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Stop, look & listen: It’s not every day that I allow someone to prepare food or juices for me (ask any of my friends and family!) I admit it: I have isms where my food is concerned. As most of us do, right? I just like my food prepared in a certain way. As a youngster the beans couldn’t touch the toast, the gravy was always served on the side for dipping (good lord don’t pour it over everything!) and the peas always got eaten first. It’s just me. And please don’t actually touch my food without washing your hands or serve things on a scruffy plate with the leftover remains of someone else’s lunch on it. I inspect everything (I used to teach food hygiene!) Now that my diet involves lots of juicing and preparing raw foods – everything has to be made from fresh, organic, quality ingredients. The best I can afford. Nothing from a tin. And prepared with love and care. And trusting someone with all of this is actually a big deal.

You could say I am a little bit picky about who prepares my food. It’s just the way I am. It’s just me.

So I loved it when I found a juicy family that are as obsessed about great food, in their own sweepremiumthumb-2-300x300t way, as me.

Let me introduce you to the team at Juicytox. They are a team based in the UK who prepare pre made juice cleanses and deliver them straight to your door. Boom. Like me they don’t like frozen juices, everything gets freshly cold pressed. They don’t keep juices in the fridge for a week just because cold pressed juices ‘can last for 72 hours’. That’s because this team know that fresh is best and cold pressed juices still deteriorate, although at a much slower rate. So for best taste, nutritional punch and max enzyme activity they like you to drink their juices fresh. I love this attention to detail and their focus on getting everything perfect. Isms, right? They connect people.

I booked in a delivery from the team headed up by Rob Alexander. There are a few packages to choose from and I booked in for the Premium mini cleanse.

On delivery day the package arrived bang on time in my delivery slot – which let’s face it is half the battle with anything that gets delivered these days – expectations can get crushed at the front door – especially if you have had to wait in half a day for it. Not with Juicytox so they were already on a winning streak. And the best news? Your 4 day cleanse arrives in two separate deliveries. Yes. That’s right. So you get the freshest cleanse possible. Impressive.

Cold Pressed. Fresh. Tasty. Nothing Added.

My juices arrived beautifully chilled in a cold pack box with some tea bags, lemons, ginger shots and straws (which I cancelled on a later delivery not a big fan of plastic bits)

Juicytox cleanse review Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw

After popping my babies in the fridge I was ready to rock. The cleanse comes with suggested ‘timings’ for you to take your juices but I just couldn’t stick to it. My box arrived at lunch time and there was no chance of me waiting to ‘start in the morning’. Two ginger shots down. Boom. Followed by a cashew mylk. Bring it on.

Juicytox Review Stephanie Jeffs Timings The juices were absolutely fantastic and I became very quickly addicted to the gorgeous recipes especially the Spicy Lemonade with activated charcoal. (Dammit, only two in the box) I defy you to try this and not get seriously addicted to this stuff – you will get chained to this awesome juice! It’s fabulous! I was so much in love with this drink that it inspired me to make my own Black Lemonade at my retreats this year.

Isms matter

This cleanse totally delivered. Juicytox totally delivered. Two days of no juice prep for me (wahoo!) two days of rocking raw juices (bingo!) and two days of lightness, wellness and a skip in my step. Fresh, tasty juices, with no bits, freshly pressed from a Pure juicer and with great packaging. Words I would use to describe this cleanse? Clean. Fast. Delicious. Quality. Professional.

I love that the team at Juicytox are obviously obsessed by juicing and just love what they do – and they want you to get obsessed by their cold pressed juices too.

And if you join the Juicytox family, I think you just might get there very quickly.

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Don’t let just anyone prepare your juices, get them from passionate people who are obsessed by what they do because isms matter: Juicytox cleanses can be ordered by clicking here.

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