My favourite retreat dishes!

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It’s hard to say which dishes are my favourite at my Raw Food & Yoga Summer Retreats because, well, firstly they are mine so I am a bit biased! Secondly because I just love raw foods prepared with living, activated local ingredients so having a favourite is just such hard work! Some require a lot of preparation which might impact my preference for making it – but I would have to say that I love keeping it as green as possible at the retreats and use as much local food as I can possibly get.

Starting the day green is the way to go and makes me feel so cleansed! Green smoothies, green monsters and wheatgrass shots always kick it for me!


I love adding Udos Oils (helping with absorption of the good stuff!) and I use Udo’s Beyond Greens Green Powder for extra BOOM!

Smoothies are always meant to taste like dessert. From green smoothies to cacao or maca smoothies and a thousand of other recipes – we make them yummy!


We are always drinking PLENTY of water and as I am a spiralizing addict I spiralize lots of goodies such as cucumber and apples when we serve water. (Check out my new spiralizer called the ProSpiralizer!) Served this way water helps with the detox, looks amazing on the table and tastes wonderful! Adding some frozen grapes instead of ice isn’t just cute: it then becomes a game of who can get the grapes into the glass!


I source all of our nuts from the local market: the almonds are INCREDIBLE (totally RAW i.e. they can sprout) and if you ask you can usually also get a big bag of bitter almonds too – I love mixing it up with sweet and bitter to keep an interesting flavour, help with the cleanse and manage my sweet cravings.

Carob is from the trees in the garden along with the figs and last year I made this stunning fig, carob & cacao cake. When you slice the figs and lay them on the top they gently cool (if the cake is firstly frozen for an hour or so – its so hot at the retreat we need it!) they ooze out a sticky gel that drips over the cake. Sweet lushness!

Fig, Carob & Cacao Cake

Supper can range from massive salads to nori rolls, full on vegan sushi, spaghetti bolognese, pizza, curry, sausage and mash and more…! All raw, vegan and made with living, loving ingredients.

Served al-fresco each evening we have great fun creating a lovely supper table – let’s face it we eat firstly with our eyes!

Seting up for Dinner

Supper Yoga

Arame Salad

Here’s a few pics and of what we might eat each evening:

Curry & Carrot Rice


Raw Vegan Sausage n Mash

Salad and microgreens

Spag Bol

Following supper we usually spend the evening together either watching an inspirational movie, star gazing, doing sunset salutations, sunset workshops, meditations or mindfulness sessions. Love it!

So, back to my favourite dish!

My favourite dish is probably something spiralized (well, it had to be, right?!) and probably the dish above: Pasta Arrabbiata: a rich & tasty tomato sauce with a hint of chilli. Easy to make, filling and tastes amazing.

I probably say that about every dish: each night we all shout ‘THIS ONE is my favourite!’ and as a group it’s often a running joke that each night the favourite dish is just what we are eating right now.

Regardless of what we eat: each dish is prepared with LOVE, served with LOVE and consumed with LOVE and gratitude. Sounds a little corny I know, but it’s true. That’s why we put our love signs everywhere just as a gentle reminder that LIFE IS LOVE and LIFE IS JOY!

It’s THE essential ingredient.


That’s my favourite dish and how food is served at my Raw Food & Yoga Summer Retreats. We’d love you to join us one time for a loving supper. Check out details and availability here.

Big loves

Signature Stephanie






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for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more