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Be the best YOU possible!

This is an incredible beach-side experience that will quite literally take your breath away. Set in the beachy hills of Portugal’s gorgeous Vale do Lobo with it’s green and lush landscapes. Offering stunning plantbased holidays since 2013.

‘I created Raw Juice Camp so I could have a place to go where I could try my best to get fit and eat the foods that I want to eat!’

Join me in the Algarve for my seasonal bootcamps: as I try my best to get fit too.

‘When I first started embracing better wellness in 2009 I couldn’t find a bootcamp that catered to my needs: I want to lose weight, I don’t want to eat meat, I don’t want to train in the mud and the cold and I want to eat a nutritionally vibrant healing diet: high in raw foods. I want a bit of ‘zen’ thrown in the mix too. I want to stay somewhere warm and cosy and have the luxury of a hot shower and a pool to relax in. I want great accommodation. I want a holiday. I want it all but I couldn’t find it anywhere else. So I created my own bootcamp: Raw Juice Camp is my bootcamp retreat and it works beautifully.’

‘When I asked for green smoothies at regular bootcamps I got laughed at. When I craved chia pudding for energy, living vegan milks for sustenance and green juices following my workouts for the ultimate recovery: few people really understood what I was talking about. When I came in from the runs (always last) the rest of the group were on to their second or third workout. No-one waited for me. I got the ‘slow clap’ welcome and I felt crap. So I set the experience up for myself. So no-one was going to laugh at my muffin-top, my terribly slow running, my craving for green smoothies, my breathless attempts at exploring my fitness or my desperate attempts to yogi myself anymore.’ Stephanie

We were the FIRST raw vegan bootcamp that combines a loving, holistic approach with military style fitness. And it really works. In 2019 we will host our 40th event!

This is no ordinary bootcamp

Being fit and bendy is no entry qualification here. In fact we encourage those with a range of fitness levels. Haven’t seen your toes in years? Welcome. Preparing for your next marathon? No problem. We encourage inclusivity and our training style means that we ALL finish the program together. We adopt the mantra of Ohana – we operate as a family, while everyone gets pushed to their own performance limits – no-one gets left behind. Ever.

My bootcamp helps you to be the best you possible.

Picture yourself training with the best and returning home full of raw vitality, glowing, lighter, brighter and fitter than you have felt and looked in years.

Picture yourself exploring raw foods while staying in a wonderful villa in the sunshine of Portugal, safe in the knowledge that your fitness is in the hands of experts as they challenge you to move towards your own personal goals.

All we ask is that you arrive ready to improve, and allow us to worry about the rest. 

This is no ordinary retreat

Picture yourself lying on a sun lounger, drinking freshly squeezed juices and having all your raw food meals prepared for you while someone else also worries about your training plan.

Have an incredible Thai Massage. Indulge in an Indian Head Massage. Stretch out with beautiful yoga.

Run on the beach. Rest by the pool. Dine in style. Discover clean eating and learn how to prepare some of the finest raw foods dishes available.

We like to consider that while on ‘retreat’ we are withdrawing from the everyday world. As such, evenings out are not encouraged. We like to consider our retreat as a world in itself – where we provide the space and opportunity for you to take all the time you need to reflect on your world, your wellbeing and your self.

We embrace those from all walks of life at Raw Juice Camp and welcome everyone, as we are passionate about the spirit of inclusivity. 

We ask that you be mindful of the space we have created, work with that vibration, be yourself and be in joy with what resonates, and be tolerant of that (and those) that does not.

We ask you to trust us to do our work well and provide our expertise for you. 


Everyone worries about ‘the bootcamp bit’. You needn’t. We don’t wake you up with buckets of cold water. We don’t do midnight marches or painful drills. It’s YOUR holiday! We don’t force you to do anything that you are not capable of, or ready for. 

We hope to inspire you to push your physical limits.

Our trainers are highly experienced bootcamp leaders who care about your fitness goals. Some people come to bootcamp because they’ve never done a sit up before. Some people come because they do 100 sit ups a day and want to excel their performance. All the training is tailored around YOU. So that YOU can be better than who you were yesterday. So that YOU can be the best YOU possible.

You may find yourself involved in pools games, hikes, HiiT training, Interval training, circuits and much more!

‘As a bootcamp owner (and the camp chef!) I try to throw myself into as much as possible. I usually come in last on all the runs, all the workouts and all the walks. Am I embarrassed? No. Because I am not sat at home doing nothing. I am doing it. I am pushing myself. And you can be too.’ Stephanie


We will be practicing yoga or pilates for 60 to 90 minutes at the end of each day working with a variety of styles and with a focus on restoration. Classes are open to all-levels from beginners to experienced practitioners. Guests find the yoga essential in waking the body and stretching out tired muscles.

