What’s the point of a raw food coach?

It’s a bit awkward explaining to others sometimes what it is that I do.  Some of the responses that I can get are much like this: “So. You help people eat more vegetables then?” Well. Yes. I guess I do.

In my ‘other life’ I have spent twenty years in the business of leadership development, personal development and coaching. We all need some help from time to time. Even if we are by nature rather self-sufficient a little help is going to go a long way while transitioning to a high raw diet. Whether you are new to raw or juicing or not.

To be clear this is what I currently do:

What would we do together if I was your coach?

I do not coach you on how to make a juice but I do share some recipes and share with you the method. I coach you. It’s you that needs the support. I’ve been asked ‘are you a life coach or a business coach, do you do performance coaching, where does the raw foods coaching come into it?’  Well here’s the one size fits all answer: coaches coach the person, not the problem. Not the thing. Not the task or the challenge. I don’t coach juicing (juicers usually come with instructions). I coach people. I help them to see their current reality, focus on a vision of the future, clarify what’s holding them back and support them as they move towards their goals.

Saying that, I do run training sessions on going raw and VIP days with clients where I get them on fast track, which will involve some instruction on juicing (see cookery school, VIP days and teaching), but that’s not coaching.

Why should you work with a coach?

You don’t have to at all.  You can just pick up your veggies and go straight into the world of raw. It’s entirely possible. But hear this. That would be like jumping in a car without any driving lessons or a map and trying to end up in the right place without crashing or even running out of fuel. There’s a small chance it could happen but you will probably have taken many wrong roads along the way. Had to reroute. Had to ask someone for directions. (Ever stopped in a strange town and pulled down the window to ask directions only to be told “Sorry, I am not from around here”?) Funny how we expect our ‘guides’ to be at our sides by chance.

Why you should work with me as your coach

I am here to help you set the direction and drive the car. Because you may be new to losing weight, or juicing, or raw foods, or coaching. Or most probably all of the above. I’ve been there. I didn’t like where I was. I bought the car. Set the destination. Took the journey. Rerouted the sat nav. I made it there eventually.

I can help you to plan your own journey. Advice from an experienced coach who has made significant changes herself.

Just gimme the fast track – no-one wants to spend time on this!

In business I have worked with boardroom clients and a range of coaching clients who always want to skip it to the fast track. Well that’s fine. Sometimes we all want the results, we all want to shout ‘show me the money!’ now and again – it’s just how we are, right? But none of these business clients achieved their success or got to where they were in life without a strategy. Without a delivery team. Without corporate mechanisms to support and grow them. They may not have called it ‘coaching’ but that’s what was happening. Somewhere along the line a target or goal was set and people worked towards it.

**Nerd alert!** Fluffy coaching conversation….

If you still think the ‘coaching stuff is too fluffy’, I hear ya. I know where that comes from and that’s probably because you have either never had a coach before, or never had a good one. One who helped you reach your goals and made if feel like you were flying. I wonder if your favourite football team ever saw their coaching as fluffy. Or whether Olympic athletes felt ‘naff’ while they were being driven and motivated to push themselves just that little bit further. Whether board members and CEOs ever felt silly while they worked with their coaches and advisors to help them lead their businesses. No of course they did not. Their coaches were essential to their success.

If you would like to hear more or book a coaching session with me then let’s do this! Call me on 07914399109 or email me at stephanie@exploreraw.com and we can work out a package or programme that’s right for you. Read testimonials here from others that I have worked with.

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  1. exploreraw says:

    Hi Nikki thanks for the comment! Great to be connected. Yup I am a firm believer that coaching isn’t fluffy or naff! And can be the guiding hand that we need. xxx

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