How do you use a Spiralizer?

Ok. So you’ve bought a spiralizer. Or you’re thinking about it.

It’s something that may look a little like this. It is a machine that can create noodles out of pretty much any vegetable and lots of fruit. It’s your new ticket to clean eating. It’s your gluten free gadget of the century. Everyone is deliciously raving about it. Including you.

You think it’s absolutely great and you are noodling your way through every fruit and veg on the planet. Life is good. You realise that your energy, and the novelty, might wear off at some point (and the spiralizer may end up under the stairs with the popcorn machine) but right now, right here and now, today you are exploring the world of gluten-free pastas and every sauce you can think of. And you love it. But you need more. You NEED to master every possibility with this machine. This is a kitchen affair.

Spiralizing gone wrong kind ofOr you may be looking at this new thing on the kitchen worktop. You are fed up of getting veg bits stuck in the blades and the damned thing is wobbling all over the kitchen units like R2D2. The love affair may already be over.

Or you may be wondering what all the fuss is about with Spiralizing and wondering why you don’t get it. For the love of tagliatelle will everyone just stop going on about a Spiralizer, right? You cannot fall in love with a machine. 

Or can you?

Well here’s the thing. I think you can.

There’s more to the spiralizer than meets the eye. This baby can give you more than noodles. So much more. I have been studying this gadget for some time. Playing with a range of machines. I have tried them all. I noodled myself a bit loopy at some points. Reconstructing lots of recipes that go way beyond the stir fry and into the realm of raw kitchen magic.

I haven’t blogged any of these recipes before. They haven’t been released yet. Some of them didn’t even make the book because they were just too damned fantastic and we had so many of them. And now I can share them with YOU!

The stir fry is just the beginning. The noodle is just the start.

If any of the above scenarios reflect how you might be feeling about a spiralizer then I have the perfect event for you. I am holding a one off workshop that I am calling my SPIRALIZER MASTERCLASS and it is the workshop this year that you just can’t miss out on.

To celebrate my up and coming FIRST BOOK called SPIRALIZE due to be released in August (wahoooo!) I am running a one-off limited edition spiralizing masterclass.


I will show you:

* A range of spiralizers and how to use them
* How to make more than noodles, including waffles, crisps, wraps and trifles using your spiralizer
* My secrets for flavouring noodles
* Top tips from my new book SPIRALIZE!
* How to make my top 3 SPIRALIZER recipes
* Simple steps to show you how to get the most out of your machine
* …loads more!

And you know what? These dishes are not all raw.

You can pick your jaw up off the floor now. They are all vegan. They are all clean eats. They are all awesome kick-ass ninja deliciousness. They are all my recipes. Just some of them I cooked lightly. I was exploring…

All of this in my pop up kitchen in London. You will not be watching the chef! You will BE the chef creating your own recipes with me to take home.

CookerySchool-179CookerySchool-175CookerySchool-174CookerySchool-173Cookery School Spiralizer MasterclassCookerySchool-172Sprialised noodlesChinese Stir Fry










For more information on my Cookery School visit

Take me to Cookery School

Full programme details will be flexible and can be subject to change.

See you in class!

Keeping it juicy & raw!

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Bring your food to life!

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Enjoy 14 mouth watering FREE recipes
for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more