Recipe: Raw Chocolate Covered Grapes

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I am always on the look out for a simple ‘quick fix’ recipe that I can work with at my events and retreats that my guests can also duplicate back home without too much fuss… oh yeah it’s all about keeping things simple most of the time.

At my Raw Food Chocolate Workshop at my Raw Food & Yoga Summer Retreat we have to keep things simple. Very simple. Especially when it comes to chocolate.

I would love to work with some gorgeous tempered cacao butter chocolates at my events but this provides me with two main issues: clients find it difficult to make the leap from ‘I have never made raw chocolate before: this is all rather new for me’ to ‘Raw Chocolate Goddess in the Kitchen’ without finding it so stressful that they might give up at the first hurdle.

Secondly the (gorgeous) weather here in Portugal makes it difficult to have stability with the chocolate and temper it effectively when using cacao butters. To help with this I have rustled up some great recipes and ideas to help keep things simple on retreat which really helps keep things simple when making things back home too.

I keep the more complex stuff for Cookery School.

So let me introduce you to coconut oil chocolate and frozen fruit. Yup. You got it. It’s a fab quick win mix that is a jaw dropper every time. Let’s start with the frozen grape treats!

Firstly check these babies out: they look like maltesers or any range of your favourite chocolates, right? But taste like fruity deliciousness..
Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw

My sensitive teeth don’t enjoy trying to slash open frozen fruit so these should be enjoyed after a few moments of melt time: what happens then is that the fruit becomes a little sticky – and gives the sensation of a sweet sticky toffee.

Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw

Especially when you use slices of frozen figs (yeah!! woo hoo!) when figs start to defrost they release all that fig syrup and – OMG – turn into sticky figgy goodness. You can always use them to melt-in-the-mouth and put to work the natural warmth of your mouth to melt away the fruit. Pure. Indulgent. Superfooded. Bliss!

These are just so easy to rustle up – and once you have learnt to master very simple chocolate recipes like this you can start to build up your skills and enjoy using some great recipes and kit to get your chocolate to perfection. But for now: let’s start with this simple and delicious treat.


  • Frozen grapes
  • 1 cup warmed coconut oil
  • 3 tbsp cacao powder
  • 2 tbsp carob powder
  • 1 tbsp maca powder
  • 2 tbsp lucuma powder


Using a bain-marie (double boiler) or a dehydrator (definitely not a microwave or similar!) gently warm the coconut oil until it becomes a liquid. Try to use a quality cold-pressed organic & raw coconut oil. Don’t gamble with the quality as it serves you no purpose in the long run!

In a small bowl use a fork to slowly mix in the cacao powder (vary the amounts to make this flavour your own) add all the other ingredients slowly and keep mixing with your fork. You shouldn’t need to add any extra sweeteners for this (decent carob/carob flour is quite sweet already) and for this chocolate we are looking for a slightly bitter taste. If you like it sweeter try adding a little xylitol or any sweetener of your choice.

Once the consistency is thicker, and the taste is one that you enjoy, remove your frozen grapes from the freezer and drop (one or two at a time please!) the grapes in to the chocolate. Adding them all in at once will cool your chocolate and thicken it (and set it) so it won’t cover the grapes.

With your fork remove the grape and you will see the chocolate instantly set! Place on a serving plate until all of your grapes are covered in chocolate. Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw

Leave for 5 minutes for the grapes to lose some of the freeze and eat and enjoy! You can alternatively use these lovely choccies to top desserts or cakes – but be careful. As the grapes defrost so will your creations so be reminded that coconut oil based chocolate sauces are not stable at normal room temperatures so keep these in the fridge if they are not ready to immediately serve.

Any leftover chocolate can be kept in the fridge for another recipe, added to another smoothie, kept for later, used as a paste for hot chocolate or added to your favourite coffee or hot drink as a superfood boost.

This chocolate can also be used for MANY other recipes: chocolate bark, simple pralines, and so many more! I will soon post my recipe for my raw chocolate pralines – simple and oh so quick to whip up using this version of chocolate and using beetroot based coconut chocolate blends! To tease you for now: here’s a pic:

Stephanie Jeffs Explore Raw

Keeping it juicy & raw

Signature Stephanie





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for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more