Paying it Forward: Can you find one of 50 FREE Spiralize books in the USA?

I am so excited to tell you something that I have been keeping to myself for some time now! Before I started my trip to the USA for my book tour of Spiralize! I was talking with my publishers about an idea that I had. What if I organised some kind of treasure hunt along the way? What if I left a trail of FREE signed copies of Spiralize around the States: a bit like a sprinkle of spiralized fairy dust? What if I did it with no intention of getting anything back? Just for the thrill of it? Just for the heck of it? Just to make someone happy? Just to pay it forward a little. Because that’s what I really want back from it! FUN! And the ability to give someone a smile. Life’s too short for anything else!


So I did it! I bought up a batch of books and literally lugged them around the states with me. (Ok, so I didn’t think the logistics through! lol) Dragging those around with me in my bag for 5 weeks certainly kept my shoulders active hehe! #USASpiralize50

We ordered two batches of books to be freighted to me on my road trip!

We hatched a plan that meant that in addition to my book signings and talks I would sneak into some book stores, and some amazing cafes and restaurants, and just leave books on the shelf! Some stores were already stocking my book so I just added some more. Some didn’t stock it so I left a little gift! I figured that if someone was interested enough in the book to pick it up, and see that it was a free gift, then it just had to be theirs to keep! They could see that there was absolutely NO obligation to go to the check out and pay for it: that they could quite happily walk out of the store and OWN that book! Lots of bookstores and shop owners were image1really up for it: and those that weren’t? Well fack it we did it anyway. Why the heck not, eh?

I can tell you that I had loads of fun planting those books around the USA! I have been DYING to tell you all about it but wanted to keep it until the first book had been found! And it has! Yay!

The first one has been found by Janet in Chicago!

I am totally over the moon that people are picking them up and taking a look. It really makes my heart soar with pride! That anybody would want to take a peek at one of my recipes, one of my creations that started off as just a little idea in my kitchen, quite simply just blows me away.

So now that you know what’s going on there are 49 other books to find out there!

I sure had fun with my friends planting 50 FREE Spiralize! books around the USA!

Here’s just a handful of snaps that we took along the way!

So…. as there are 49 more out there up for grabs, and if you live in the USA or are travelling there, you can get one too!!

How YOU can get your hands on a FREE Spiralize Book #USASpiralize50

  • Go to your nearest bookstore or Raw Food/Vegan cafe
  • Ask them if they stock ‘Spiralize!’ by Stephanie Jeffs by Interlink Publishing (US COPY)
  • If they say yes: go grab it from the shelf – but check first if it’s one of my FREE giveaways!
  • If they say no: get them to order it – and then go to the shelf and see if I have left one of my FREE giveaways there!

What to do when you find a #USASpiralize50 book

  • Grab it and hold it close, scream with delight if you like
  • Feel warm inside, it’s ok
  • Walk out of the store confidently that it’s YOURS to keep (check for the writing by me tho first, yeah don’t just take a random book hehe)
  • Take a selfie and send it to me on social media @exploreraw
  • Tell me where you are and what number is on the book
  • Go home right away
  • Make everything in the book
  • Tell everyone how healthy and amazing you feel
  • Write a 5 star review on Amazon


Just keep it and feel the love x

Where are they? 

Well… there’s a question! I travelled to New York, Boston, New Hampshire, Chicago, Vegas, California road trip, Nevada road trip, Oregon, Ashland, Portland, Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding Texas areas. I also sent out books to friends to plant in their local stores across the USA! So THEY COULD BE ANYWHERE!

Keep me posted angels! Big thanks to Victoria Moran – Main Street Vegan for keeping my secret, to all the independent book stores, cafes and enterprises, to Karyn Calabrese of Karyn’s of Chicago, to Barnes & Noble, my UK publishers Pavilion for giving me the green light for some fun Guerrilla Marketing tactics, to my USA publishers Interlink and to my lovely friends Phyllis Murilla, Cindy Temple and Enid Blyton for all the help you gave me.

Special thanks also to all the lovely raw foodies and vegans I met along the way at various talks and book signings, and in particular to Sergei Boutenko because he wanted some abs and ended up dragged me to the USA, everything else unravelled from there. There is WAY MORE to tell about my time with Sergei but I will leave that to another blog!

Big loves

Signature Stephanie





Spiralize US Book Cover

US copies of my book can be ordered from Amazon and all good bookshops (and some cafes!)

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for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more