Review of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 The New Movie from Joe Cross


After rushing through the London traffic, through a sea of Christmas Shoppers and Sunday diners, we arrived at the Odeon Cinema in Fulham Road for the London Premier of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 with the fabulous Joe Cross. We managed to get there with moments to spare as the lights went down, audience were excitedly stilled into silence for the much awaited new Juicy Movie from the inspiring Rebooter himself, Joe.

It was great to catch up with Joe since my first interview with him – which you can read here.

Joe’s first movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead has been an inspiration for so many people looking to get to a healthier place in their lives, reboot the system and perhaps leave some medication behind. Trawl through social media and a number of online self support groups and you will see a plethora of adoring emails from newly trimmed people citing Joe, and his first movie, as the reason for their health turnaround.

In the first movie Joe captures his own lifestyle change, recruits others into the juicing lifestyle and on his journey meets Phil Staples. Phil becomes the films hero as he begins to turn his life around. The movie is captivating and to date has captured the hearts of over 20 million people worldwide who have already watched it on live stream. Now, that’s a lot of people. That film was a walloping success, and still is.

Does the sequel match up to the first? 

Well, you see that’s a massive challenge in itself. What Joe does in the second movie is take a look at what happens beyond the ‘reboot’. Beyond the detox and takes a look at how people stay on track. He says that losing weight is the easy bit. Keeping it off is the real challenge.

And I think he’s right.

Becoming the people’s champion of weight loss and making changes is the easy bit. Committing to those lifestyle changes for LIFE can be a bit of an issue. So, how does he personally do it?

Joe says that he lives the 80/20 rule. 40% of his diet comes from plant based living, 40% from healthy eating and 20% from meats and processed foods. It’s the formula that works for him to keep himself at a happy healthy weight. He himself is not the weight that he was after his original fast. And that’s ok he says. Because what is more important than weight is health. He is still off his medication and THAT is the lifestyle change he was looking for. Good on ya Joe, as they say down under.

So what’s going to work for Joe isn’t going to work for everybody. Joe is clear that you have to follow your own 80/20 rule and work with what you can personally commit to – and keep rebooting when you fall off track. There are no ‘bad’ foods – food is either less nutritionally good for you or it is nutritionally loaded. The food in itself is not bad. The choice in that moment may or may not be the right one for you.

The importance of community

The film explores the aspect of community and how vital it is to keeping on track and healthy. Surrounding yourself with those who will give you the right encouragement and support.

Because doing it alone is hard. It can leave you feeling isolated and lonely. And if you are already lonely before you start (and this may be the reason for over indulging in the first place) it can leave people in a difficult place.

So, what if you don’t have a community? What if you have no friends? What if you have no family? What if your family and friends are not in support of your journey? What if your community just isnt right for what you need?

These questions are answered in the movie and cover the importance of connecting with your tribe which can often be found online. Not like an online ‘fat club’ of weights and measures and monitoring but a place where people can connect (often from all over the globe) and share their struggles, successes and offer support to each other.

So, what happened to Phil? 

Stephanie Jeffs Joe Cross LONDON Explore RawWe are waiting with bated breath to catch up with the characters from the first movie. And of course Phil Staples. We heard through the grapevine that Phil had ‘put it all back on’. Now for the naysayers out there who don’t buy into the whole juicing thing (yet) I am sure that there have been lots of ‘well it was bound to happen after he was eating normally again after juicing’ comments. But that’s not the angle that the movie takes. Joe’s tender, sensitive and truly touching catch up with Phil is played through in the movie very well. There’s obviously no shame in falling off the wagon. Life happens. Shit happens. And Phil found himself in a difficult place where life didn’t feel kind and he again turned to poor food choices. And a whole lot of Wendy’s burgers came back into his life.

Watching Phil talk through the past two years and what happens reinforces what the movie is all about. Without the right community life can feel hard. Never mind juicing. Never mind rebooting. EVERYTHING feels better when we feel loved and supported.

Let’s recap that Phil and Joe had the same disease: chronic urticaria and comparing their two stories could be like chalk and cheese. The movie draws out the fact that part of Joe’s continued success was because he has surrounded himself with the right community and publicly held himself accountable (well of course it makes sense that if you are the founder of the reboot and no longer rebooting then your reboot business days are numbered, right?)

Phil’s own FSND2 reboot certainly gets a great kick up the hooter with this movie and we all end up watching the big screen wishing him nothing but continued success.

We also catch up with the Terry the guy from the gun shop. It was a delightful surprise to catch up with him because I think it reinforces the point that success stories inspire success stories. In the first movie Terry came across (to me) as one of those people who would never change their ways, took the piss out of juicing and didn’t really see the point. He was content to eat what he liked, enjoy fast food and die a fat and happy guy. The changes he makes after seeing himself on screen are wonderful and I am sure he will be an inspiration to many once they see this movie. He already has had a huge impact in his own town.  One guy making changes: success stories inspire success stories.

We loved the movie. It was great catching up with some of the characters from the first movie, meeting new faces and exploring the topic of community, kids teaching parents and the power of the reboot.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 is now premiering in the UK and is available for download from iTunes and will be available on Netflix in 2015.

You can purchase a copy of the incredibly life changing movie Fat Sick & Nearly Dead from my eshop here.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    A great review, Thank you.
    I cant wait to see this – going to see it in Dublin on Saturday evening. I wonder will Joe be there?

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