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Being a member of Explore Raw’s VIP CLUB is something very special indeed. Being in the inner circle means that you can get your hands on amazing deals for Explore Raw events, special rates for all private bookings and you will always be offered platinum deals for Raw Juice Camps, retreats, coaching and training. You will also get advance previews on all Explore Raw eBooks and goodies. There are no fees. No log-ins.


You’re automatically in the Explore Raw VIP CLUB – The Inner Circle when you invest in yourself by attending one of my live events such as Raw Juice Camp, my Raw Food & Yoga Retreats, Cookery School, Cookery School Live (Coming Soon) or book for Private one to one work. Click to see my full events listings here.

There are no membership fees and you can leave at any time. But with deals this good, why would you?


As a VIP you could be enjoying £1000’s worth of deals for Raw Juice Camp and be part of a VIP launch of my books. You could already be getting VERY special prices on all my coaching packages, VIP days, Personal Raw Detox’s, Explore Raw Cookery School and so much more.

2016/7 deals currently include:

  • Special discounted rates for Raw Juice Camp
  • Mates rates for Explore Raw Retreats
  • Package deals for Explore Raw Cookery School
  • Discounted juicers and blenders (more discounts than online store)
  • Discounted VIP days – at home workshops with me
  • Discounted VIP Coaching Packages – at home and on line.


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