Fitness Bootcamp – for fitties or fatties?

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Bootcamp retreats are not just for toned athletes!

I can assure you that when I was at my first bootcamp I was scared half to death and I really needn’t have been. It was incredible! While I was there, in my mind, I separated the group into fitties and fatties, ie those who could do all the workouts without really breaking a sweat and then the rest of us (the fatties) who wanted to cry when we first heard the instructions from the trainers! What I love about these type of events is that we all work as one team. There is a great non judgemental sense of ‘we are all in this together’ at bootcamp retreats which I just love.

A whole load of fabulous people go to bootcamps for all sorts of reasons and we are all sorts of shapes and sizes, ages, from different backgrounds but with one goal in mind. That is to retreat from everyday life for a while and to focus on getting healthier! I always tell people that I am no skinny-minny. It’s true. I’m still usually the last one to roll in from the walks and runs at bootcamp and I still don’t rock the lycra look. But you know what? I am doing it.

Part of what I do at Explore Raw is offer raw and juicy retreats with a range of fitness approaches. I do all the juicing and raw stuff and one of my fabulous trainers does all the fitness. Our next Raw Juice Camp retreat is in Portugal in a couple of weeks time. We are all on countdown as we just can’t wait to get there, enjoy more sunshine (it’s coming to the end of the summer here in the UK) and focus on ourselves for a week. Pure Bliss.

You might be wondering what kind of person books at a bootcamp retreat, particularly one where only juicing and raw foods is served! So I asked a couple of our bootcampers to share with us their thoughts on why they booked the retreat and what they aim to get out of it.

Why Heidi is coming to Raw Juice Camp

I’m Heidi and I’m a Photographer (Lifestyle and Weddings) 

I’m a vegetarian, who LOVES food. I eat well at meal times but I am a terrible snacker and I can eat for England, I’ve put on about 2 stones recently and it’s making me sad. I exercise alot but I simply eat too much cr@p, it has become a bit of an obsession.

I’m coming to the retreat with the hope that I can reset my state of mind, I want to give my body a kick start so that I feel fantastic and full of life again. I really want to understand how RAW food works and what is involved in the preparation and how to incorporate it into a regular family household eating plan.

I am hoping that I come away with the desire to eat less rubbish and to rid myself of eating bad stuff in large quantities when I’m not even hungry, but when I’m tired or because it’s X Y or Zs birthday! I want to be a conscious eater and if I eat a bag of crisps I want to be aware of it!

Why Lucy and her hubby are coming to Raw Juice Camp

My name is Lucy, I’m 40 years old and a Trolley Dolly for British Airways on Longhaul flights. 

I’m coming to this retreat with my husband. He’s 47 and works for an AV(audio Visual) company.

My job entails lots of unsociable hours, long flights, lack of sleep, jet lag, air-conditioned atmospheres, food eaten on the go & other unsavoury lifestyle ‘stuff’ which eventually grinds me down however healthy I try to be.

Hubby’s job can mean lots of ‘lunches’, sitting in his office or in car on way to meetings, and can be very mentally exhausting.

I have been on a ‘juicy detox’ holiday for the last 6 years (Hubby has been on 2 of them with me!) and love them!! My friends think I’m crazy BUT to actually get home and feel FIT and FANTASTIC after a week away is PRICELESS, INSTEAD of coming home exhausted from partying and over-eating and feeling like you need another holiday!!!

I have lost around 10lbs from doing this once a year and although my weight still fluctuates a little I have managed to find a happy medium, I have also stopped smoking (a horrible nasty habit!) in the last 2 years as a result of following Juicy regime & not put any weight on either.

To me, it feels like ‘stepping off the world’ for a week, away from all the stresses and strains in the world, then getting back on fully re-charged and ready for anything again!!!

It’s like a yearly MOT for your insides and your mind. People spend a fortune on the outside of their body but never stop long enough to think that if they don’t look after the inside of their body there’s no point to it all anyway.

We cannot wait for this years retreat in Portugal!!! The venue looks stunning and everything Steph has told us about it sounds just up our street. The smaller group size also sounds perfect, as it will be a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

The training and exercise is going to be great to re-ignite our health and fitness regime, which I have to admit has started to wane and get us back on track before we fall off the rails altogether.

Although a few pounds weightloss is going to be a bonus for me, I’m looking to tone up and improve my fitness & maybe learn some new techniques to make my workouts more effective and interesting. I’m also really interested to find out all about ‘The Raw’ way of life.

For hubby, more than a few pounds will be great for him, as any weightloss for him means less stress on his knees & achy bones which have been bashed about over the years whilst playing rugby and previous marathon runs.

The selling point for us on this juicy-detox plan is the fact that there will be the option to sample Steph’s Raw menu once a day.

On previous holidays I’ve found 7 days of delicious juices great, BUT for hubby (he’s a big guy!) by day 5 he really struggles and finds that he is just not getting enough fuel into his body to sustain the physical activity. This ultimately has led to him losing interest and motivation & fantasising about kebabs-which does none of us any favours!!!

Counting the days now until then, literally cannot wait.

Raw Juice Camp is for everyone

We pride ourselves on being inclusive, non-judgmental and welcoming. In 2014 we plan to run Raw Juice Camps AND retreats in Portugal. The retreats will have more of a focus on the nutrition in the kitchen and gentle exercise, the Raw Juice Camps will focus on the fitness while eating incredible food. So you could say that all of my holidays are for the fitties and the fatties. Because my Raw Juice Camps and Summer Retreats are for everyone.

Why you should come to Raw Juice Camp 

For your very own reasons. To be the best version of you possible. To tone. To try juicing. To explore raw. To meet great peoople. To build your weight. To lose weight. To build muscle. For a whole range of reasons that are quite simply your own you are welcome at any of my holidays.

We exercise but we are also do a lot of resting. Juicing. Eating clean raw foods and retreating from everyday life.

As I write this we have 4 places available at Raw Juice Camp in Portugal 21-28 September, 2013. Contact me directly or find our more information here. We would love to share our retreat time with you.

Keeping it juicy and raw

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for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more