Recipe: The Ultimate Raw Chocolate Dipped Praline

Raw Chocolate Pralines Recipe Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw Cookery School

You make something. Then you better it. So you make it again and it gets better again – and you find that it gets better every single time you make it because you tweak and play with it and perfect your own methods. I just love that. I guess that’s the kitchen magic that happens when you play with your recipes time and time again and you build your craft, pour in the passion and get great results. And this recipe for dipped (or enrobed) pralines just doesn’t miss the mark. You can perfect this cheeky recipe very early on in your chocolate game! It’s part of my raw nut & seed butter collection of chocolate recipes that I enjoy getting together – dipped in chocolate and ready to nibble.

Chocolate Covered Praline Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw


20-30 raw chocolate pralines or sunflower pralines.

To make the chocolate coating:

  • 200g of cacao butter
  • 1 cup cacao powder (or 50/50 with carob flour)
  • ¼ cup milled coconut sugar (use less if you are using carob flour or want it less sweet – replace with more cacao)
  • pinch quality salt
  • large pinch turmeric powder
  • 1 tbsp maca powder
  • add up to 2 tsp more superfoods of your choice such as reishi, chaga, lucuma and so on.

Box of Chocolate Pralines Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw


Create a space in the kitchen where you can work tidily. Lay out greaseproof paper for enrobing your chocolates – or you may wish to use a clean baking tray or your dehydrator sheets are perfect for the job. Keeping your preprepared pralines set aside and in the fridge, melt the cacao butter over a baine marie (bowl over boiled water) slowly whisking in all other ingredients in order. Use a personal blender if you choose but working with the bowl and fork or hand whisk is just fine. Just work quickly as you don’t want your butter to harden or your chocolate will look like fondue.

Almond & Turmeric Pralines Stephanie Jeffs EXPLORERAW

When the chocolate is fully blended remove your praline chocolates from the fridge and using a fork pick up each chocolate and dip the fork in your newly made chocolate lava. Once you know that the praline is all wrapped up and completely dipped (enrobed) in chocolate gently and carefully place on the greaseproof paper, dehydrator sheets or clean baking tray. (dont put them straight on to cooling trays as pictured below as your chocs will stick to the metal! Much better on a flat smooth sheet). Continue until all chocolates are covered. You will need to act quickly as the chill from the chocolates can stiffen your newly made chocolate coating.

I sprinkled an optional topping of bee pollen on mine (not vegan but beegan – whatevs) – you can top with a tiny grain of quality salt, ground nuts. ground coconut sugar, dried fruit pieces – in fact – go wild and use your imagination. On this shoot I let my chocs harden by mistake before I managed to get my topping on (you need to do this when they are still a little wet so the topping sticks) No drama – I just drizzled some leftover liquid chocolate over the choc tops and sprinkled on my topping. Set aside to cool and keep in the fridge.

Enrobing Pralines Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw


Nut & Seed butters are easy to make at home and are very cost effective. Making them raw is easy too.

Chocolates made with coconut oil are wonderful superfoods but will be unstable at room temperature. Untempered chocolate as we have made above made with cacao can also be unstable at room temperature too – only tempered chocolate can withstand room temperature without melting.

Box Chocs Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw


There are many techniques for making raw chocolate and thousands of recipes. These will get you started. If you would like to join me in class making chocolates like these and explore a range of methods including tempering and so much more check out my events page for cookery school classes.

Don’t forget to post some pics of your creations on social media! And comment below with your kitchen stories!

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