immune system. This same challenge has helped others to shed unwanted weight, allowing them to feel more energetic and light on their feet, while dramatically reducing stomach bloating and inflammation throughout the bodies. It led to regular, healthy bowel movements, eradicated depression, cured insomnia, promoted faster muscle recovery and contributed to countless other positive changes. The premise of the entire challenge is based on the idea that fresh, organic, whole food provides an overwhelmingly positive effect on the human body. Thus, by drinking smoothies, which are made from the “good stuff,” (i.e., vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) you are adding exponentially more nutrients into your diet and benefiting from it accordingly. If you follow the guidelines of this challenge and drink home-made smoothies for 30 consecutive days, I am confident you will achieve your own fantastic hard-to-believe-it’s-true results.

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