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I’ve spent the weekend immersed in foody heaven. Recipe testing for my new book which will launch my amazing new book later this year! Love it! (Post publish edit it’s called Spiralize and it’s available now!)

Recipes pictured for cooked Poghetti and raw Apple Strudel Smoothie Bowl.

I need to be really honest with you: I have to pinch myself because having a recipe book on the shelves is a total dream come true! It really is amazing that I am going to have a book on the shelves that people can read. Grateful is a word that does not even come close to describing how I feel about it all.

However, and yes this is a bit of a ‘but’, it comes with an interesting learning curve for me which is this: the recipe book will have healthy clean eating cooked as well as raw recipes, and I think that the overall recipe creating experience has made me even ‘more raw’!

Why? Well I will let you in on a few things. I have been focussing for such a long time on making raw recipes and creating raw dishes that my skills and creativity in this area far surpass my expertise in cooked foods. Now, let me just address this point. You are talking to a girl who has done her fair share of cooking, catering and recipe creating. Someone who can handle a full-on Christmas dinner, Mexican food, Italian food, Vegan food – you name it and I usually have a few fantastic recipes up my sleeve. However, when it comes to “Heston”-ising stuff: raw food wins hands down. And it’s what I am set up for. It’s what my kitchen is set up for (I had to go up in to the attic to look for a pan! and go out and invest in a wok!)

Also I now know that if I need a recipe to do a particular thing, or if I am looking for a particular flavour that I can sense, I’ve got some robust raw food techniques that will do just the trick – and cooked food just can’t do that any more (well, not for me).

Also I think that because my taste buds are now used to a cleaner eating style (egg, meat, dairy, processed foods free etc) the whole range of flavours available is vastly doubled if not tripled! My own taste buds have an extended range. However. If you are sharing your plate with someone who’s still eating a bit of processed cooked foods then they can sometimes think that your food tastes like crap. And they will tell you so. True story.

You can’t be an innovator and expect constant applause.

This in itself isn’t a bad thing (I still get to eat great food!) but to be told ‘it tastes nothing like a real pizza’ ‘that pizza base is just a pile of cauliflower’ can be upsetting – because my mindset tells me that a made-at-home-from-scratch meal is a REAL PIZZA! Still, you can’t be an innovator and expect to get constant applause.

Next I have just forgotten how bloody frustrating it is to wait for something to cook. If I make something raw I pretty much know straight away if it’s going to work or not. Even if it’s fermented, dehydrated or marinated you get a really good sense of the flavour instantly. And you are preparing to eat at least 24 hours down the line…. so you are not expecting to eat it right there and then.

Waiting. For. Lunch. To. Cook.

Arf! Waiting 40 minutes for veggies to bake or roast doesn’t cut it for me anymore. Recipe testing with baked veggie noodles this weekend and doing 3 or 4 reruns, waiting for the bake off and starting again has pretty much made me go insane.

I hate dancing around the oven watching, waiting for things to cook.

My darling dehydrators are now doing a much better job than the oven could on my new secret recipe pizza bases (after a run of 3 attempts at getting it right in the oven! arrrgghh!) and you just make your dish, switch it on, set the timer and leave it – you don’t have to keep dancing around the oven keeping an eye on things and watching out just in case anything is going to burn!

Lastly, all I need to say is – dishes. Not just the amount (you can get a fair old few on the go with raw I know!) it’s the scrubbing and the hard work to get those pots clean! (I dont have a dishwasher!) and my hands are really suffering! A lovely reminder that a raw kitchen is much gentler on the skin and much less time consuming! (Coconut oil tonight to the rescue!)

I am really loving exploring my new healthy eating cooked recipes, absolutely! And I will still eat cooked foods and incorporate them in to my high raw diet. But this has been a lovely reminder that I love my raw food. Aint nothing going to change that.

Now bring on the breakfast smoothie in the morning. Fast food. Ahhh…

Keeping it juicy & raw

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for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
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