If you are serious about making lifestyle changes and you want to juice more and bring more plant based raw food into your diet – and you need some help – you are in the right place.

I will show you how you can bring your food to life!

I will let you in on something. Something big. Something that will change your life forever. It’s this: a plant based diet high in raw foods will catapult your health into the next stratosphere! And, I am serious!

The Go-To Girl for Raw: My PCOS story:

I’ve not always been raw. Far from it! For many years I lived a vegetarian, yet unhealthy, life and suffered with the symptoms of chronic disease. I worked harder than I played and all this was never going to be a good combination for healthy living. 

After juicing myself healthy and discovering the world of high vibrational eating and the benefits of a plant based diet I now run my own Cookery School and host bootcamps and retreats in Portugal! I teach my ‘5 pillars of raw food’ and my ‘7 techniques’ that help others get insanely healthy too. 

Read how I discovered juicing & raw and how this allowed my body to release 126lbs (9 stones) and reverse my PCOS…

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A fantastic recipe book that never leaves you out of ideas. It’s my favourite cooking book to give as a gift”

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“Stephanie’s events are always a sell out! She knows how to bring food to life!”

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“Steph is totally passionate about her recipes, and pours a lot of love and care into her food prep!”

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“We rated Raw Juice Camp as No2 Wellness Holiday out of 107 ways to Holiday Yourself Better”

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“recommend to anyone who is trying to change their life-style for the better!”

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“I purchased your Raw7 ebook Really good read. Got to be honest. Worth a lot more than 10 bucks!”

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