Recipe: Deliciously Creamy Pumpkin Seed Ricotta (Raw & Fermented)

You betcha right arm that this is creamy, tasty, super delicious and so very easy to make! Working with nut and seed cheeses will really get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen and the process of gentle fermentation is a very special little science project in itself. But don’t be scared! It’s very easy to make and very much worth the effort! Whereas I find that seed cheeses can lack a little taste compared to cashew or other nut cheeses – it allows for more creativity in the recipe, the ‘coatings’ and all that you serve it with.

Pumpkin seeds are a beautiful addition to any dish – stunningly nutritious and I absolutely love them. I mill them up in my ‘mini miller’ personal blender and use them to top all manner of recipes including smoothies, salads, sauces, breakfasts, breads, crisps and a good old cheese.

Making raw cheese is an exciting approach to raw culinary feasting! Simple, delicious, gourmet and great for gut health this is wonderful food that can be made in advance for sharing or for keeping in the fridge for later. It’s much easier than you think if you follow the simple steps below and although it takes a little time – nature does all the work! The time involved in hands-on preparation is relatively low. I love creating tasty cheese platters with a variety of cheeses as they are always such a sensational hit! Here’s a snap of one of my creations at my retreats. Believe me when I say that these cheeses were devoured!

The main cheese making technique for all the cheeses is the same and therefore creating a platter is a great way to explore the variety of nut and seed cheeses that you prefer and a chance to perfect your technique.

Notes from the chef:

  • Go gourmet! Adding probiotics is optional but will really add nutritional value, taste and texture to your cheese! Try to use the rule of 1 probiotic capsule to 1 cup of seeds or nuts.
  • Keep it simple! You can make one large batch of cheese and portion it out and roll each portion a variety of herbs, nuts, seeds and crunchy coatings to create a simpler platter!
  • Served up here with vegan caviar (otherwise known as black seaweed pearls) from Ikea – buy it! You simply won’t regret it (this is a non-sponsored plug!) I just love the stuff.

Kit required: blender, nut bags, colander, glass bowls.


  • 2 cups pumpkin seeds, soaked in filtered water overnight then drained
  • 1 tspn sea salt, flor do sal
  • 2 capsules probiotics (opened out of the capsule)
  • 1 tspn paprika
  • water to blend (around half a cup)
  • tablespoon or more of activated (soaked, rinsed and dried in dehydrator) pumpkin seeds (milled) for coating
  • Salt and herbs for presenting


  • Blend wet pumpkin seeds with salt, probiotics, water, paprika with enough blend water to create a paste. Too much water doesn’t matter that much at this stage as it should mostly drain through the process but don’t use too much if you can. Go for a ‘cake mix’ texture if possible
  • Transfer to a nut bag or muslin cloth
  • Sit bag in a colander/sieve sitting on a glass bowl
  • Strain the cheese to release the first liquid (whey) and then sit the bag in the colander
  • Place a light weight such as 3 large apples to gently press the cheese onto the colander
  • Place a clean tea towel or cloth over the cheese and leave to sit in the kitchen
  • Allow to culture for 12-24 hours at ‘normal’ room temperatures
  • Please avoid extreme room temperatures try to aim for around 20 degrees
  • Remove the cheese from the cloth and place in a glass bowl
  • Shape by hand into a flat round
  • Roll in the activated (and dried) milled pumpkin seed
  • Add any further flavourings of your choice including garlic powder, nutritional yeast flakes and more
  • Leave to rest in the fridge until ready to serve
  • Will keep for 5 weeks or more in a sealed container

I hope you love this cheese as much as I do and look out for more cheesy recipes coming soon! Feel free to add any comments below – I love getting all your messages and posts and feel free to come dine with me at any of my events. 

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for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more