Thai Raw Curry and Rice – in under 20 minutes

MSN Food features MY recipe!

Fabulous AND good for the waistline! Two words that you don’t often see together but oh! how I love to see them together – especially when used to describe any of my recipes!

JJfVBHnX_400x400I always say this (I’m sure) – but this recipe IS rather special. Not only because it was one of my first creations from my ebook Raw7 – Juicing & Raw for Weightloss 7-day Detox Plan (which is now a year old! woohoo!) and not only because the photo was one of the first taken by my new camera I had for Christmas from my boyfriend, not only because the photo captures one of my first (and few) uses of edible flowers and NOT only because this recipe just happens to be one of my ‘most raved about’.  Not even because I shot this foody snap at one of our Raw Juice Camp Portugal retreats this year. This one is rather special because MSN decided to feature it in their FOOD section as part of their Thai recipes in under 20 minutes feature. Wahooo!


I LOVE that raw food dishes are now more easily accepted as ‘normal’ and a great healthy way to eat! This Thai dish won’t disappoint! I make this dish regularly for friends, family and clients. I love it so much I guess it’s like a favourite cake recipe: you learn to play with it a little. Adding a little pinch of this and substituting a teaspoon of that. I switch in and out of this recipe alot. For example I made it recently and didn’t have any cashew nuts. Not one to worry, I substituted with more avocado and added almond nut pulp from some nut milk that I had made. Worked out just fine.

This dish is the first ‘meal’ that features in my 7-day plan Raw7 after 4 days of juice fasting. So it’s a nourishing ‘fast-breaker’ too for those of you who have been detoxing, fasting or just looking to eat more healthily.

I usually serve it up ‘warmed’ – not in the oven or from a pan – but from the dehydrator, or at least at room temperature. I never serve this straight from the fridge (sensitive teeth!) and also because I think the flavours are a little restricted if the dish is served too cold. It’s also great to serve a day later – the flavours really get a chance to settle and expand. Great as a dip! If you are transitioning to raw this is a great one to serve with ‘normal’ rice and is a great way to get others talking about what they are eating.

I served this at Christmas time with lots of meat eating non-raw foodies and it totally rocked them.

Now it’s your turn. Click here to see the MSN feature and grab your recipe.

Don’t forget to post your comments below and let me know how you get on – and if you want the full 7-day plan then go grab it here.

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4 thoughts on “Thai Raw Curry and Rice – in under 20 minutes

  1. alison L says:

    I made this at your cookery school last week, it was de-lic-ous!!! I shared some with a friend and my sister; they both liked it. I ate my portion over 2 days: with the cauliflower rice and then with kelp noodles. Now i want to make more !- what else can i serve it up with? that’s my happy question. Bring it on! My taste buds are waiting

  2. Stephanie Jeffs says:

    Oh that’s so great! Really pleased that you liked it!! Thanks for sharing and see you in class again soon! Steph x

  3. Stephanie Jeffs says:

    Ah shame about the link as media links to other sites get updated from time to time – I can’t control that. But you can get the recipe from my ebook Raw7 and also from my book Spiralize! There are a few other curries on the blog you can grab too…So happy that you like my recipes! Steph 🙂

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Enjoy 14 mouth watering FREE recipes
for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more