The Real Belly Fat Secret!

We all dream of it. The quick belly fat fix.

Our eyes are always drawn to those adverts in the press for the one secret ingredient that melts belly fat or the one little exercise that you can do every morning to banish the wobble for good. And hey – you won’t even sweat or have to get out of bed.  No-one will ever need to know your little secret! I feel that Facebook is currently more bombarded than ever with these adverts – for reducing belly fat!  Arrgghh!!

Now I remember when my weight was reducing (still some to go!) I sure as anything didn’t wake up one morning, get out of bed and notice that some of my belly fat had fallen off over night. There were some months that I didn’t even notice any weight change at all. That’s because I wasn’t focussing on a quick fix. I wasn’t focussing on the one little thing I could do to make a difference. I wasn’t in fact focussing on losing weight – I was focussing on getting healthier and exploring a raw foods diet. I was focussing on the whole kaboodle. You can read more about my story here.

I started with my mindset.

I first had to start with my mindset. Unless I was ‘in the zone’ it wasn’t really happening for me. Then, once I was in the zone, everything just fell into place.

From reading my story you may know that I believe that all weight loss starts with a detox. You HAVE to clean the system out first. When things were falling into place I was firstly detoxing, then eating the right foods, moving towards increasing my intake of raw, unprocessed foods, eating naturally, juicing and (wait for it!) exercising!!

I can remember my first juicing retreat and taking some of the long mountain hikes and thinking to myself: ‘what am I doing to myself!’, ‘why the hell am I here with all these fit people’, ‘how did I end up at fat camp?’ (my little nickname for juicing retreats!) ‘when will this walk end I think my legs are going to fall off!’.  After all, let’s face it, this was hard work. It was some time until I really acknowledged the benefits. And they weren’t just physical.

The benefits were more than physical 

I was becoming stronger. I had fewer self doubts. I became more confident in my abilities. I was building myself. I was toning a little. I was losing weight a little. I realised on those walks that we all felt tired, pushed ourselves to our limits and detoxed our thoughts. I actually had no idea that fit people ached too after exercise! (Ridiculous, eh!) I thought that ice baths were reserved for the unfit. I went through a phase of thinking that I was at some kind of correctional facility. That I was at fat camp for past eating crimes. Perhaps I was in my own mind but nothing was further from the truth!

I eventually made it to a ‘bootcamp’. Oh Lord. I wasn’t ready. But I sure as anything wasn’t going to let myself down. I probably rolled in last on every exercise (except boxing as you get to stand still a bit!) I just couldn’t handle the long runs. The press ups. The sit ups. The what-next-ups. But completing that week made me feel like I was champion of the world!! Each morning I would wake up with thighs that ached like no ache I had ever had before, and I would think to myself – ‘how can these legs see me through the day?’ But then I told myself that I wasn’t going to have a ‘fat camp’ mindset any longer and I was going to push through it.

I thought I was at fat camp for past eating crimes!

Still on the search for any kind of ‘quick fix’ to get rid of belly fat I asked one of the trainers – ‘Right. So give it to me. Tell me the secret exercise and I will do it. What is THE exercise that is going to get rid of belly fat for good?’ After he stopped laughing he said something to me that I will never forget: ‘There’s no such thing. If you want to lose weight you need to work the biggest muscles in your body. Your thighs. Walking is going to burn the most calories. Then up it to running and other thigh exercises.’

Wow. How’s about that. No wonder my thighs were feeling the burn.

I got rid of my fat camp mindset!

But he was absolutely right. I lost 15lbs on my first ever bootcamp! And I did it eating clean, raw, unprocessed foods (I took my blender and my juicer with me!). So I am living proof that anyone can survive a week of clean eating and hard core exercise.

And now you know the real secret to losing belly fat: Detox. Cleanse. Eat Clean. Oh, and move your thighs. 

This awakening really started something for me. It wanted to detox, eat clean, eat a living unprocessed diet. explore raw foods and move my body. But I couldn’t find the right retreat or bootcamp that met my needs. So I decided to set up my own business! Raw Juice Camp is where we get it on, get juicy, get raw and get moving our bodies. I love it!

Keeping it juicy & raw

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PS If you are interested in my Raw Juice Camps in Portugal this year where we will be eating clean foods and moving our thighs (and more!) then get the info here.

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