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Raw Juice Camp Portugal 

If you have been following what we get up to at Explore Raw you will know that we launched our first Raw Juice Camp this year in Portugal! Woweee! It was totally amazeballs! It’s one of those experiences that is going to be difficult to capture in a blog (as it really was quite remarkable!) but I shall do my best to let you know how we got on, an overview of the food (yummy!) the exercise (eek!) the villa (awww!) and what our guests thought of the week – including some weight loss results!

First of all I have to say a great big thank you to all of our guests. Not only because they put their trust in me to ensure that they had a great holiday but because they were such a fabulous group of people who just got stuck in to everything. They all came for different reasons. Some for the experience of raw food and juicing. Some for the exercise. Some for the rest. Some to just let go of ‘normal’ life for a little while. For a whole range of reasons we were together for a week of bliss. Well. If you count the training sessions as bliss that is!

Here’s a pic of our lovely group of guests: 

The Villa didn’t let us down either! I chose it because it’s a perfect walk to the beach. A very quiet beach in the Algarve that is an idyllic spot for doing some training in private without pesky spectators! We had a great pool, a hot tub, a pagoda for chilling out in, a lovely garden, a cinema room, a great big kitchen (most important for me!) and a gym in the basement. It was awesome.

Here’s a pic of our lunch table:

And as you can see – lots of food!! Hopefully busting the myth that at our Raw Juice Camp people don’t really eat much. We like good clean eating and big portions after working so hard. The lunch in the picture was an arame and spicy carrot salad which was just super.

We spent our days getting up early to beat the heat – and started the day with either a nice long walk to the beach, a run or a work out! Our trainer Will surely put us all through our paces.

Here’s some brilliant images that will give you a good idea of the kind of things we got up to:

Training on the beach!

Having some fun but working hard!:

Stretching out in the garden:

Press ups!

One of the great things about our trainers is that whatever your level of fitness, or experience with training, they make sure that you gain the confidence to push yourself towards your own personal goals:

Now let’s get on to the tasty section and more importantly for me  – the food!! We enjoyed a range of gorgeous juices and some delicious raw foods. The recipes were from my Raw7, Raw24, Indian Summer Banquet and Everyday Raw eBooks. Being able to use the gorgeous local produce was amazing and I was so happy to find all the cacao, goji berry and other raw foody items that I needed in the local shops! (Even though I took a stash with me!)

Here’s some photos that will tease your tastebuds! Don’t they look just spectacular? They tasted awesome too!

Starting lots of our days with a green juice! This one was melon and cucumber. A wonderful cleanser and tastes tooooo good!:

After a couple of days of juice fasting we broke the fast with an amazing cacao and goji berry smoothie (with lovely bee pollen and edible flowers). She sure is pretty!:

One of may favourite dishes! The lovely spag bol with some tasty meatless balls.

Can you spot the raw ‘parmesan’ on top too?

Let’s not forget some of the desserts. Here’s fig cake with an edible rose topper:

And carrot cake with strawberries!! Can you believe we had this for breakfast..?

The granola was the treat of all treats. A super fuelled start to the day. Served with raw almond milk:

On movie night we had raw cheeseburgers. What a night!

Oh my goodness! The memories that are coming flooding back from seeing all these lovely photos of the guests, the villa, the beach and especially the food! I am so proud to be able to say that Raw Juice Camp was my little creation and I am very grateful to everyone who was able to make it happen with me. Here’s what two of our guests had to say about their week:

“Dear Steph. Where do I begin? How about the results? A stone in a week, but what a week!! Great company. Great surroundings. Great Exercise and the best of all – GRRRREEEAAT food! Thank you.” Anthony, Raw Juice Camp Portual 2013

“I had never done any kind of bootcamp, retreat, raw food type of holiday before. All my holidays previously have been what I would call – a lie in the sun and eat lots of food – type of holiday. Often coming home feeling ‘yuk’.  At the end of the week I can honestly say for the first time in my life, I feel like I have had a holiday. I feel well, refreshed and ready to go back to day to day life. All of this has been made possible by Raw Juice Camp!  The amazing villa with its comfort and little luxuries, the incredibly tasty juices, smoothies and raw food and the training and exercise that ultimately makes you feel well. I am a complete novice and I promise you a Raw Juice Camp is not just for those that are fit but suitable for anyone wanting a healthier, more holistic, better and cleaner way of living. Looking for inspiration? Raw Juice Camp.”  Jo, Raw Juice Camp Portugal 2013

Not that it was totally about weight loss – but hey! – our guests lost an average of 9lbs in a week with two of our guests (it’s always the boys!) losing over 14lbs! Just amazing. And you can be assured from seeing all those lovely photos that we were eating a nutritious and plentiful diet!

Well what can I say to top that? Nothing but thank so much to our great Raw Juice Camp team and our lovely guests! We can’t wait to get back to Porugal next year and do it all over again! If you would like to join us and are interested in more information, and for details of dates, check out my holidays here.

Grateful beyond words for a wonderful week in Portugal with Raw Juice Camp

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