How you can WIN your ProSpiralizer money back!

Don’t have a Spiralizer? Well keep reading because now is a FAB time to get this amazing chef-grade PRO Spiralizer for home chefs at a SALE price and be in with a chance to win it all back (plus keep scrolling for a further £10 off code!)

You can be in with a chance to WIN your money back! Wahoo!
Let me tell you all about how you can WIN YOUR MONEY BACK but firstly I want to share with you some of the feedback I have been getting about the Pro and what people have been saying about it!

The biggest bit of feedback I get is that people buy this because they are FED UP of spiralizers that have broken handles, spikes falling off, make thick worms that don’t look or taste anything like chef grade noodles that you would want to eat – and of course – everyone’s getting FED UP of cutting their fingers! I know! I hear ya! That’s why I have invested so much in YOUR health by bringing this to YOU so you don’t have to suffer any more!

‘Longest Spirals Ever!’

“I’ve used many Spiralizers, but this one I can say is the best, it’s sturdy, safe and very easy to use. Having learnt how to use a spiralizer properly at one of Stephanie’s Explore Raw Summer Retreats also at her Cooking Schools I now know it’s all about the thumb action, once I mastered this I was spiralizing everything with great ease with this machine, it’s a dream to use and produces the longest spirals that I have ever seen! Excellent Product.”
This is one of the Amazon reviews for the Pro – awesome huh! And of course – don’t forget about that thumb action! (It’s all in the thumb, right?!)

‘Wowzer! The Porsche of Spiralizers!’

“After my previous Lurch spiralizer’s handle broke whilst spiralizing butternut squash, I was determined to ensure that my next one was going to be ‘ballsy’! …. Unlike my old spiralizer, my courgette noodles came out with such a different texture. They held moisture, were better tasting in my dishes….my first meal was a quorn bolognese with zoodles (courgette noodles)
Overall it was easier to use and clean, I love the little brush they provide!!! …The main thing for me was the texture of the produce and how it appeared to compliment the rest of my food much better.”Read more amazon reviews here.
Ah! how awesome is that? I could go on and share with you all the calls and emails I get from people who get the fact that this is an awesome gadget that is worth every penny! And when other spiralizers of this quality retail at £129.99 (yup!!) Getting this to you for under £50 (with your £10 off voucher that ends Jan 14th!) is a STEAL! But I can only share with you what is shared on my Amazon review page – and not many people do reviews which is a shame as it’s what helps us all with our shopping, right? So I invite you to share a review on Amazon and be in with a chance to win your money back – but firstly let me remind you why I think the ProSpiralizer is so awesome!!

 A bit more about the ProSpiralizer

There are 4 blades not 3

and normally I would say ’nuff said’ but it’s important to know that my largest cutting blade is usually the same as the ‘smallest’ blade on a ‘regular’ 3-blade spiralizer. Let’s just say that a bowl full of noodles from the ProSpiralizer sure look and taste like noodles and not ropes of veg.

Made with BPA free plastic

believe me this is massive! Because I’ve researched all the main production factories with my business partner Amy and most of them are made with very low grade materials. She flew out there and checked it all out first hand.

Safest blades AND the sharpest!

how DO they do that? It’s all in the design – the amount of times that I hear about people slashing their fingers with cheap spiralizers it makes me very sad – the design of the Pro is such that the cut-risk is minimised while the angle of the cutter blades gives you sharp, precise, lean noodles EVERY time! You can run those blades over your fingers and there’s little chance of even a slight graze – you can see that they are very safe. They only do damage to fruit & veggies and that’s when they are in the machine itself*

Comes with a FREE cleaning brush!

which is awesome news. You can get to clean all those fiddly edges, nooks and crannies and keep things nice and clean to make sure that your spiralizer lasts longer than ever! The Pro is also a much more hygienic design than regular cheap spiralizers (that have 3 chunky blades that slide under the machine) so the Pro has NO ‘storable parts’ in bacteria harbouring sections. Yuk. Plus all our blades are removable and made from 100% stainless steel. No-one likes to find a crusty mouldy bits of courgetti from last weeks supper clinging to their kit. You dont have to deal with this when you have a ProSpiralizer & a ProBrush.

Maximum use of recyclable cardboard!

you WILL notice that our packaging is all about being as friendly to the planet as possible. There is only one teeny bag that holds your brush, suction feet and blades – there is NO other plastic involved in the production of this machine. It’s all packed with recyclable cardboard. One day we hope to get it to you 100% plastics free but we think we are already streets ahead of other products. In fact, we know it.

There’s also a wipeable kitchen friendly recipe pack, instructions on usage, downloadable recipes and an instructional pdf, and lots more features

Check out all the other fab things that you will love about the Pro: Click here to read more.

How to WIN your money back and have your ProSpiralizer for FREE and get one of my recipe ebooks for FREE when you enter!! Yes!!

Ok so I said that I have some great news for you right? Cool yes I do and it means that you can be in with a chance to WIN your moolah (your money) back from your ProSpiralizer purchase!! Yay! On February 16th I am going to announce a winner so there’s plenty of time to get involved.

Order your ProSpiralizer now!

All you have to do is:

1) buy the ProSpiralizer from Amazon using this link:
2) order and pay for your ProSpiralizer between December 14th and February 16th to qualify
3) take it home, adopt it, name it and spiralize your life (ok the naming bit is optional!)
4) write a fab review on Amazon (5 stars would be awesome of course!)
5) entry reviews must be 3 stars or more to qualify
6) email me your review at
7) tell me which ebook of mine you would like for FREE when you send in your review. eBooks are emailed out once competition closes. One per qualifying entry

All entries will receive a FREE copy of an ebook from my collection! You choose which one is right for you! Winner chosen at random. All decisions are final. Cash alternatives or other products are not available for the prize. Prize money will be sent by PayPal payment from ER Kitchen Ltd. Winners will be contacted via email by ER Kitchen Ltd. Malicious entries do not qualify (natch). Proof of purchase will be required. Amazon reviews that are deleted after the competition will be returned with dodgy karma from the Universe. Entry to the competition is made in the good faith that we are all good bananas who just love great food and want to share the love. 

COMPEITION UPDATE MARCH 2017: the competition is now closed. The winner was Dan who has claimed his prize. As amazon rules changed, and not all reviews for non-amazon purchased ProSpiralizers were published, we accepted all email entries. All entrants and the winner have been notified.

Get noodling baby!

Big loves

*please treat all blades and knives with respect. The Titanic was unsinkable and it sunk. These blades are safe but can hurt you, and others, if not handled correctly.

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for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more