Why am I happy to pay £6.20 for a smoothie!?

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Being healthy isn’t always easy (or cheap!) I probably fail at least once a day. But while I am EXPLORING raw foods and investigating what’s on offer in my local cafes and restaurants – I get reminded every single day how far away most high street menus are from anything healthy. The awareness is just so low about what real ‘clean eating’ is all about. Forget the stigma attached to the phrase ‘clean eating’ just focus your mind on natural whole foods that don’t contain crap.

Take today for example. I love working in my local cafes so I can get out of the house on ‘lap top days’ and get some work done while being out and about and not stuck indoors at home all day. But that might also mean that I end up drinking almond milk lattes all day (eek!) which make me go a bit do-lally. So not good for my constitution. I literally go a bit insane when I have a coffee. Also, eating out regularly can sometimes mean a catalogue of disasters ranging from toast to massive jacket potatoes. For me personally these are no-go areas as I can just keep on eating them until the sun don’t shine. It’s happened many times. And then I get a belly as big as Santa’s and I need 5 days of green juice just to deflate. And that’s important to me if I want to fit in to my clothes. There’s just not enough good vegan salads about! I promise you! They all come with chicken or cheese or ham or a whole host of crappy sauces.

So, back to today: one of my local cafes is now ‘doing smoothies’. And you know when you get one of those irritating customers who wants to know EXACTLY what’s in the food? Well, that’s me down to a tee.

[Walking in to cafe expecting to get a tea. See new smoothie menu and get excited]


Server: Can I help you?

Me: Yes please! I would love a smoothie!

Server: Awesome! Which one would you like?!

Me: Mmmm – what’s in them (all fruit smoothies, no greens…) [strawberry, strawberry and banana, strawberry and grape etc… you get the picture]

Server: They are all so gorgeous!

Me: Yeah, sure they look great! How do you make them – they’re not from a carton are they?

Server: Oh no! Not at all! These are freshly made!

Me: Ok cool! Can you talk me through a smoothie and how you make it?

Server: Sure! [opens freezer] we use these [reveals pre-sealed mini bags of chopped frozen fruit]

Me: That’s awesome! Do you chop and freeze those yourself? Plus they are a little small for one serving! [imagine chopped fruit sitting in your hand with plenty of room, no risk of you dropping any]

Server: No! It’s awesome they get delivered to us like this – yes that’s one serving!

Me: Mmm, ok. So how do you blend it?

Server: [points to quite a good commercial blender] we zap it in this!

Me: Mmm that looks great! What do you blend it with?!

Server: Ah! We blend it with apple juice [reveals cartons of pee-looking crap]

Me: [heart-broken] I thought you said nothing was from a carton?

Server: Oh yeah… I see what you mean

Me: Look, not wanting to be fussy, but can you whizz me up two frozen fruit bags, with some water from this bottle (grabs a bottled water from cafe fridge) and this green powder? [hands server the stuff]

Server: Er… oh I am not sure how that is going to work out?

Me: I will drink it whatever and I am sure it will be fine!

Server: Ok, I will give it a go! I am going to have to charge you for 2 smoothies though as its two fruit bags – you can have the water for free.

Me: Sounds good to me!

And that’s the story of how I got to guzzle awesome smoothies today while I was out and about. And why I don’t mind paying £6.20 for it. Although it wasn’t the cheapest smoothie I know for sure it was much better than what was on the menu! And the mix made two cups of what you see in the pic!

No tap water. No chlorine. No carton juice. No preservatives. No refined sugar. No crap. All for just £6.20!

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Bring your food to life!

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Enjoy 14 mouth watering FREE recipes
for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more