Do you feel too fat to live your life? Are you missing out?

Too Fat to live your life? Explore Raw

Have you ever not done something because you felt that you were too fat/old/young/quiet/shy/loud/slow/ill – or for any reason just couldn’t fit in?

Me too. I missed my graduation ball because I felt ‘too chunky’ I was a UK size 12 at the time. I missed going skiing once – even though I had paid for it. Because I thought my thighs were too wobbly. Looking back they really weren’t and I really wish that I could still fit in to those jeans right now.

I felt that I was too fat to live my life!

I almost didn’t go to my first ever juicing & yoga retreat (that kick-started everything for me!) because I didn’t think it was for fat people! I saw lots of pics on social media for this holiday of gorgeous people tanning and juicing and thought – ‘it’s just not for me. I am going to stick out like a sore thumb!’ I can’t even touch my toes! I even ‘phoned the retreat host and asked what the weight limit was to attend. They almost fell off their seat.

I was exploring my dreams through a laptop and was missing out on life!

I really felt that I just wasn’t enough. Although I admired this lifestyle from afar – it just wasn’t something that I felt I could do. I was wrong.

It was horrible seeing all the pictures and social media updates when I was thinking ‘I could have been at that retreat If only I’d embraced my fears and booked’.

This is the one thing that I did attend and it changed everything for me. I pressed pause and made time to go. I swallowed my pride. I gulped down my fears, embraced them and I booked to go. I was scared to death but said nothing. I tried my best just to blend in. I lost more than 10lbs and felt amazing the whole time – it was the event that changed everything for me and eventually led to me losing more than 120lbs – 9 stones!.

I said goodbye to the symptoms of PCOS which changed my life and my outlook forever! I still have some weigh to lose #whatevs but more than that I am living the life that I never imagined! And my self-doubts are no longer holding me back!

Attending this event made me realise that I AM enough! I AM able to embrace all that I am drawn to in life. And in fact, I believe that if I am drawn to something it’s my duty to attend!

If this sounds familiar, listen up.

Don’t do what I did. Don’t waste any more time. Show the world how fabulous you really are. Step in to a better version of yourself with confidence. My retreats aren’t about weight-loss for everybody – but I’ll tell you a little secret: we all have something that’s holding us back from living the life of our dreams! Let us hold the space for you to start to let go! And live the life you imagined!

There are only 6 spaces left at my Raw Food & Yoga Summer Retreats in August. And they always sell out. This is my own annual detox and chance to unplug with you and get served raw foods daily, immersed in nature. I am not fit or bendy. My weight is still a little up and down. But I embrace it all each and every time!

Don’t think this is a place full of uber-fit people with no issues who all look way more gorgeous than you. Just stop that little voice in your head right now. My retreats are full of people just like us who want to press the big pause button, take a break from life, reset and get inspired to make some healthy changes. We are all sorts of shapes, sizes, ages, colours, abilities and more! And this is the retreat that welcomes boys and girls!

It’s definitely a place where the magic happens. I don’t mean that your life will change by a bolt of retreat lightening – or maybe I do – sometimes the effects of an experience like this only kick in some time later. But I DO know that this retreat will NOT go unnoticed as a life event!

As we’re short on time, I’m just going to summarise answers to the most common questions I get asked about my retreats.

* You should lose at least 7lbs
* Guests have lost as much weight on my retreats as they have done at bootcamp
* This is a restful week immersed in nature
* Yes I really do attend each event
* We have juices, raw food and lots of raw treats! all vegan, raw and gorgeous
* Yes this really is priced cheaper than last year
* Yes we do have daily classes in the kitchen learning about raw foods
* You absolutely do not need to have done yoga before – if you can’t see your toes join my club! I begin again every year!!
* If you are an experienced yogi this is your chance to step into your space as my yoga teachers are experienced enough to support beginners and masters
* These are the only week long retreats I will be running until next Summer!
* These will probably be the last retreats with daily cookery classes (yup!)
* These will most definitely be my last retreats at these prices!

I appreciate it’s a big decision to invest in attending a retreat so please email me with any questions you have. I’m not focussed on getting bums on yoga mats for the sake of it – for me it’s better that you just know that you need to be there.

In the meantime, take a look at:

full retreat details
testimonials from previous guests
photo albums from previous retreats
pics on instagram
pics in my Facebook album

Remember, any questions just email me at And I really am down to the last 6 spaces – so get ready to embrace your fears and don’t let another wonderful life experience pass you by!

You really are enough for all that you desire.

Share this with your friends or with someone who needs to hear this. And I’ll see you under the carob trees in Portugal!

Keeping it juicy & raw!







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Bring your food to life!

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Enjoy 14 mouth watering FREE recipes
for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more