Things are going to get very noodley…..

Gosh it’s been AGES since my last blog! Mainly due to the fact that I have launched my new website (still loads of work to do but I love it!), set up an eshop for the first time ever (love it!) and confirming all the events for this year including my Raw Juice Camps and Cookery School.

I was looking at my diary for the year and really thinking – woooah – I have a lot of work to do! Lots of exciting amazing projects to get my teeth into. But then I panicked a little and thought – eek – am I going to make it..? Am I going to be able to achieve all that?

To help with the workload I’ve realised that I am going to need to recruit in more fabulous helpers for Juice Camp, The Summer Retreat and Cookery School so that I don’t have to do it all myself. But as anyone who is sharing their energy, ideas and inspirations with the world through their own start up business will know – it’s a tough call to bring in a team to help when the funds are low or non existent. Starting up is bloody hard work. Sometimes the hired help can be taking home more than you – and that can feel pretty weird! Also finding the time to recruit a team of awesomeness requires – well, time.

I had also very recently had two pieces of corporate work cancel due to their budget revisions. Eek. This was terrible news for me as my corporate work funds my Explore Raw projects. On one hand this was great news because I had more time to commit to getting all my raw projects off the ground properly and commit more time to things. On the other hand I was stressing about funds.

So as I was churning these thoughts over in my mind and I reminded myself that – life is too flippin short to worry about all the reasons why things won’t work. I am going to be absolutely ok. I am going to just keeping on reaching for the stars and going to just keep moving where my energy is taking me.

I am going to be a published author!

Something amazing then happened. A wonderful, exciting and absolutely fantabulous opportunity came knocking on my door. A book deal! I am feeling breathless at the thought of having a book on the shelves already (I wonder if it will ever be on a shelf next to Delia, Jamie or Ella? Well – probably if I go into the bookstores and put it there myself hehe). So I have obviously written books before – my ebook collection of recipes and plans – but a real life in your hands book is a different matter altogether. It’s real-er. I am going to be a published author and I am thrilled to bits.

It’s totes amazeballs and I am overjoyed!! This really is fantastic news!

Then I thought – hang on – look at that diary already. Where is the space to be able to write a whole new book and where is the space for the recipe development time? The kitchen time? The tweaking it ’til its perfect time? Eek – AGAIN! With some diary magic and some focussed prioritising I have made it work and it’s an even stronger sign that if I am going to realise my dreams and share my recipes with the world then I just have to ask for more help. So team Explore Raw will definitely need to get bigger this year. Watch this space!

The book by the way may shock you a bit. Because it’s not a raw uncooking book. It’s a fully fledged COOK book! The recipes will be a mixture of cooked and raw plant based clean eating. I myself am not 100% raw anymore (read my story here) but I eat a very high percentage of raw plant based foods and creating these dishes is my absolute passion.

I think it’s important to keep a healthy mix of raw and cooked to bring more awareness to the ‘genre’ of raw food. Let me explain: I still can recall peoples faces when I would present my ‘raw, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan cakes’ to people: they would have that raised eyebrow look of minor alarm. And perhaps mutter a polite er…ok….I’ll trrrryyyy it then’  if I was lucky. Of course they did try it and the would love my cheesecakes and creations. But I realised that I should have just been calling it cake! I would introduce raw dishes to my friends and family slowly – a raw pasta sauce with spaghetti, or a cooked curry with raw cauliflower rice. Or vice versa. Sometimes you just need to do things in stages.

So the book is going to be a collection of awesome cooked and raw healthy plant based recipes.

Oh and one more thing….

My first book! And it’s not raw…..

It’s a book of sprialised recipes! So during recipe development mode things are getting very, very noodley around this house….

SprialiserMy book is due to hit the shelves August 6th this year! (woooohoooo!) and I will keep you posted on how you can get your hands on one! In the meantime you might want to get a bit noodle crazy like me! And make some raw ramen soup (so easy!) or the noodles in the picture. This recipe is from a wonderful photoshoot I did with Tribest earlier this year and you can find this recipe on their blog.

Don’t have a sprialiser yet? Get one and come play with me! This one from my shop here.

Now excuse me while I get up the loft and get my pasta pans out…..

Keeping it juicy & raw!



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Bring your food to life!

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Enjoy 14 mouth watering FREE recipes
for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more