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A few years ago – and not very long ago at all – I started my raw foods journey. Approaching 40 and wondering where my toes had gone. I would look down at my tummy and think – mmmm that’s not how I wanted it to look! It’s not how I imagined by body in my head! I started my journey to better wellness with juicing and raw foods but it wasn’t until I went on my first ‘week of fitness’ that I had the biggest kick up the arse.


This was me at a dress size (UK) 26.

My first ever week of fitness

I was 40, overweight, unfit and quite honestly wondering what the hell I was doing there! I attended a UK bootcamp (I also was doing yoga retreats but I really needed a second level push, know what I mean?) The week of fitness was torture – and I was the last to come in on all the runs, sweating like a blob, humiliated by the applause I would get from the rest of the crew while they waited extra time for me to finish everything – you know – that ‘we’ve been waiting for ages for you slow clap’ of humiliation. Well, that’s how it felt anyway. I had the ‘I am at fat camp’ mentality – because that’s how the experience made me feel. Like I was at a correctional facility for past lifestyle crimes. (I guess what’s inside comes out!)

The biggest struggle was that I didn’t like the food. I was always vegetarian, and by that time mostly vegan and very raw. I asked for green smoothies and the bootcamp owners would laugh – or scratch their heads at best. I was getting served up delicious (but undernourishing) salads from a confused chef.

I wanted to be the goddess that I imagined I already was!

I loved that week because I really felt that I was on a personal mission to achieve something. To give my body permission to move and get better. But to be honest – I also hated it. It was winter in a cold and blizzardy UK in February (brrrrrr!!) I didn’t feel joy when I completed a fitness task – I felt sick and weary and miserable. And the food just wasn’t for me!

Raw Juice Camp is the worlds FIRST plant-based living foods bootcamp!

This experience is what inspired me to set up my Raw Juice Camps in Portugal! Because I just couldn’t find the experience I needed anywhere else! Holistic bootcamps that support you through an amazing week of joyous living! That can make you feel happier and better about yourself! We train on the beach so it’s fun and warm! We ALL finish sessions together and we all get to achieve our own personal goals whether it’s launching off the sofa for the first time or training for a marathon. You get your own personal push. No-one finishes last. We all get to eat green smoothies every day, and consume a whole host of amazing living raw foods (yeah I am biased!) that help support the body as you launch in to better wellness. There are no humiliating slow claps, no shouting, no boring salads and no misery. We have The Bootcamp Oscars Ceremony, cinema nights in our private cinema, chocolate making workshops in the kitchen and the best time ever!

Raw Juice Camp BEACH small

And, you know what ? I am so frickin proud of myself!

I am so proud that I did it all. I have to sometimes look back at photographs and pinch myself. My weight is still up and down with seasonal eating and laziness – but it’s ok! I am so happy with my body and my energy levels and how I feel about me!

I am so proud of what I have achieved at my Raw Juice Camps – I have been so fortunate that the media have raved about what we do – and last year we awarded Number 2 Wellness Holiday by Sunday Times Travel Magazine. I am so humbled by the feedback and love and support we get from our guests. Now that’s not bad for a fat middle-aged chick. And the secret is? An awesome team working with me – and you can work with them too!

Let my team support YOU the way they have supported ME and so many others!

I am not a skinny wellness warrior. I am (still) an overweight middle aged vibrant woman trying to find her way in the world – sharing the best of what I do with others. I’m by far not the fittest (and usually the one lagging behind still!) but at 46 I am doing something. Something amazing because…

I now believe in myself! I now believe that I can do anything!

And after curing my body of Polycistic Ovaries and losing120lbs (9 stones!) (read my full story here) I sure as shoot know that anything is possible!

If you are feeling ready to deep dive in to taking control of your wellness, loving your body, your self and enjoy a week of supersonic support on your wellness journey with fitness, raw food, yoga, massage, pilates, meditation, workshops, cookery classes, beach play time and so much more then I have good news for you.

Raw Juice Camp 2017 is open for booking!

And early birds who book before the end of March 31st get FREE airport transfers worth £70. Moreover there’s a whole new menu, and a heap of goodies on offer that come with your holiday. And finally, everyone gets the early bird price because – I have kept the prices on hold for a second year in a row!

‘I have been on lots of bootcamps. This is the most holistic bootcamp I have been on. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It was an amazing holiday’ Marion, Dublin

I can’t wait to see you in Portugal! Are you ready?

Big loves

Signature Stephanie





PS you can join me at my restful Raw Food & Yoga Summer Retreats or my fun fitness experience Raw Juice Camp this year. There are fewer events this year which means fewer spaces so be quick to get the week that suits you!


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Bring your food to life!

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Enjoy 14 mouth watering FREE recipes
for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more