‘I am an artisan raw food chef and home cook, author, entrepreneur, spiralizing expert and self-confessed juice junkie. I was once an unhealthy vegetarian and have since lost 9 stones and cured myself of chronic disease through juicing and raw foods. Read my full story here. As the founder of Explore Raw™ I create recipes, run workshops and classes at my Cookery School in London and host life changing raw food events and retreats in Portugal. I launched the world’s very first vegan raw food bootcamp in 2013 and continue to run annual Raw Juice Camp events today.

I have been working with raw foods for 7 years and use my 20+ years training experience to benefit learners in the kitchen rather than the boardroom: exchanging a full time corporate career for a more holistic approach to people’s development.

I have appeared in various media including The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Vogue, Tatler, Porter, Vegan Life, Vegan Food & Living magazine and on TV on Channel 4’s ‘What Britain Bought’ with retail guru Mary Portas. My drive is to bring living raw food recipes and more thoughtful eating to a more mainstream audience and to help people bring their food to life!

My recipes focus on simple and creative dishes that help make raw food more accessible. I create delicious recipes from healthy living foods that make meal times exciting, decadent, simple, nourishing and moreish! My dishes often focus on activated living foods and I live my bring your food to life! strapline by living and teaching the principles and importance of enzyme rich, activated living ingredients. My raw food menu is not a diet shopping list but an opportunity to reconnect to a more traditional, simple and healthful way of eating to give the body a rest from processed foods.’

Author of the plant-based recipe book Spiralize! And 6 online ebooks Stephanie is an accomplished chef, teacher and a vibrant energy in the world of better eating and total wellness.

Stephanie Jeffs

You gotta love a good pineapple

More than a weight loss story…

I make food and call myself a chef: I am a published author – my plant-based cookbook Spiralize is available now! ** I am the producer of The ProSpiralizer™ ** I am a passionate raw foods educator & recipe creator ** I create recipes for private clients, magazines & restaurants** I teach and share with others how to make nutritious food accessible** I have more than 10,000 hours training experience across a range of courses ** I am an experienced food handler, chef and kitchen trainer ** I have worked with chefs, students and personal trainers to develop their kitchen awesomeness ** I am a fully qualified Food Hygiene Trainer, Coach and Facilitator ** I am a qualified Food Hygiene Handler to Advanced level (Level 4) ** I am experienced at running my own retreats and retreat kitchen ** I am the author of six raw foods ebooks ** I regularly speak at conferences, events and food festivals ** My recipes and approach are featured in a range of media and press publications ** I am an experienced coach and trainer with over 20 years training experience ** I am an accomplished host and bootcamp leader.