Raw food is tasteless!

Wow! I have heard this MANY times (from people who have never really had a great raw food meal!)

When I was first exploring a raw foods diet I would often hear:

  • eew – salads all day how boring!
  • Don’t you get fed up of eating all that tasteless stuff?
  • Don’t you miss a bacon sarnie?
  • Raw Food..?
  • All day?
  • Isn’t it tasteless..!?

Well. No.

Now, I can empathise. When I think of when I was first ‘going veggie’, as a 19 year old in the late ’80s, it was all still a bit novel. Vegetarian alternatives at the time consisted mainly of TVP – Textured Vegetable Protein – which indeed looked a lot like dog food chunks and tasted like cardboard. So if you were living off this stuff then life, raw food, and pretty much everything else, must have been fairly tasteless! There was no Quorn or Linda M’s burgers back in the day. Being a veggie was hard work. Luckily being a vegetarian is easy work these days and considered fairly ‘normal’. My litmus test for this is whether or not you can eat out without panicking (yeah I know hardly scientific!) and these days vegetarian (although not necessarily healthy!) options are all over most menus. Back then it was about finding alternatives to meat and not really about exploring a wide range of healthy raw foods. Well, at least it was that way for me.

Waking up to raw food

I do believe that one day this will be the same for a raw food diet. High raw or fully raw healthy options will be available everywhere. Until then we have to get creative at home. I love digging in to some of my favourite raw home made recipes and just loving the fact that they’re not only tasty, they’re loaded with flavour, colour, texture and nutrition!  Nom nom.

How to keep it tasty

The secret here is this – you don’t have to do a THING to raw food to keep it tasty!! There is no ‘secret sauce’ or key ingredient that you can sprinkle over raw food to ‘tase it up a bit’. Once you have cleansed your tastebuds with a detox you will find that you are experiencing foods in a whole new light. Or, should I say, a whole new taste. Learn what works well for you and really appreciate what you are putting inside your body.

Here’s my top tips for keeping taste and variety alive in your raw foods diet and ensuring that not only is your food tasty, it will also be gorgeous, detoxing, healthy, and EVERYONE will want some!

  • When making juices, smoothies and meals choose a range of fruits and veggies, rotate your favourite ones so you are not making the same dishes each day
  • Use dates as a natural sweetener
  • Think about the variety of preparation options available to really get the most out of the texture of your food: slicing, dicing, blending, spiralizing, chopping… each method can completely change the taste experience. Have you ever tried blended frozen bananas (aka basic raw ice-cream?) (PSSSST Goji Berry Raw Ice-Cream is the BONUS recipe in your FREE ebook Raw24 by the way!)
  • Make salads interesting – no-one likes just lettuce on a plate – go wild and explore a zillion salad options
  • Add fresh herbs and spices to give your dishes colour and texture as well as taste
  • Take your time to eat/drink your dishes/smoothies. Take time to enjoy each flavour as it rolls off your tongue
  • Eat consciously. Engage your whole self in what you are consuming. Enjoy it.
  • Try mixing raw and cooked foods if you are in transition to a higher raw diet – try making a raw curry and serving it with rice, or substitute rice with a raw cauliflower version to serve with your favourite curry dish.
  • Be brave – I have never disappointed non-raw and meat eating friends with a surprise raw dish. Think about your favourite meals and ask yourself  ‘is there a way I can make this raw?’ Search for some recipes as I am sure they already exist!
  • Clear the cupboards of condiments ‘red sauce’ being the first to go. You wont be tempted to slather it all over your food if it’s not there.
  • Make your own condiments and sauces! Oh my lord raw clean salad dressings and sauces. Yum. I made some ‘courgette nachos’ once (dried courgettes) and made a cheesy chilli sauce for dipping. That was a great movie night in.
  • Use fresh herbs and spices aplenty. Think of them not as a ‘sprinkle’ to punch up your food but as a key ingredient to help create some awesome taste sensations.
  • Do not use ‘table salt’ EVER. Use mineral rich salts (like Himalayan salt). You WILL thank me. Once your taste buds have been cleansed you will be able to taste the chemical factory in most table salts.
  • Keep your plate colourful, remember ‘Brown makes you frown’
Once you have been on a high raw diet for a while you might ask yourself, is raw food tasteless? I am convinced 100% that you will answer ‘Absolutely not!’

Click the pics to grab these lovely tasty raw recipes!

IMG_5262Sprialised noodlesIMG_7361Raw Juice Camp-1194


If you are interested in learning more about how to prepare tasty raw dishes then why not come to my Cookery School in London. 

What my clients have to say about the taste of raw… 

I was over the moon yesterday to receive this message from a client:

‘Steph, your curry is a total taste sensation!!!!! I could eat it every day, so filling… wish I’d met you years ago! Raw cauliflower? I’ve never eaten cooked cauliflower!! Thank so much for your amazing work. Chicken Tikka Masala anyone? Noo thanks!! Another RAW convert xx”  SUSAN LOCKWOOD. 

Oh wow! Was that a great message to receive! Another one of my clients giving me feedback on the curry recipe in Raw7 – the Juicing & Raw for Weightloss 7 Day Detox. Have you had yours yet? I would LOVE to hear all about it!

Recipe can be downloaded here: Have you got yours?

Raw 7 – Your Juicing & Raw for Weight Loss 7 Day Detox Plan


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Bring your food to life!

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Enjoy 14 mouth watering FREE recipes
for a One Day Raw Detox & get regular tips,
priority event bookings and more