Weight loss

Not everyone comes to lose weight. Most people want to lose a few pounds. Some people come to build their bodies up, some down. We are all different. However, while detoxing it’s likely that you will clean out the system and a few pounds weight loss is the rather fortunate side effect. Those with weight loss in mind will usually lose 7lbs or more (our biggest loser to date lost over 17lbs in one week!) those not looking to lose weight may still lose a few pounds while cleansing.

Guest disclaimer

Guests are required to sign and complete a booking form and a disclaimer when booking and before starting any fitness with us. Guest information is shared amongst the team to craft the best experience and itinerary for guests, to address needs and preferences, and for our internal learning. This includes health or medical information where relevant. Sensitive medical or personal information is only shared when necessary and usually only within the team. We also collect personal data to fulfil our legal obligation by sharing them with the Portuguese Travel Authorities. Please let us know if there is anything you wish to keep confidential; however, this may affect our ability to provide the right experience, safely, for you.


My cuisine is chef-prepared, gourmet, living, raw vegan (plantbased) food. It is gluten-free, dairy-free and animal product-free. All of our dishes are freshly prepared each day using locally-sourced, organic ingredients where possible. I soak and sprout all my seeds and nuts and share with you my knowledge of how to prepare the most sensational living raw foods using these essential ingredients. There is a heavy focus on using Ayurvedic ingredients, and preparation methods, and we are raving fans of green smoothies. 

I use local almonds, honey and bee pollen. Non-vegan local products are optional. The local salt we use is hand harvested by an artisan salt producer using traditional methods.

The first two days are juices & smoothies only, followed by juices, smoothies and gourmet raw food suppers. My food is all alkaline, high-vibration, nutritious and delicious! Fruit bowls are always available along with unlimited green smoothies.

Green smoothies are offered UNLIMITED to help with muscle recovery. Quality products such as Udo’s Blend & Beyond Green Powders are included daily.

Daily we serve greens such as moringa, amla, spirulina, & many Ayurvedic food supplements that are available to us. 

High-grade full-spectrum CBD & Turmeric Oils (optional) will be added to some dishes.

Snacks are also served throughout the day.

Personal tailored menus are not an option. 


Raw Juice Camp is a pop-up bootcamp and we use different villas each year for different events – our 2019 villa is one we have used many times as it is a luxury haven hidden in the hills above the beach and it’s location gives us the perfect daily workout to get to the sands for some body toning. The house has an indoor cinema, games room, outdoor pool, large gardens, space for indoor yoga and fitness and more. There are 5 large double bedrooms in the villa, three of which can be twins or doubles, the two larger rooms are suites. There is air conditioning throughout and we also have one very large suite. Camping options are also available.

Bootcamp Schedule

Each day is always different and we work with the flow of the group, however this is an idea of how our days might look.

07:30 daily beach hike & workout (10k)
10:00 plant based breakfast
10:30 meditation/rest
11:00 boxercise
11:45 circuits/ HIIT/ tabata
12:30 pool workouts/team games
14:00 lunch
14:30 rest/pooltime/recipe demonstrations
16:30 yoga or pilates
18:00 supper
20:00 group meditation with Stephanie 
21:00 movies/bedtime

Days start depending on the sunrise. As you can see all high impact workouts are completed before lunch most days. We always build in extra recovery time where necessary. Wednesday is a rest day with gentle workouts in the morning only. Thursday night is for celebration with a lively cacao workshop & dance and Friday is usually a bit of a pamper day. All guests are given personal fitness tests and technique training. All clients must complete a full PARQ medical questionnaire and receive a one to one assessment with our trainers.

Camp prices in UK pounds (2019 GBP)

Camping: £999pp
Sharing twin/double ensuite room: £1500pp 
Sharing double ensuite superior room (larger room with balcony and huge walk in wardrobe): £1700pp
Suite double (jacuzzi bath, 3 large balconies, living space, kitchenette, walk in wardrobe: £1800pp

Single occupancy rooms & camping are available. Please enquire.

Your price includes

Unlimited Green Smoothies
Fitness, Yoga/Pilates, daily beach hikes & workouts
Meditation sessions with Stephanie
Talks and recipe demonstrations incl fermentation, CBD class
Juices, smoothies, superfoods, tonics & CBD treats
All plantbased meals, prepared raw, vegan, gourmet and delicious
Raw chocolate workshop & gentle cacao meditation
Use of swimming pool
Use of games room
Signed copy of Stephanie’s book Spiralize
Copy of Stephanie’s 7-day juicing and raw foods detox ebook
Access to a library of wellness videos
Towels, shower and pool* campers will need to bring a beach towel
Free Wifi access
Bottled water (9.5ph!)
Shower gel (parabéns free)

…and so much more! There are no hidden costs. What you pay for is the total price!

