Indian Summer Banquet – Raw Spice & Inspiration 

I have created for you a sumptuous Raw Indian Summer Banquet to help you entertain family and friends! You can eat with others again without preparing separate ‘clean food’ for yourself. You can enjoy all of these dishes while still taking part in your raw weight loss detox!

This is a recipe book that is absolutely packed with unapologetically sumptuous recipes that will bring your taste buds alive and set your soul on fire! All the recipes are simple to prepare, raw, vegan and will guarantee you an unbelievable taste experience!

If you are exploring a raw foods diet and yearn for your favourite dishes, or want to try a new taste sensation, help is here!

All for an amazing £9.99

Your eBook includes:
          • All your favourite recipes and some new inspirations
          • Raw indian spicy teas
          • Starters and side dishes including raw sag paneer
          • Main courses including raw creamy biryani
          • A variety of rice options
          • Chutneys and pickles
          • Desserts
          • Learn how to make staple ingredients such as caramelised onions
          • Easy to follow recipe guidelines
          • Pictures and chef notes
          • All completely raw, vegan, gluten, dairy and sugar free