Recipe: Ginger Shots with Chilli & Beetroot

Thing is. You take a shot. And you sex it up a bit. Simple as that!

So what is in a ginger shot and why exactly would you bother?

They taste as harsh as acid (first thing in the morning, they do take some getting used to!) but if you are like me and you enjoy fending off a cold with natural tonics then it goes like this: one ginger shot (or big glass!) warms your ears. Takes away that itchy throat. Clears the fog. I get cold itchy ears and nose before a cold. Bang. Gone. And over time you learn to love the taste of a good old ginger shot. And you can play with the tonic to make it just the way you like it! Plus it’s an ‘anti inflammatory’ which basically translates in to ‘good news for your health and future wellness’. I’m in.

A basic ginger shot for me is apple, ginger and lemon. This recipe goes a step further and is the pimped up version, just for the hell of it, and to add some supersonic tonic remedy from natural turmeric. But go easy on yourself. Just add what you have in the fridge at home and get some turmeric root when you see some.


Makes one large glass or shots to share…

  • 2 large golden delicious apples
  • raw ginger root (size of both my thumbs – I like it hot!)
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 1 piece of turmeric root the size of my little finger
  • 1 piece of raw chilli (or use chili powder like I did)
  • sprinkle of beetroot powder (optional)


Blitz all of the above in your juicer except for the chilli (if you are using powder) and beetroot powder. Pour into glasses and sprinkle with the chilli and beetroot. You can also add garlic (I know!! it works though!) or you can juice the turmeric, chili and beetroot separately and add that shot to your shot.

Play with it and bring your food to life!

Keeping it juicy & raw






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