Does not include

Massages and treatments

Optional extras

*NEW* Colonic Hydrotherapy
Ayurvedic massage
Thai yoga massage
Lymphatic Draining & Seeweed wraps
Indian Head Massage
Hair & beauty treatments

We are very conscientious about your wellbeing and what treatments might be appropriate for you. As such we do not take pre-bookings for massages. 

Complimentary gifts*

Signed copy of Stephanie’s hardback book Spiralize
Stephanie’s ebook Raw7 – 7 day Juicing & Raw Food Detox
Raw Juice Camp Hoodie & Cap
*cash alternatives are not available for complimentary gifts


‘I have been on lots of bootcamps. This is the most holistic bootcamp I have been on. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It was an amazing holiday’ Marion, Dublin

‘Words cannot express how much this week has meant for me and how you have ALL helped me to transform beyond recognition (both internally, externally & spiritually). I have so much gratitude for each one of you. 

Stephanie, what you have created and lovingly share changes lives. You’re my guiding angel which I requested only a few weeks ago. You’ve shown up in my life in divine timing. I love and appreciated you beyond measure. Thank you.’  Stacey, London

‘Thank you for creating this wonderful retreat. You and your team have done an amazing job this week and have far exceeded any expectations I had at the start. I am a raw food & juice convert!’ Jason, UK

Thank you for a wonderful week in which I personally managed to reset myself back into healthy mode. Thanks to all your inspirational talks, the food (!!!!) juices, yoga, pilates, bootcamp, walks, classes etc etc! I am ready again to face my busy life! See you again!’ Sabine, France

‘Day one I knew this was going to exceed my expectations and it did. Stephanie and her team are amazing, professional and know what they are doing. Attention was paid to every detail. Stephanie’s warmth and passion is in everything. One of the best decisions I have made was to book this’ Ali, UK

Read more testimonials by clicking HERE.

Media Reviews

We have been voted No2 Wellness Holiday by The Sunday Times Travel & raved about in The Guardian, Tatler, Wedding Magazine, Porter and many more. Check out my MEDIA PAGE for more.

Bootcamp Album

Check out my bootcamp photo album to get a feel for what we get up to on holiday! Click HERE. Check out my instagram accounts too!


  • Book 2 weeks and get 10% discount
  • 10% discount for group bookings of 3 people or more (for you and your friends) if availability permits.
  • Returning guests get 10% discount* not compatible with any other offer and not for camping option
  • Call me directly on +44 (0)7914399109 to secure your deal

*Deals are not applicable if payment is by PayPal. Deals are only available for direct bank transfer payments. Feel free to caLl me anytime to discuss your booking.

Day Clients

We welcome day clients so if you live locally, or are already on holiday in the area, and would like to join us in the daytime for our walks, yoga, juices, foods and raw food classes then please contact me. Charged at camping prices. We ask that as a non-resident guest that you blend in tastefully with the vibration and house-rules of the villa. Terms & Conditions apply.

Single Travellers

Single travellers are most welcome at Raw Juice Camp. I do not add single occupancy fees. Single travellers booking to share a twin room will not be charged a supplement if the other bed does not get booked. Private double rooms are booked at a separate rate.

Non participating partners

It may be possible on your trip for your partner or guest to join us. Non participating partners are included on a room only basis and their package does not include juices, meals, workouts or other parts of the package. Non-participating partners will not be able to bring outside food or snacks to the villa and are expected to blend in with the vibration of the bootcamp tastefully. Partners can opt in for days as a day client. Non participating partner rates start at £1200 per week. All terms & conditions will still apply to non participating partners.

Flights & Airport Transfers

Flights & transfers are not included. The nearest airport is Faro, and the Villa is a short taxi ride from the airport. Transfers are not included but we can arrange private pick ups for you with our booking agent at an additional cost of £70 (return). You are also free to book your own taxis. Please enquire about group transfer details on booking. When booking flights please be reminded that the villa does not open until 18:00 so if your flight brings you to Faro before this time feel free to enjoy the beaches until the first transfer to the villa is ready after 18:00. Departures from the villa are by 10:00 the following Saturday and if your flight is later in the day we can help you get to the beach where your transfer will pick you up for your flight. 

Refund Policy

Please note that bookings are not refundable once made but can be transferred to a third party on request. NB: Sorry, I cannot transfer you to another bootcamp if you are unable to make the one you booked for as numbers are strictly limited. I will always, however, do my very best to ensure your happiness. Deposits are non refundable.

For full terms and conditions for our Retreats and Raw Juice Camps please click here.

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