Does your social profile reflect who YOU really are?

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You know how everyone moans a little about social media? Saying that we all have a habit of only putting up ‘fantasy’ photos online that don’t really represent ‘real life’?  Our best version of ourselves: perfect hair, perfect everything and sometimes achieved with a filter or two.

Well this got me thinking: Does my online and social media profile reflect who I really am?

I am currently sat in a cafe with my hair in a scrunchie (aka a mess), got humidity ‘frizz hair’, no make-up, belly hanging over my leggings (yeah, I know, classy look)…working away at my laptop on brochures and events feeling like – er – where is this gorgeous ‘explore raw’ lifestyle!? PS this is how I look all the time at my retreats! au naturelle…

Then I look at my website, my facebook photo albums, my instagram account piccies, and my events pages on Facebook. And you know what? I LOVE IT! These are a great reminder for me of the essence of who I am too! I think to myself ‘this is also you’ this is what you do for a living. Look at how utterly fantastic this all is. It IS real life! Captured in words and images, shared with friends. And you know what? It reminds me that belly-leggings days are also very ok too!

When I look at my online stuff it reminds me that I don’t just get to do one retreat a year (wahoo!) I get to do up to 10. Somebody pinch me. I get to teach at my own Cookery School and I get to work with private clients who are totally utterly awesome and remind me every day to be grateful. I get to create mouthwatering recipes that I am learning to photograph better and better each day. All this so I can share with you my passion for utterly fabulous raw living-foods and the benefits to overall wellness. And I love sharing these pics through social media. No-one wants to see me sitting around in my pants cleaning my teeth. I got zero airtime for that.

So another perspective of the ‘social accounts are all fake fantasy lives’ is also: THIS IS YOUR LIFE! And it’s all amazing. We all love to scrub up well for a photo! We all shy away from a camera when we look or feel a bit like crap. So when you are feeling low go look at your best pics, remind yourself of how utterly fabulous you really are, remind yourself how you felt when you wore that outfit, did that thing, went to that wedding, that party, that holiday, when you were that young and how you feel about your lovely family and friends and all those in your inner circle and wider community. Because it’s all real. It’s all also part of the essence of who you really are!

Sometimes we sit around in our pants with our bellies hanging out and sometimes we don’t. It’s all good. 

Looking online at my accounts and at my list of events for the next six months – and the lovely pics that remind me how awesome it is to do what I do – I feel very uplifted. So bring on more glam. More beautiful pics. More filters that give you blue eyes for a day. More flowers on your head. More pics of dreamy holidays. More pics of what you had for lunch. Because you know what? Life is short. Capture it all. I want to see the essence of who you really are.


And let your food bring YOU to life!

Keeping it juicy & raw






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