My Raw Vegan Spag Bol: An Offensive Culinary Outrage!

Bladdy ‘ell I love it!  Little did I know that while devouring my delicious Italian supper last Wednesday at my most recent Raw Juice Camp in Portugal (Wednesday night is post-beach munchies and my favourite supper – my Raw Vegan Spag Bol) that someone somewhere would consider this fine dish a culinary outrage! I am shocked. And impressed. Sort of.

In particular because the last two weeks were my finest culinary camps! We managed to source some spectacular ingredients including local nuts (totally raw fresh almonds snatched straight from the trees – ok the market) and some amazingly stunning fresh produce.

Raw Vegan Spag Bol

Sorry, Antonio Carluccio but my Raw Vegan Spag Bol is my favourite dish of the week at Raw Juice Camp!

My sister sent me a link today via Facebook to a piece of writing by Felicity Cloake in The Guardian on the validity of the Spaghetti Bolognese as an authentic Italian recipe.

When I read it I almost choked on my Reishi Latte and struggled to finish my cashew & chaga flapjacks (yup, I will post the recipes later, Loves!)

The article cites culinary masters such as my beloved Jamie Oliver (I am still waiting to see some naked, chef) Marco Pierre White and Antonio – the Don of the famiglia chain Carluccio’s. She begins that Antonio is just not a fan of the anglicised Spag Bol. (It’s a much publicised fact that he is recently outraged at the Brits who have demolished this dish and recreated it as their own – a barbaric non-Italian version. But in fact there is no Italian version, eh, wor?) And concludes that my darling chia seed, portobello mushroom and walnut concoction is nothing short of abominable.


I wonder what she’d think of my sunflower seed curry then? Or my avocado Key Lime Pie? Buckwheat Porridge or my Sprouts Champagne? Perhaps she will LOVE my ‘Poghetti! (really it’s a thing! Spiralized tatties that taste like a marriage of chips and noodles, oh my!) Perhaps she’ll come to Raw Juice Camp one day to try them out..!? I am sure she would like them if we’d eat them together on the beach, eh?

I demonised the Spag Bol and made it my own. The ‘Italian one’ didn’t really do it for me. 

Great to get some media air-time with these chef rockstars – far removed from my little world of kitchen explorations – even if the author doesn’t appear to like my stunning vegan food #hehe. Great article and I am somewhat proud to get a mention!

Recipe featured in my book Spiralize.

Made with my ProSpiralizer.

Read the full article from The Guardian here.

Original article posted in The Guardian 11th October, 2016.

Original image by Jo @ SummerLove Photography.

What’s probably best though are some of the comments hehe

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