Organic Retreat – Learn Raw Food & Fermentation – Bio Dynamic Farm PORTUGAL

Booking now: Thursday 6th – Sunday 9th September 2018

If you are ready to unplug in to nature and spend a long weekend feasting at the farm on organic produce made by me, you and fermentation fanatic and biodynamic farm guru Stefano Novellino – then come join me for this restful weekend of nourishment in The Algarve.

Daily raw food and fermentation classes will be the main feature of this weekend, and each evening we will feast on the foods of our labour.

The farm is an eco paradise that provides EMF free accommodation, allowing for a complete digi-detox.

There will be a chance to learn and explore organic food production, go free range on the farm, get hands-on if you wish, and nourish your body at this restful retreat with like-minded health-seekers who enjoy exploring life that is a little more ‘off-the-grid’.

We will get the chance to know each other around the farm table each day.

Your hosts

I will be co-hosting this retreat with Stefano Novellino who is an expert fermenter and organic farm owner. Stefano is an off-grid expert and fermentation obsessive who lives a bio-dynamic, free range lifestyle. Read more about Stefano and his work here.

I am Stephanie Jeffs, a raw food chef & teacher – read more about me here and explore this website to find out more about what I do with raw food and a raw living-foods lifestyle.


We will feast daily on organic produce, mostly produced and prepared at the farm. The food will be organic, mostly vegan and mostly raw although not exclusively. The focus of our dining will be fermented organic plant-based produce. The farm is also alcohol and coffee free. Want to know what a 5 year fermented miso tastes like? Want to make kombucha? Want to play with cultures and make your own vegan (and some dairy) milks and cheeses? Want to make your own sourdough, buckwheat bread, yogurts, cheese and more? You can!


The eco farm is located in the green hills of The Algarve hidden in nature and secluded from the everyday buzz of modern life. Stefano Novellino and his children bought the farm early in 2016 and called the project Shangri-La after the fictional place described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. Hilton describes Shangri-La as a mystical, harmonious valley… an earthly paradise, a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world.

The farm promotes a sustainable, holistic lifestyle, living off the land introducing a rich variety of subtropical fruits and plants to the farm to offer fresh organic produce to all who stay along with the possibility of practising mindfulness in physical work.

The farm is as free as possible from electro-magnetic radiation (including wifi and mobile phone radiation). The farms offers the chance to take a ‘digital detox’ as well as a physical one.

All of the rooms are simply furnished, with locally made timber beds, eco-certified mattresses and unbleached, organic cotton bed linen.

At the farm Stefano and his family are inspired by the writings of Rudolf Steiner, and consciously focus on human contact, connecting with nature and handicrafts.

The perfect place to retreat. Find our more about the Shangri-La here.

Smoking is not welcome at the farm. Please also do not bring non-organic products or toiletries to this eco space.

Teaching schedule

Each day will be different and our days will be as free range as the farm – we will work with the flow of the group and the availability of our produce. However this is an idea of what our teaching schedule will cover

  • Sourdough
  • Fermented buckwheat bread
  • Fermented carrots & vegetables
  • Dosa bread
  • Sprouted nuts & seeds
  • Nut & seed mylks
  • Kombucha
  • Kefir
  • Kimchi
  • Fermented Nut Cheese
  • Fermented Nut & Seed Cheesecakes
  • Raw Chocolate & Desserts
  • A range of dairy cultures including kefir, longfill and more

We will also enjoy entertainment of our own making so if you play an instrument feel free to bring it along! Stefano is also an expert harp player and will share his beautiful craft music with us. Qigong practice with Stefano will also be possible.


Our 3 day retreat:

  • Thursday: Pick up from airport by transfer 20:00
  • Thursday pm: Welcome, bread preparation and an evening of rest
  • Friday: Teaching, rest, dining
  • Saturday: Market visit, teaching, rest, dining, entertainment
  • Sunday: Explore the farm, teaching, lunch, depart to airport 14:00

Retreat prices in pounds

Sharing male or female twin or triple rooms: £699 all inclusive, excluding flights. Click here to book now!

Extra days can be added to your stay at an extra B&B cost – feel free to contact me to plan things!

Your price includes

3 nights accommodation
All meals
Fermentation & Raw Food Classes
Opportunity to get hands-on at the farm
Time to retreat with like-minded health seekers
Kitchen Masterclasses
Guided trip to local food market 
Airport transfers
Local well water 
Qigong practice with Stefano
Chance to take some live heritage cultures home 
Copy of Stephanie’s plant-based book Spiralize
Explore Raw Cookery School Apron
Copy of Stephanie’s Fermentation eGuide

Does not include



Flights are not included. The nearest airport is Faro, and the farm is a 60 minute taxi ride from the airport. Or a short train journey to Silves from Faro and then a taxi.


A transfer to and from the airport is included in your price and is at fixed times: leaving the airport at 20:00 on arrivals day and departing for the airport at 14:00. Cash alternatives are not available if you arrange your own transport. 


“A heavenly landscape, with conscious and committed people …… I am a travel writer who specialises in retreats and this one is as magical and memorable as any I have come across.”

“I’d like to express my warmest gratitude to Stephanie and Stefano for organising and setting up such a nurturing (and nutritious!) environment in Shangri-La. The farm sits in a gorgeous valley surrounded by soft hills. It is clean, comfortable, peaceful and very aligned to nature’s rhythms. This was the perfect environment to explore whole foods in their natural state and the nutritional potential they hold through a wide range of techniques culminating in unique earthy and delicious breads, fermented vegetables, fruits, dairy, grains and scrumptious raw chocolate.  Stefano’s life long fermentation expertise and passion complemented beautifully Stephanie’s refined understanding of raw foods. Stephanie and Stefano’s integrity and experience are evident through their teaching style: it is hands on, relaxed, vivid and infused with sparks of creativity and playfulness. I would recommend the Fermentation Retreat to food lovers who wish to explore Fermentation and Raw Food in a peaceful environment.”
Amina Pfeufer, DipNT (BANT), B.C.S.T

Read more testimonials by clicking HERE.

Refund Policy

Please note that bookings are not refundable once made but can be transferred to a third party on request. NB: Sorry, I cannot transfer you to another retreat if you are unable to make the one.

For full terms and conditions for my Retreats and Raw Juice Camps please click here.


Booking online is easy. Just click HERE to reserve your space now! Payment is by PayPal or direct bank transfer only. Our preference is that you pay by bank transfer to avoid hefty fees. Other payment options may be available. Please email with any queries. Spaces are limited to a maximum of 7 guests.

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