My best advice for nailing 2018 and surviving January…

I do hope that you had an absolutely amazing December, Christmas & New Year! Rounding off 2017 with the perfect blend of good times.

Did you make any plantbased goodies in your kitchen? Any festive concoctions? If you did – let me know! I am serious when I say that I really do want to hear about your kitchen creations. Think of my blog posts as little messages from my kitchen to yours. And if you want to see me & my food most days check out my social media accounts (links in that green bar at the top).

If you are signed up to my newsletter (use any of the links popping up on my site to join!) you will know that I send out regular offers, recipes and stuff that’s not on my website. But January has been quiet. Because it should be. I am not a fan of jamming your inbox in January with a flurry of detox emails and green smoothie blog posts. Not because I don’t want you to start the year in the most vibrant and raw way possible (I do!) I just think that January is a time for restful self-nourishment. Hot soup. Warm buckwheat bread. AND green smoothies! Especially if you live in the winter season in January like me: embrace it. It’s cold, dark and hard work. It’s not the right time for a big cleanse. Take it easy. And just eat healthfully. Put less junk in. I am all about fermentation and my February Fermentation Retreat at the moment. Let’s talk cleanses in the spring…

As we move forwards in 2018 I understand that for many reasons making changes isn’t easy – changing your ‘diet’ isn’t always easy. Making lifestyle changes because you want to live a longer, happier, healthier life isn’t easy. Starting a plantbased living raw foods lifestyle isn’t always easy. Juicing isn’t always easy. Looking in the mirror (or staring down at your naked body in judgment) isn’t easy. Starting, or upgrading, your fitness isn’t easy. Trying yoga for the first time isn’t easy…

Just spend time simply breathing. With nothing else being important at all. Life is too short to: worry if your recipes are perfect (often mine are not), waste time worried if your butt will ever be neatly toned (mine isn’t and never has been), waste time panicking about whether your gut really is ruling your brain (my gut is BIGGER than my brain and that’s all I know), waste time comparing yourself to others (help!). Stop.

Don’t worry. Let’s nail this together. It’s why I am here. To help YOU.

If there’s one thing I would love to share with you for nailing 2018 it’s this: know that happiness in life goes way beyond losing a few pounds. I lost 120lbs. (Read more about that here) Happiness didn’t immediately arrive in the post with that. My weight still goes a little up and down. My happiness bears no relation to that! Happiness comes way beyond weightloss, me, or you, or exploring a raw foods diet. Way beyond booking a raw food holiday or finally cracking that complex plantbased recipe technique. Beyond surviving Veganuary. Buying the perfect juicer or confidently knowing your probiotics from your prebiotics. Way beyond your first jar of homemade fermented goodies. Way beyond yoga or meditation. Way beyond fitness. I know that you know this already, but happiness is way more than we can all know just yet, so keep the doors open for all that is yet to come in 2018 and beyond. Let the love in. Embrace life’s challenges. Make connections with those on the same vibration as you and start spending time with people who make you happy! If you don’t know them, find them. If you can’t find even one, be the one.

And breathe. To the rhythms of your own body. Just be.

Don’t let food be your enemy. Let food help you on this journey. Food isn’t the journey. Food is not your enemy. Food is not stopping you from being all that you can be! Food should be energising, inspiring, living, thriving nourishment to help you live your best life yet! This year I am here to help you truly bring your food to life so you can be the best you possible so you can get out of the kitchen and live life in joy and happiness! That’s what my holidays & events are all about. And that’s all that I want for you in 2018.

Not started your New Year detox yet or written out your goals? It’s ok. Take a breath.

There’s lots in store from me in 2018 to help you explore plant based raw living foods and more! Including the launch of my new magazine, Virtual Raw Juice Camp, more recipes & events and more opportunities for us to join up live on social media and book sessions for private stuff.

Bring your food to life baby, and let me help. It’s why I’m here. And remember, we got this.

Keeping it juicy & raw





PS if you’d like to hear some lovely music from the collection that I use at my meditation sessions at my Raw Food & Yoga Summer Retreats & Raw Juice Camp then click here to follow this playlist on spotify. I add to it all the time with beautiful songs that we play under the carob trees and our rest time together. It might help just to know that you are part of our tribe and combat the January blues.

PPS if you are determined to to a January cleanse I can recommend my friend Sergei Boutenko’s Green Smoothie 30 Day Challenge. It’s the best smoothie plan out there!



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