Review: ‘I Want Abs’ a documentary by Sergei Boutenko

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I was first interested in fitness in my 40’s. That’s right. It took THAT long. (Read my story here) And it’s still a love/hate relationship! When I am in the swing of it I love the feeling (and the trimmer waistline) that being fit can give you! When I fall out of rhythm I HATE getting started again! It’s the very worst part. The trick is? Don’t fall out of sync with your fitness habits if you want to keep fit!

I love it when I am doing my yoga, several bootcamps a year and a serious amount of walking and swimming. This combination works for me and keeps me looking and feeling amazing.

Although I am the first to admit: the flabby belly is back and I am looking really out of shape. Even though I am still obsessed with raw foods, lazy habits and lots of sitting at my desk, passionately developing my business, has led me to get rather tubby around the middle again. Oops.

And it happened to Sergei Boutenko too! I can relate!

Sergei was putting on the pounds. 

Sergei Boutenko is someone who you should really get to know! He is an incredibly talented and charismatic author and film-maker and he’s part of the amazing Raw Food Family. He’s pretty much lived for many years on raw foods, became a wild foraged foods expert and he is considered one of the masters of the plant-based movement. Even though he is still a young guy – he’s been at it for more than twenty years! His mother Victoria Boutenko is the grandmother of the Green Smoothie,the founder of the green smoothie revolution and an author of several books on raw foods. His sister Valya is also a very talented author and between them they are the super amazing ‘Raw Food Family.’ A green force to be reckoned with!

So when I heard that Sergei had gone a little tubby around the tummy I had to hear more! 

I became involved in Sergei’s journey by supporting his project and becoming an Executive Producer of his move: ‘I Want Abs’ which documents his fitness journey from chubby raw foodie (too embarrassed to be seen in his grungies) to super-hot owner of some great abs, with really great all round fitness levels!

But how did he do it? How did he go from wobbly to ab-champ? 

Firstly he had to recognise that he was in the wrong place. Take account of his lifestyle and take action.  This movie documents the whole story! It begins with a very honest photo-shoot with Sergei letting it all hang out while being photographed in his underwear. Now, you may be forgiven for thinking that its only ‘us ladies’ that get embarrassed with our wobbly bits, you can really see that Sergei is uncomfortable taking his kit off and bearing all. Why? Because he wasn’t happy with his body. Hats off to him for doing it (all in the name of movieland!) because it really engaged me. I really saw his bravery and vulnerability in that moment. I knew his story was going to be good.

Stephanie Jeffs Sergei Boutenko I Want Abs Movie

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to see Sergei’s movie in the mountains of Oregon back in May 2016 celebrating my birthday in a log cabin in Ashland with the whole movie crew. It was a wonderful few days and great to meet everyone involved in the movie and those that supported Sergei throughout his fitness journey. We had a few great workouts with the energetic and unfathomable John and a full-on kettle bells session with the heroic Nick. What a great team! We really worked it! And it was great fun. As much fun as it was – I was determined to view the movie with an unbiased lens as much as I could: firstly I wanted to see if my investment had paid off, secondly I wanted to see if I could use it for my own personal reboot up the backside.

We will be watching ‘I Want Abs’ at my Raw Juice Camps in Portugal. 

Following Sergeis photoshoot his workouts begin. I LOVE the fact that he starts out really kind of uncoordinated and a little all over the place: this story keeps things real! Sergei sources two great trainers to work with him on his Functional Fitness and KettleBell training.

Throughout Sergeis journey two other changes occur: Sergei reveals that he has changed his diet and now consumes animal products. Er. Hang on! What about the raw foods?! Well I completely understand it, after many years of clean eating and detoxing the body Sergei realised that a slight adjustment to his diet is needed to take him to another level. You have to remember that this guy didn’t grow up on Chinese take-aways and several rounds of toast for breakfast: he grew up addicted to kale and green smoothies. Green smoothies feature massively in this movie and his diet is VERY clean, high raw and healthy! I love this because it’s a true message of bio-individuality and shows us that we need to listen to our bodies, and take care to fuel our bodies with the right stuff in the right moment.

The second rather cool occurrence is that Sergei begins to grow a beard! It’s also a fantastic visual way to keep pace of Sergeis physical changes.

The combination of Sergeis fitness and diet move his body from wobbly to outstanding! He doesn’t develop abs at the expense of overall fitness: his fitness is ALL OVER (his trainer John tells us that ‘core fitness’ is from the neck down!)

The results are impressive. The story well told. The before and after pics are incredible.

If you are looking to get fit, adjust your fitness regime, explore wellness or just give yourself reminder of how wonderful our bodies really are and what they can really do you will love watching this movie. It’s truly an inspiration. An honest account told exactly as it is.

Highly recommended.

Click here to download YOUR copy of ‘I Want Abs’ NOW and learn to master your fitness!


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2 thoughts on “Review: ‘I Want Abs’ a documentary by Sergei Boutenko

  1. Isabella says:

    I loved the movie but have to admit I was disappointed that the movie doesn’t really show how to apply his workout regiment and eating routine to one’s own life. It shows him working out and preparing meals in a very general way. I love the functional fitness concept and wanted to copy the workout but it wasn’t meant as an instructional movie, however, it was extremely motivational and inspirational. Wouldn’t it be great if Sergio , drawing from all he’s learned, would follow up with a book or movie detailing just how to Get Abs.

  2. Stephanie Jeffs says:

    There’s lots more coming from the movie – Sergei is releasing support material with an ebook and recipes and a workout guide I believe to help support those applying his approach! Glad you loved the movie! x

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