How to get started

Read testimonials of others just like you who have tried a raw food diet with amazing results!

‘Going Raw’ does not mean that you have to go cold turkey and drop all of your favourite foods and live forever on apples and green smoothies. Everyone’s needs are different and I recommend that you start by introducing as much healthy eating into your diet as possible. Step by step. Until you reach a level of clean eating that works for you.

Here are some of my top tips for success:

  1. Know that you want to do this – and then understand WHY. Your own reasons why
  2. Once you know why you are doing this begin to visualise the new you. Whether this be about weight loss, that outfit you wanted to fit into, energy levels, personal growth, confidence, toning or health.  Picture yourself with your own personal radiant glow and hold this picture in your mind. Imagine the life you could lead if you were 100% healthy. Now put yourself in that picture. Visualisations are incredibly powerful in moving us towards our goals
  3. Create a network: tell your family and friends what you are doing so they are involved. They will either be fully supportive and perhaps get on board with you or become the best diet police in town. Either way don’t attempt this in secret. No more secret eating!
  4. Join groups on social media who can offer support guidance and advice
  5. Remember that this is NOT a diet – this is a lifestyle change! Clean eating is not a short term fix!
  6. Think about how Raw you want to go (some more Raw lingo there) – 50% 75% 90% 100%? It’s a personal choice.  It’s quite a big step to commit to a 100% raw food diet straight away (but not impossible! and I can personally recommend it!) You may want to set a target that you are moving towards. I suggest that you explore raw step by step.
  7. Think about WHEN you want to do this and plan for it! If you decide one day to randomly ‘go raw’ for a day you are unlikely to succeed. Going Raw requires planning.
  8. Focus on adding healthy options to your diet and don’t focus on what is being ‘taken away’
  9. Get your MINDSET in the right place.  Get your mind ready for success and KNOW that you can do this!
  10. Before you start with your raw endeavour eat more simply for a few days to get your body ready for change
  11. Prepare for your healthy and raw dishes by getting all the ingredients in advance and keeping other foods out of reach
  12. Get yourself a juicer! It is my number 1 kitchen essential
  13. If you have a juicer try introducing one green juice a day to your diet in preparation for high raw food intake
  14. In advance – give up cows milk and explore other options such as almond milk (store bought until you can make your own is fine to begin with) This is by far the best advice I can give anyone: give up dairy.
  15. And finally. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do this. Because you can. Stop telling yourself that these rules of eating can’t be applied to you. Because they can. Stop telling yourself that you’re big boned. Stop telling yourself that you’ll start on Monday. Stop telling yourself a thousand reasons why it is that you can’t give this a go right now. Then once you have stopped telling yourself all that rubbish just get on with it. Trust the process and LET YOURSELF GLOW! TAKE ACTION! And get moving towards the being the best you possible! 

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