If you are serious about making lifestyle changes and you want to bring more raw food into your diet – and you need some help – then your search stops here!

Get your FREE One Day Raw Detox and experience how EASY and TASTY eating raw foods can be! Take your first steps and BE THE BEST YOU POSSIBLE! Grab your detox NOW – it’s FREE from me to YOU!

I will let you in on something. Something big. Something that will change your life forever. It’s this: a plant based diet high in raw foods will catapult your health into the next stratosphere! And, I am serious! I can help you explore raw foods, detox, lose weight and feel great!

Need a friend to help? eBooks, retreats, fitness holidays and teaching – all from me to you.


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Stop telling yourself that you can’t detox, balance your health or lose weight.

Because you can. I know because I did it. I healed my body, cured myself of Polycystic Ovaries and lost some weight. Stop telling yourself that you can’t get healthy. Or that you’re just not ready. Stop telling yourself that these ‘raw rules’ of eating can’t be applied to you. Because they can. Stop telling yourself that you’ll start on Monday. Stop telling yourself a thousand reasons why it is that you can’t give this a go right now. You can.

Change your diet and change your LIFE!

I cured my PCOS – a chronic disease that I was told was incurable! Drug free and without surgery I now live a PCOS free life! And so can you. Unlock your potential and release the best you possible: the answer lies in your diet. Transitioning to a diet high in raw foods is not an easy step for everyone. The right way for you will not be the right way for someone else. Maximise your chances of success by asking for the right help from someone who has been there. Get your support from a professional coach and a raw food expert who has experienced diet transition. That’s me. I am a master coach with 20 years experience and a raw food expert with 5 years of being ‘high-raw’! Read my story here.

Eating a high raw diet WILL change your life. I have lost over 9 stones (and counting) and cured myself of PCOS! Read my story here!

I offer you a FREE 15 minute consultation - a friendly chat to support you as you make lifestyle changes, to help you get more raw foods into your diet and share with you how I can help you Explore Raw! Contact me here.

Keeping it Juicy & Raw

With love





Stephanie Jeffs

The Go-To Girl for Raw







Read Susan’s inspiring thoughts on being introduced to ‘raw’!

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for seriously introducing me to raw food, as previous to meeting you last April I had heard of it, but didn’t really get it, thought it was way out of my realm, Dehydrators, what the heck?!  However from speaking to you and then getting your e-book Raw7 (that contained the ultimate raw curry!) it opened up a whole new world for me that for someone who didn’t eat veg, but wanted to, hence the reason for juicing, that I could actually do it! I’m now also dairy free which is great. I can’t, and don’t, want to label myself as a ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’ or ‘raw foodist’, but I am starting to discover that I like more and veg, but not all yet, but it’s definitely been a massive life change for me!

Just a MAHOOSIVE thanks for that raw curry, I know I keep going on about it, but it really was life changing, mentally and physically! Wish I’d met you 20 years ago, ha ha!!


Read about Karen’s amazing results! Losing more than 14lbs in three weeks and feeling great!

” Stephanie has an exceptional way of coaching and encouraging you towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.  She ‘gets’ you from the first instance, partly because she ‘knows’ and partly because she is passionate and an expert about her subject.  She has the knack of hitting the nail on the head about problematic eating beliefs and habits, and confidently supporting you away from these old patterns that no longer serve you. Her 1-day and 7-day programmes are magic. Easy and delicious – it’s convenience food at it’s best! The best advice Stephanie gave me was to prepare for making changes – prepare your kitchen, your cupboards, and your mindset. The benefits of exploring raw and working with Stephanie are priceless.

How do I feel? Rejuvenated is an understatement.  I have more energy and feel sharper. Brain fog is no more! My constant arthritic pain has diminished. I do not feel exhausted all the time. My weight has dropped, my skin is glowing. I am not taking any meds at all after being on pain killers, anti-acids and high blood pressure tablets for years. People around me notice the difference and comment positively. As a result, I have attracted more clients into my own business due to my altered perception of self and the world. No brainer! Win-win. I am most definitely a cheerleader and waving the flag for Stephanie.  Stephanie is THE ‘Go-To Girl for Raw’, my advice is ‘Go-Get-Her-Now!’ ”

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