Recipe: Black Lavender Lemonade

Not one to want to miss out on the trends: I wanted to know more about what drinking charcoal was all about, and why it was becoming so popular! I have enjoyed ‘black drinks’ in various detoxes and have enjoyed a lovely detox lemonade from my friends at JuicyTox. But, to be honest I was never turned on by the look of it. The taste can be fab though!

Knowing that charcoal is used for stomach pumping (helping those in hospital to pump stomach contents and helping rid the body of poisons) I wasn’t that enamoured by even considering charcoal as a culinary thing.

But hey, I am an explorer so I took a look. And you know what? It was good!

Perfect for a detox

I would advise researching a good quality food grade edible charcoal such as coconut charcoal (basically burnt coconut shells). That’s what I used anyway, and it certainly helped ‘clear the pipes’ (eh herm) so I would not use this in a recreational cocktail or juice – keep it for times of cleansing. (Avoid serving at parties!)

Just to keep it real, I need to let you know that the day after drinking the best part of a litre of this – it came out all in one shoot. (And I felt great afterwards.) The taste is pleasant (to me). And on the subject of keeping it uber-real – what goes in comes out – so be prepared. I didn’t feel sick or anything. Just had a toilet appointment for about 5 minutes longer than my usual in the morning and let’s say that there was no need for an enema for a while after that one! Don’t blame the food for doing it’s job, I say!

If you like to chug serious juices then this is one of those. If you are new to juicing – I suggest that you don’t make this your first choice… blend yourself in to the juicy groove gently.

And if you have an ‘icky tummy’ this will definitely help clear out the bad guys. I do not recommend this juice as a weight loss tonic or anything silly like that. Food is medicine folks! Plus if you have any stomach or gut problems seek counsel from your usual medical friends. Not me. This is just a mere recipe.

Anyways. Here’s my recipe to help make the medicine go down.


Makes one litre:

  • 1 litre filtered water (chilled)
  • 2 lemons (juiced)
  • 2 tsp coconut charcoal (food grade) heaped
  • 1 tsp (or more, up to you) raw honey (or maple syrup)
  • 1 drop of food grade lavender oil (one drop only folks!!)


Blend all ingredients and add the lavender oil in the last blend. Allow to rest and pour. Drink immediately. If you like it spicy try blending in a drop of chili oil. Wahoo!


Keeping it juicy & raw






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