Fifteen Seriously Good Smoothie Recipes to Get you Through Summer

These are seriously good smoothie recipes, not just for summer either. 

If you are in need of some new smoothie recipe ideas then you are going to just love this post. These are my personal breakfast creations when I am on a cupboard raid and love adding a range of smoothie boosting supplements, green powders and ayurvedics daily. When I was losing weight, detoxing my system and then nourishing my system (read my story here) I relied on many of these body fuelling super-boosting foods such as maca powder, green powder blends that included wheatgrass & spirulina and ayurvedics such as ashwagandha and shatavari. Reseach them. They are awesome. Come to my retreats and let’s share them and explore them together. 

I often splash a pic on my instagram of my daily chow and don’t always write these recipe down. So I absolutely love these easy visuals and I am really glad that I found them again on my phone so I can share them with yoouuu!!

Feel free to save them on your phone or gadget. No need to inspect which brands I am using (sometimes down to availability) but I always use my Udos Beyond Greens (you can get 20% off ALL their website goodies by entering EXPLORERAW20 at the checkout) and of course my Udos Oil – which is a wonderful Omega 3-6-9 blend. 

If you do share these smoothie images with your friends (that’s cool, I know it happens) please credit me (Stephanie Jeffs) from Explore Raw as the originator, that would be awesome. Tags on social media #exploreraw would also be great and feel free also to leave any comments on this post. 

All the recipes are plant based and also some of the recipes have bee pollen added too. If that’s not your bag you can sub out for pine pollen. 

There’s a sneaky juice recipe in there too. 

Also please remember that as I do this for  job I usually have cupboards full of superfoods and supplements – allow these recipes to inspire you – and if you don’t have any of the ‘powders’ – use what you have and add these powders to your pantry slowly – because I have seen it way too many times that people have cupboards bulging with expensive superfoods that are going out of date. And it’s such a wast of the worlds resources, your money and a giant waste of these powerful beautiful foods. If you have a large stash invite your friends over for a smoothie party. Just remember not to overload to the system (don’t put heaps and heaps in your first smoothies) if you go from zero to hero you are going to stress your system out. These are powerful foods that should be used consciously and with respect. Start this slowly. One green powder, one ayurvedic – and start from there. 

If you’d like to know more, or make these with me then feel free to join me at any of my events or join me in my facebook group and let’s start a conversation. Enjoy!

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Shatavari powder, Ashwagandha powder, activated almonds, Udos oil, frozen banana, spinach, sprouted chia seeds, love water. Blend.


Udos oil, green blend, coconut water, ashwagandha, shatavari, smoothie blend incl seeds and maca. Blend


Love, apple, spinach, banana, Udos oil, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, digestive enzymes, green powder blend. Blend.


Medicinal mushroom blend, Huang Qi, Chaga, Kelp drops, Wild Reishi, Wild Chaga, Digestive Enzymes, Udos Oil, persimmon, nut butter, coconut water, frozen banana. Blend


Frozen berries, Udos oil, green powder, coconut water, pollen, ripe bananas, manuka honey, persimmon, courgette, zucchini. Blend


Apple, lemon, ginger, brussels sprouts, beetroot, red cabbage, kale, courgette, zucchini. Juice.


Persimmon, plum, coconut water, Udos oil, green powder, pollen, MSM powder. Blend.


Honey or maple syrup, raw chocolate mulberries, pea protein, coconut water & flesh, one ripe banana. Blend


Agave, Coconut water, chia & linseeds, pea protein, Udo’s oil, water. Blend.


Coconut oil (tsp), plums, persimmon, coconut water, lucuma powders, digestive enzymes, probiotics, udos oil, green powder blend, water. Blend


Shatavari Powder, green powder, coconut water, udos oil, maca powder, pollen, banana, blend.


Frozen banana, coconut water, pea protein, maca mix powder, water. Blend.


Kale, mango, ripe banana, water, Udos oil, blend.


Green powder, Udos Oil, pollen, avocado, plums, blackberries, cashew nuts, tahini, water. Blend.


Ripe Banana, coconut water, lucuma, green powder, dos oil, nut butter, tahini, blend.


Green Powder, ripe bananas, coconut chips, maca powder with reishi, Udos Oil, water, blend





3 thoughts on “Fifteen Seriously Good Smoothie Recipes to Get you Through Summer

  1. Isabelle R says:

    I am this person with all the powders in my cupboard and rarely use them! I would definitely like to try some of your smoothie recipes. How do I know the quantity required for each of the ingredients? Some are clear (like a picture with a banana), but for the superfoods, do I just eye ball it? I am scared to put too much or too little and it tasting bad. Thank you!

  2. Stephanie Jeffs says:

    Sorry I only just saw the rest of your message! Yes feel free to go with the flow – BUT – always start with half a teaspoon (per person per smoothie) with powders and superfoods and build up to one teaspoon over time. Read what it says on the packet as not all powders are the same – some can be very potent. Be gentle with yourself. Also I often use two bananas per person. I have signalled whats in the smoothie and left the quantities down to personal preference. Hope that’s helpful – I shall put an additional note on the blog. Thanks for the heads up! Let me know how you get on x

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Bring your food to life!

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Enjoy 14 mouth watering FREE recipes
for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more